I found AMAZING loot from FISHING in Minecraft! - Part 23

  • Published on: 02 August 2019
  • I fish in minecraft very epicly
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  • Runtime : 41:42


  • Evan YT
    Evan YT   2 hours ago

    Why is the title in finnish

  • Katiee 08
    Katiee 08   8 hours ago

    Does he know what is on his hat?

  • akshat bhandari
    akshat bhandari   1 days ago

    try winning from t seiries your videos are i will not say it is suspense

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea   1 days ago

    say the line felix!felix: "wE'Re gOnnA bEaT thE eNdeR dRaGon tOgeTher" "hE wAs lIkE a FatHer tO Me"

  • Damian Worth
    Damian Worth   1 days ago

    Ngl as soon as he named him I knew it was bad news

  • Fuze Ul qadir
    Fuze Ul qadir   2 days ago

    doctor: you have the coronavirus patient: 14:29

  • Luke V Vijeesh
    Luke V Vijeesh   2 days ago

    i also lost my pet parrot while makinge a tnt louncher

  • Kathryn Johnson
    Kathryn Johnson   2 days ago

    Okay, that was so funny when he was doing what I assume was talking in Swedish. Super cool!

  • 2028 Austin Wang
    2028 Austin Wang   3 days ago

    Infinity Enchantment is for bow and arrows, they will have an infinity amount of arrows.

  • Nutella Uchiha
    Nutella Uchiha   3 days ago

    Did you make the video in the day of my birthday ;-;

  • Mahira Saiyoni
    Mahira Saiyoni   3 days ago

    Felix: Rolph, you're my new best friend...Sven: NANI?!

  • moonchild
    moonchild   3 days ago

    i hate it when his pets die because im attaching them emotionally all the time

  • CJ B
    CJ B   4 days ago

    10 mins into the video and he already has to graves to dig

  • britt b
    britt b   4 days ago

    ok but when pig man exploded i snorted laughed out loud. that shit was funny

  • otso .-.
    otso .-.   4 days ago

    What the fuck why the name is in my language

  • ThelastgamerIntheWorld ######

    sans: its a beautiful day outsidecaylus: its a beautiful day in los santospewdiepie: ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN MINECRAFT!!