Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary Turns the Tide Against Giants (NFC Wild Card) | NFL Turning Point

  • Published on: 14 January 2017
  • Before the end of the first half the master of the Hail Mary, Aaron Rodgers, once again made the impossible, possible.

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  • Runtime : 12:26
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  • TopicalUsername
    TopicalUsername   1 days ago

    Incredible sportsmanship by the Giants players in these interviews to own it and not blame it on a push off by Cobb. As a Packers fan, I think it was close enough to be called offensive pass interference and not be too upset about it. But generally the officials let them play a little more physical on that type of play. Maybe because the officials don't want a crucial moment decided by them, maybe because it's just hard to officiate that many bodies crowded together. I think it could have gone either way. Obviously a lot of luck was needed in that play on top of the excellent execution by Rodgers, o-line, and receivers.

  • RJB-V
    RJB-V   6 days ago

    i love the narrators voice

  • Koyasama
    Koyasama   1 months ago

    No sweeter sound than Wayne Larrivee throwing the dagger.

  • Shane Humphrey
    Shane Humphrey   3 months ago

    And just take a good look at who Mr. BADDDD IS STROKIN NOW!!! Mr. bad wins

  • Lucky 7
    Lucky 7   4 months ago

    Man AR was out there just shooting bullets

  • FZealot
    FZealot   5 months ago

    Every time I see this I feel sorry for that giant's fan he and Eli were the only one's caring

  • Vic T
    Vic T   5 months ago

    Not a Packers fan, but I can't deny Rodgers' ability to pull TDs out of thin air. Dude is definitely going to Canton.

  • Tonkotsu Ramen
    Tonkotsu Ramen   5 months ago

    Does anyone know the background music at the end? It’s quite moving

  • Tie One On
    Tie One On   5 months ago

    The Pack really missed Cobb this year.

  • Luke Nappa
    Luke Nappa   6 months ago

    This just goes to show why we shouldn't have gotten rid of Cobb.

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode   6 months ago

    Imagine saying “I’m Aaron Rodgers dad”

  • Henry Hudson
    Henry Hudson   6 months ago

    2012 divisional round: Giants get a hail mary against the packers at the end of the first half and extend their lead2017 wild card round packers: uno reverse card

  • LBT
    LBT   6 months ago

    This game the giants wr was butter fingers

  • sam duley
    sam duley   7 months ago

    Why did the pack not listen to Rodgers when he asked them to keep Randall... all I heard last season is the pack needs a number 2 receiver. Wake up we had one and you got rid off him.

  • Sparky Mahoney
    Sparky Mahoney   7 months ago

    I'll never understand how people think Tom Cheater, Bill Belicheat and the New England Cheatriots are the GOAT when that title clearly belongs to Green Bay. Oh yeah, and they're America's team, not the Dallas Shitboys and Shitty Jones. GBP is the only team in major sports that is by the people, for the people, and of the people.

    JOSE T. GARCIA   7 months ago

    0:27 hahhahaahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha

  • Talha 10
    Talha 10   8 months ago

    As a giants fan this game made me want to throw up😭

  • PUBG Hacker
    PUBG Hacker   8 months ago

    San Francisco passed on Brady and Rodgers 😂🐐

  • ChrisGeez
    ChrisGeez   8 months ago

    Rodgers gives away his upper Midwest roots when he pronounces “height” as “heiTH”.

  • 16
    16   10 months ago

    0:35 wtf are those spirals, is that normal for Eli?

  • Bobby Signorelli
    Bobby Signorelli   10 months ago

    this is awkward i’m a giant and a packers fan. Not a bandwagon. Both sides of family have family in new jersey and new york. Then one side has my grandparents in green bay and i’ve gone to many packers and giants/yankees games

  • ToxicTrapZoiid
    ToxicTrapZoiid   10 months ago

    I live in Minnesota but by Wisconsin so my friends are always like Vikings are better but I always tell them I say "Who is the best quartback that makes comebacks" then I say Aaron Rogers

  • Patrick Hillier
    Patrick Hillier   10 months ago

    The only dislikes were the giants fans that were embarrassed

  • Cody Minor
    Cody Minor   10 months ago

    Don't Understand why the Giants didn't go for two after they scored that TD, would've tied the game 14-14 a piece

  • Allie Brotz
    Allie Brotz   11 months ago

    This was also the game where OBJ punched a hole in the wall at Lambeau afterwards