Pranks Gone Too Far!

  • Published on: 22 January 2016
  • There are so many great prank videos these days that prankers are being forced to top one another and some of them are going way too far!

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  • Runtime : 8:31
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  • Tofu
    Tofu   4 hours ago

    The Disappearance of Timmy Suzumiya

  • Mchslll
    Mchslll   16 hours ago

    3:59 ikr my friend always do that to me when we are in 6th grade elementary and i was so mad that i punch his face and he punch back and i punch him then someone from the class call teacher and yeah

  • Vista Panda[YT]
    Vista Panda[YT]   1 days ago

    u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u

  • Pepić303
    Pepić303   1 days ago

    So google automatically translated the video name to my language and it's "Un-salty jokes are overboiled!"

  • Xander Australia
    Xander Australia   1 days ago

    CoronaVirus:kills few million peopleCoronaVirus:Its just a prank tho

  • THOR The God Of Thunder

    COVID 19: kills thousand of people, has the whole world on lockdown, E.T.CAlso COVID 19: just a prank bro

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic   3 days ago

    Am I the only one who got this recommend 4 years later 😂😅

  • Buzzpain
    Buzzpain   4 days ago

    4years ago: prank videos is popular2020: dream smp was born

  • KingRT22
    KingRT22   5 days ago

    The amount of times the word prank was used in the video: 79

  • Astro Soul
    Astro Soul   5 days ago

    Dude, this was four years ago, and I’m still REALLY enjoying them

  • Douglas Tan
    Douglas Tan   6 days ago

    Minecraft Pranks: blow up they're 5 story mansion and steal 999999999999999999 diamonds that he got fair and squarIt's just a prank bro lolLiteral cryingLOLOLOL you crybabyYou stole my dang diamonds and destroyed my mansion. How is this a prank and a time to say lol.

  • crazychris gaming
    crazychris gaming   1 weeks ago

    Me:robs a bank.Banker:"calls police.Cops come.Me:its a prank.Police:oh ok "leavs

  • Adhyeta Sharma
    Adhyeta Sharma   1 weeks ago

    Pranks more like crime I know that doesn't make any sense but that is the reality

  • wolf
    wolf   1 weeks ago


  • Lucario the Aura Guardian

    Human: "destroys Mother Nature"Human: Its just a prank.2020Mother Nature: "Creates Coronavirus"Mother Nature: Its just a prank bro.

  • Enzo Ian R. Evangelista

    Im pretty sure someone died from a prank I think that a girl shot her boyfriend in the chest