The Closest Bigfoot Encounters | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 31 October 2020
  • The team is on the hunt to find a Bigfoot and consult with witnesses that were close to the big two-legged creature.

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  • Runtime : 10:49
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    PAPI MYSTIK   7 hours ago

    Pictures always grainy and miles away, the big foot finder show don’t find shit just say that was a big foot NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT

  • seeker
    seeker   1 days ago

    This program was created to discredit Bigfoot not to expose it. When will you 🐑 realized.

  • Debbie Dunaway
    Debbie Dunaway   1 days ago

    If there so real how come no one ever shoots one.

  • Joe Ruiz
    Joe Ruiz   3 days ago

    These encounters are becoming a lot more frequent. It has to be that any small size bigfoot (close to regular human in height) is either an adolescent or female bigfoot. Also, they definitely are growing in numbers where there are high mountain ridges, caves, forests that are full with trees and wildlife. The females are birthing and staying in caves until the young are old enough to go out and hunt with the adult bigfoot. I believe it's the human aspect of these animals that everyone keeps underestimating about them. Their strength is primate - also their appearances, but their human makeup is what gives them the edge over those seeking to capture them on video/photo evidence. Treat them as humans hiding and I'll bet they'll get caught much faster. Go with hunting parties, large dogs and horses, helicopters and drones all at once. Set traps, holes covered in tree leaves. But if you do capture one - do not kill it! Give it food and release it immediately. Give it something to wear with hidden GPS on it so the rest can be observed from above. They definitely are related to us more than regular primates.

  • Johnny Ha
    Johnny Ha   3 days ago

    8:51 I saw a Bigfoot in the back

  • Sergeant Scoobered
    Sergeant Scoobered   4 days ago

    Even if the show is fake obviously, it's still fun to watch. But personally I think they never found anything but it exists. So much of this world isn't explained and it's enough to say why no

  • Bailey Clark
    Bailey Clark   6 days ago

    I rember being a kid and almost shit mysekf when I saw the animated big foot

  • Mark Dodman
    Mark Dodman   1 weeks ago

    Jeff puts out quite a few videos. In one video he claims to have a “natural immunity” to snake bite……Sorry Jeff, that claim leaves me questioning anything you claim. Very surprised Finding Bigfoot actually believed your claim.

  • Ella Eadig
    Ella Eadig   1 weeks ago

    8:48 When the horse moves it's leg behind the guy I thought Sasquatch had come back lol.

  • Zackary Hopkins
    Zackary Hopkins   1 weeks ago

    Lol 5 ft behind u and u chased it?? Alright bruce banner slow ya role

  • Rob
    Rob   1 weeks ago

    My experience:Back in the late 90s before I joined the service I was working a diner type job that usually required me to be a closer as everybody hated late night cleanup. It was spring time in the Black Hills, I had to drive about 12 miles to get home. Stayed later than usual cleaning up the restaurant that night. Nobody on the roads really as I drove out of town into the hills. I liked driving at night with the windows down, no radio, air was a comfortable temp, it was close to a full moon so in the hills the moonlight was pretty strong letting you see most things clearly. The highway was one lane each way winding through the mountains to an elevation of about 4500 feet. Some country style houses with roughly 1-2 acres of yard for each. You could see anything in the open clearings outside of the pine trees with the moonlight. Had some experiences of unusual things as a kid but this was a first as I was older. Drove a lifted old ford pickup that stood about 7ft to the top of the cab, my eye level about 6'5 while sitting inside. Was about 4 miles from my destination and had just passed some houses then started coming up on a small restaurant on the left. The highway opened up to allow for a left turning lane. I was about 200 ft from the turn and started to see a dark object standing in the turn lane. Caught me off guard, I had felt things watching me in the woods before but never anything substantial. As I drove up on it going about 55-60 mph, I was squinting to figure out what it was. Happened almost as if in slow motion, covering the 200ft felt like a moment stopped in time as I realized the figure was as tall as the cab of the truck, with a long arm stretched out as if to try to touch my elbow as I had it resting out the truck window. It was at least 7ft, dark like a shadow, almost half in, half out of this reality, felt feminine, definitely not trying to scare or harm me, absolutely wanted to make contact. I don't scare easy but I can feel when "unique" things are near my presence. Every hair on my body was standing up, my adrenaline had shot through the roof, eyes wide open, mumbling to myself as I kept driving, almost drove through the next turn, felt an absolute electrical charge pulsating throughout my body, my body/energy was in shock from feeling something never experienced before. I was young so it scared me but now older, I see it was being friendly to me. Some are meant to see, some are not but you have to have a good heart/energy for them to want you to know. I served 15 years after, seen two hostile fire combat deployments, held a security clearance that required a polygraph and been exposed to many classified projects. What I wrote here is true. I've worked alongside men whom killed for a living, each of us have unexplainable stories so to those of you in the civilian world, do not discredit something because it gives you fear. Temper your fear and experience something beyond a closed mind, we exist on this planet together. Death is watching you the moment you're born into the world.

