• Published on: 12 January 2020
  • Hey guys! whos ready for a review and demo of the new tati beauty blendiful sponges?! I wanted to do a full non biased review of the new tati puffs because im a huge fan of makeup puffs! I use the all the time! So thats what todays video is! Hope you guys enjoy the honesty! :D

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  • Runtime : 18:4
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  • Manny Mua
    Manny Mua   5 months ago

    what do YALL think of blendiful? are yall gonna get it?!

  • mo mo
    mo mo   1 weeks ago

    I got the blendiful today June 25 2020I am not a fan of this TOOLI FELT LIKE I WAS SLAPPING MYSELF BUT for powder. Not bad.

  • Mandi Taylor
    Mandi Taylor   2 weeks ago

    At first I thought these were just ridiculous but now I’m actually pretty curious. I might have to order them!

  • Odd Sara
    Odd Sara   2 weeks ago

    When you're new to the channel and missed all of dramageddon 1 and just see a really talented persob making great content :)

  • Diana C
    Diana C   2 weeks ago

    They suck but I guess you know by now.

  • Littlebit Lauren
    Littlebit Lauren   2 months ago

    Ya know how you see people and you instantly like them but then eventually realize they actually suck? Watching this video makes me feel like the opposite of that.I never felt like i vibed with Mannys personality back in the day but randomly deciding to watch this video got me like 😍. Im loving the personality, the edits, everything. I've never really changed my mind about somebody for the better before but it's pretty cool. I'm into it.

  • Sophie Meow
    Sophie Meow   3 months ago

    Clickbait is so annoying, typical bullshit thumbnail pretending like you don't like the product to get more clicks

  • Emily Powers
    Emily Powers   3 months ago

    Someone please tell me what binchi/beenchie means😂😭

  • Julia Lynn
    Julia Lynn   3 months ago

    Your skin looked AIR BRUSHED with all the face products applied with the blendiful!!! I was shook

  • sana zafar
    sana zafar   3 months ago

    Love from Pakistan ❤️❤️

  • Jessica Dresen
    Jessica Dresen   3 months ago

    I just realized the shirt your wearing is almost the exact same pattern as the dress I wore to my prom in 2011 😲

  • Mindy P
    Mindy P   4 months ago

    I just need to tell you... you're my brand of crazy and I love you.

  • Juliette Wahl
    Juliette Wahl   4 months ago

    I swear to God Netflix originals get trashy once in the 3rd season

  • Alli McGee
    Alli McGee   4 months ago

    "I am a powder puff connoisseur if you will, I love a powder puff" had me fucken dead 🤣😂☠

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth   4 months ago

    Manny naming the elements... ♥ 🧙‍♀️ vibes

  • Kathy Marghin
    Kathy Marghin   4 months ago

    Hey, try and bit harder next time to convince your unsuspecting audience ( in your mind ) that you're not SPONSORED LOL

  • maddy s.r
    maddy s.r   4 months ago

    First time watching you r video and I just like the vibe, ☺️

  • Tori Nguyen
    Tori Nguyen   4 months ago

    Can’t you flip it over/turn it inside out, like if your lazy(not that you shouldn’t wash daily) just use the other side...

  • Tori Nguyen
    Tori Nguyen   4 months ago

    Ok! But can we appreciate how good his skin looks in this video😱 I’m jelly😍

  • Emma Baker
    Emma Baker   4 months ago

    Manny: “I had a lot of acne growing up”Picture of young Manny pops onto the screenMe: “👀BITCH WHERE?! What acne?! You look flawless then and now!!!”

  • KhmerGurl 94
    KhmerGurl 94   4 months ago

    I'm thinking of buying this. It looks amazing and blend in very well .

  • Olivia Nicks
    Olivia Nicks   4 months ago


  • Chris A
    Chris A   4 months ago

    Why does he never color correct his mustache

  • Tine Tine
    Tine Tine   4 months ago

    I wanna order this right away!

  • Tiffany Fudala
    Tiffany Fudala   4 months ago

    Wow...this dude is REALLY wacked out on speed...ugh!!!😂😳😏🙀🤷🏻😹💅💋💄😎😈👀🙊💊💰🏃🤦🏻😕💀💩

  • Brittney Lynn
    Brittney Lynn   4 months ago

    Okay let me just finally come out and say it! I for some reason really like your teeth and catch myself staring at them when trying to watch your videos 🤔😂 gorgeous teeth manny love you so much and yeah I’m weird 😜🤓

  • Cate S
    Cate S   4 months ago

    When will the lazy song be on iTunes for purchase Songs lit

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa   4 months ago

    When did Manny become so fucking funny?

  • Hotaru Tail
    Hotaru Tail   4 months ago

    "Am I jlo yet??? Am I Tati yet???" You're MANNY. And I much prefer that, Tbh. 😘

  • JazmineJoele
    JazmineJoele   4 months ago

    I literally felt the same about the 3 episodes of Dracula! Episode 3 fell all the way off a cliff

  • Milo
    Milo   4 months ago

    I literally love you after the reality house season 2