The Closest Bigfoot Encounters | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 31 October 2020
  • The team is on the hunt to find a Bigfoot and consult with witnesses that were close to the big two-legged creature.

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  • Runtime : 10:49
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  • brian searle
    brian searle   11 hours ago

    Ahh the the one footed Bigfoot strikes again !! 🙄

  • Ó Ruairc M.
    Ó Ruairc M.   3 days ago

    Bigfoot! Hahahah, people are such damn fools, and "Animal Plant" panders to their gullibility and profits from it.Bigfoot does not exist, you idiots!Where is the evidence? Evidence of Bigfoot's existence consists of:- testimony from Sasquatch fanatics.- footprints of questionable origins.- pictures that could easily be bears, apes, or humans in ape suits.That's it. Any other evidence that might exist points more towards hoaxing and delusion than any real discovery. There are no bones, no scat, no artifacts, no dead Bigfoot bodies, no babies, no fur, no DNA, no nothing. If Bigfoot did, in fact exist, so would many of its tracks exist. Experts would be able to find its tracks with little difficulty, just like experts find the tracks of any other rare animal - a wolverine, for instance. If Bigfoot existed, an abundance of its DNA would also exist - just like any other animal. Yet, for all of that, not a trace of "Bigfoot" DNA has ever been confirmed or found. In essence, it's quite simple people... if Bigfoot really existed, a profusion of evidence would also exist. Then, of course, there is this: all recognized, non-human primates that ever lived have been found in the tropics of Africa and Asia, not in the Northern Hemisphere. More to it, no fossil records of any kind of Great Ape has ever been found in the Americas. Oh, but maybe "Bigfoot" is more man than beast! Well, according to eyewitness accounts, the creature is bipedal. If that were the case, it would use tools, would it not? How does "Bigfoot" hunt for food? Would it not use weapons like spears or clubs? What the hell does it eat anyway? Most of the Great Apes have a diet of fruit, stems, or bamboo shoots, but such fare is not to be found in North America; besides, apes are built to climb trees. Bigfoot, if it did in fact exist, is not a tree-climber. What a joke. Anyone who believes a creature such as "Bigfoot" actually roams around the forests, swamps, mountains, and woods of North America is an absolute moron. Sure, every now and then some people might see and hear some strange, inexplicable thing out in the wilderness, but whatever it is, it sure'n hell ain't no hairy, 8ft tall, anthropoid.

  • J.W Wilson
    J.W Wilson   3 days ago

    Hey this is camping with Steve step 2 crazy neighbour cheers 🍻

  • Leo Garcia
    Leo Garcia   1 weeks ago

    Dude they literally have a sasquatch as part of the team looking for sasquatch these guys are idiots hes RIGHT THERE!!!! playing like a team member

  • Telly Song
    Telly Song   1 weeks ago

    It's weird watching these when you don't believe in Bigfoot. Every time someone recalls an encounter, I'm just thinking "liar."

  • Telly Song
    Telly Song   1 weeks ago

    Next week: we'll be talking to someone who didn't see the Loch Ness Monster

  • Jack Lantern
    Jack Lantern   1 weeks ago

    Fuck this stupid ass show. Check out AYR

  • Jamaican King
    Jamaican King   1 weeks ago

    I've saw bigfoot in jamaica🇯🇲 before in Portland!!

  • P.T.
    P.T.   1 weeks ago

    Ppl ALWAYS say " Please GOd,...." when in DEEP trouble. 😆🤣

  • Barry Howard
    Barry Howard   1 weeks ago

    I miss the TV show Finding Bigfoot, although the show would have been better named "Unsuccsesfully Trying to Find Bigfoot" or "Can't Find Bigfoot".

  • Smr Smd
    Smr Smd   1 weeks ago

    This bigger guy sounds identicle voice to power 97.5 radio station winnipeg

  • Scot McLean
    Scot McLean   1 weeks ago

    "Moneymaker 'd be surrounded by 'em." LOL!

  • John Simpson
    John Simpson   1 weeks ago

    People who don't believe these creatures exist just haven't taken the time to review the evidence.and I mean evidence that goes back one thousand years. They just say no way, and that's what they will always say. They don't have time to research it. But they can watch funny videos all day 😒

  • Jenard Swaby
    Jenard Swaby   2 weeks ago

    Dude took pic ona HTC I'm dead 😂 😂😂

  • wayne parkinson
    wayne parkinson   2 weeks ago

    They witness the bigfoot tell experts where they saw the bigfoot and nothing is recovered No D.N.A proof it doesn't make sense they are hairy

  • Badkitty michigan
    Badkitty michigan   2 weeks ago

    Laughing BS he brings his camera to look for fruit trees and doesn’t take a pic until it was far away sounds like BS

  • Allen
    Allen   2 weeks ago

    Worst picture ever

  • Rick footsly
    Rick footsly   2 weeks ago

    I hold the record for worlds closest, nobody knows this though (I was touching it)

    JORICK NEWBERRY   2 weeks ago

    No Black ppl ever see Big Foot. That's odd 🤔 😐 😕

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith   2 weeks ago

    You'd think with all the technologies we have today it should be easy to track down one of these bigfoot.

  • Dave Scheer
    Dave Scheer   3 weeks ago

    What’s amazing is that their description is so close in each instance , and how close they were to describing all three of my ex mother in laws ! Let me tell ya they was ugly and would make a freight train take a dirt road !

  • Bobby Stacks
    Bobby Stacks   3 weeks ago

    I seen a Bigfoot and he was getting away and I grabbed for my cellphone camera but he sensed the camera and jumped into a portal before I could snap the picture but I can show you where it happened if you put me on TV and radio interviews and shows across the country

  • AKA Joelio
    AKA Joelio   3 weeks ago

    I was looking for fruit so I grabbed my gun. I seen it so grabbed my gun but then I grabbed my camera

  • I'mTellinYaOneTing
    I'mTellinYaOneTing   3 weeks ago

    I dont buy the whole red eye business, if bigfoot exists its going to have normal eyes not like some scooby doo shit

  • Josiah Deck
    Josiah Deck   3 weeks ago

    Yeah his photo of the Bigfoot was very far away, to far to make anything out.

  • Aisaxo Nawiat
    Aisaxo Nawiat   3 weeks ago

    If I had any legitimate Bigfoot project, I wouldn't let that Cliff dude anywhere near it...... He lost all credibility with that lame show Finding Bigfoot.

  • Jeff Hartung
    Jeff Hartung   4 weeks ago

    Bobo: looks like bigfoot scat. Smells like bigfoot scat. Feels like bigfoot scat. *smacks lips.... Tastes like bigfoot scat. It is bigfoot scat!!!!!!Renee: are you sure it isn't dog shit?

  • Millicent Gordon
    Millicent Gordon   4 weeks ago

    The way how these guys respond seem so genuine, if they faked this they must have practiced what they would say

  • Cybertronic Customz
    Cybertronic Customz   1 months ago

    I'm surprised no one has tooken a legit photo of it like I gotta see it to believe it