  • Smart Process Solutions

    Well, the bank manager at my local branch is as close as it gets, he grunts, slobbers and the ticks…… and for the love of God, he watches Rosie O’Donnell re-runs and goes bananas over Ivermectin too Chanting Joe, Joe, Joe Rogan shit worms like he does! Family!

  • Andrei Osh De guzman
    Andrei Osh De guzman   1 weeks ago


  • HeatSeeker
    HeatSeeker   1 weeks ago

    I watch these shows for entertainment and to have a laugh.

  • David E Pool
    David E Pool   1 weeks ago

    If there is such a thing as a Bigfoot they should probably be left alone. I would imagine that they would be around ten or more times stronger than humans. I do believe that there are things out there that haven’t been discovered yet. There’s still a lot of land out there that no human has ever set foot on. But for something to be that big, and no one has ever been able to get a good picture of one, or to find one dead yet over all these decades makes me very skeptical about their existence. I can’t see God or Jesus either but I do believe they exist. I do believe that the Bigfoot could possibly exist too.

  • princessprilly80
    princessprilly80   1 weeks ago

    A yo I saw something in the background something brown… something moving on it’s legs…!?!?

  • Crazybanana222
    Crazybanana222   2 weeks ago

    Still can’t believe that we can’t an actual 8k picture of Bigfoot in 2021. SMH 🤦‍♂️. It ain’t real

  • Justin Spagnolo
    Justin Spagnolo   2 weeks ago

    This is bullshit.. no way this guy was looking for fruit 😂

    BLACK HOLE ENTRY   2 weeks ago

    How can there be so much ancillary evidence and yet nothing that would stand up in court?

  • Someguy Yup
    Someguy Yup   3 weeks ago

    I think the guy at 8:00 just saw his wife. Described her to a T

  • Mitz Guru
    Mitz Guru   3 weeks ago

    We know that they are human looking because they are part us.There are many 'up close' incidents reported.

  • D-Sanity
    D-Sanity   3 weeks ago

    Bigfoot hunters be like:"Yes, we must catch Bigfoot not for it's immeasurable size of sexy hairy feet, but for science offcourse!"

  • Chris W
    Chris W   3 weeks ago

    Im more interested in primates that have escaped from animal sanctuaries or people that bought them at exotic animal auctions.I think that people are just not aware of primate sanctuaries or private zoos in their area and how the owners usually have a history with different agencies that would cause them to not report an escaped animal.

  • gail seaborn
    gail seaborn   3 weeks ago

    MAN: I think he saw a sasquatchME: man I don't

  • Fred DuBay
    Fred DuBay   3 weeks ago

    It's the same old crap no good photos it was too dark The photos are blurry blah blah blah blah I think what a lot of these people are seeing is just a bear

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas   3 weeks ago

    Yeah right buddy. I wanna smoke what ur smoking

  • Urban Angler
    Urban Angler   3 weeks ago

  • Slash rex
    Slash rex   4 weeks ago

    Bigfoot is a master at hide and seek

  • Rehab A
    Rehab A   1 months ago

    Wait i think i found a sasqauch when there talking about it🤨🤔

  • Big Woooda
    Big Woooda   1 months ago


  • Phil S
    Phil S   1 months ago

    For Christ’s sakes, you have a gun and you are in face to face confrontation with this animal, why didn’t you just shoot it to proof to people that Bigfoot does exist