Is 'Oumuamua Alien Technology?

  • Published on: 17 January 2021
  • Three years ago, we detected the first interstellar object passing through the Solar System, `Oumuamua. Ever since, astronomers have been debating the origins of this strange body. Whilst many hypothesize an asteroid, the media is ablaze with the possibility that it could be alien technology. Join us today for a discussion of this theory and the counter-arguments proposed. Written & presented by Prof David Kipping. Thanks to Dr Sean Raymond for fact checking - check out his blog and astro poetry book

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  • pnutbutta jelly
    pnutbutta jelly   1 days ago

    other civilizations attempting to make contact with another civilization has to be looked at in a simple common sense way would they use radio waves absolutely not or SETI like instrumentations no they would most likely attempt to make contact in the most abundant and common form of communication possible in the universe they would use light on which spectrum that would be impossible to know but we should be focusing on light in all spectrums known and build instruments that can detect high concentrations of light that may contain a message like a laser as light is the fastest possible way of travel known in present time and can contain information just as we use fiber optics for high speed internet and transfer of data this is the most logical way to communicate over vast distances and logic and common sense would be a universal trait of highly intelligent civilizations the rules of the universe that are known today subject to change as time goes on dictates the entire structure and system of the universe and all life that is contained with in the universal sphere which may seem infinite to us but a creature outside our known universe may perceive our universe as that of a lab technician conducting an experiment in a petri dish and that may in fact be what we are and what they big bang was were in a petri dish an experiment of highly intelligent beings vast beyond comprehension and billions of years in our time could translate to minutes or hours in there time something to ponder but from my perspective a logical theory on the creation of the universe and the big bang were in a petri dish

  • pnutbutta jelly
    pnutbutta jelly   1 days ago

    this is most certainly not the first possible contact with another civilization all advanced ancient civilizations have built monoliths depicting non human hominids this has been the most important information they wanted preserved for future generations even in the bible there was the book of enoch the first book that was redacted from the king james version where it literally tells of enoch going up to the heavens on a fiery chariot with angels to go meet god then enoch was no more because they took him meaning he went in there ship they took him on a trip and he was never seen again almost every ancient civilization tells of human creation being that of a product of gods or aliens splicing there dna with a hominid on earth even in science they still have no idea where half our dna has come from and how we almost immediately in the scale of time a blip went from being a primal hominid species into highly intelligent human beings darwins evolution does not explain this

  • Hazed 100
    Hazed 100   1 days ago

    How many years will need to pass without observing similar objects before the odds favour this being more likely an unatural visitor I wonder?

  • Gary Schasteen
    Gary Schasteen   1 days ago

    "Extraordinarily flexible models require extraordinarily evidence." I like that! Thanks for another interesting thought provoking video.

  • mediahype
    mediahype   2 days ago

    H6: are there calculations if the trajectory aberration would be possible with a 100m2 solar sail?

  • Movies and Games
    Movies and Games   4 days ago

    The bottom line is we are not alone. There's insects in outer space.

  • Max Madonov
    Max Madonov   5 days ago

    No one is saying it was "deliberately sent to earth" . Come on

  • Tymon the Łajza
    Tymon the Łajza   6 days ago

    Seeing that Pioneer message i can't think of anything else ever since i've watched some stand-up comedian saying we put our nudes in space, just like some dudes tend to do with their particular part of the body these days.. and now i pass it on :]

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe   1 weeks ago

    If a scientist believes something to be real without having evidence, then he is a bad scientist.

  • Dalton Jester
    Dalton Jester   1 weeks ago

    With my own eyes and I regret not having a phone or camera at the time. But with my own eyes I watched the Thing enter the atmosphere like it was going to hit. With my eyes it looks as if it was a bit 1 inch of smoke maybe two from the friction of the atmosphere then I watched idol as the tail like stream of smoke floated away. I watched it for about 25 min before I continued my walk. I would have looked longer or tried to show somebody. Unfortunately I was in Fairbanks Alaska and walking in sub zero temp. It was a little shorter than how they are saying it looked. I know what I saw was real because it's not the first ufo I have seen up here but it was the first I watch burn as it entered for short distance the the foot ball shape craft just sat there for 10 or more minutes.

  • Ed Parachini
    Ed Parachini   1 weeks ago

    Using Sagan as an example of anything is stupid he was more science fiction than science and a poor science fiction writer. Leave it to the real scientists not the pseudo-scientists!!!

  • Charango123quena
    Charango123quena   1 weeks ago

    Sherlock Holmes saying regarding eliminating explanations is a logical fallacy as it would require knowing all possibilities. This is also know as the Holmesian Fallacy.

  • StingrayMk1
    StingrayMk1   2 weeks ago

    The "conservative" assumption is that it is a lump of rock, completely unremarkable. Here is another conservative assumption: Loeb has grabbed and held onto a means of becoming rich and (in)famous. Everone knows aliens already walk among us! Watch the movie 'They Live'; all is explained therein.

  • Blitz Motor Scooters
    Blitz Motor Scooters   2 weeks ago

    The excitement of people's imagination about space is both a continuing annoyance and promising attribute. On one hand, you have all these alien nutters, and on the other, we have support for decent telescopes and rocket research. So if they want to believe "it's aliens!" then we just subtlety correct their over enthusiasm and keep going.

  • Larry Woodyard
    Larry Woodyard   2 weeks ago

    If another Omouamoua shows up and we have another pandemic, would scientists finally admit that this could be a way that aliens wipe out civilizations without firing a shot or losing any life?

  • Gees Landscaping
    Gees Landscaping   3 weeks ago

    Don't respond back to the wow frequency. Please don't do that cause they not saying wow there saying something much worse.

  • Gees Landscaping
    Gees Landscaping   3 weeks ago

    First get some men to go on the black knight if they are welcome after that then tell me about the long gated space object . I'm willing to find out . And it all has to be live and televised on every and any channels and radio stations there are . With no insults what they the rich and powerful has to say about this comment

  • Tunes C
    Tunes C   3 weeks ago

    Alien natural or fake

  • Jason M
    Jason M   4 weeks ago

    Looks more like a turd than a cigar 😂😂😂

  • Ian Davies
    Ian Davies   1 months ago

    I don’t believe that object is of artificial origin, I don’t believe that aliens have visited earth but I do believe that there must be other life in the universe, probably even out galaxy. I think though that it is a dangerous mindset for the scientific community to have. With that attitude it’s probable that they will miss the signs of alien life if they ever do encounter it

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage   1 months ago

    Your teeth are fluorescent white....And did avi Loeb used to be fat?

  • Stefano Gordon
    Stefano Gordon   1 months ago

    So convenient that it had not tail , so convenient that it came so close to earth then quickly slingshot around the sun, so convenient that it wasn’t discovered sooner, so convenient that it’s reflectivity varied

  • Jackson Furlong
    Jackson Furlong   1 months ago

    It changed direction and increased its speed without any outgassingThis isn't really THAT outside of the box

  • Tony Wells
    Tony Wells   1 months ago

    It is obvious that Avi Loeb is very biased towards an alien explanation of everything he finds interesting. The question is why is he so easily led to such unlikely explanations?

  • Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson   1 months ago

    Hope I'm not too late but I have a couple of questions. Any idea how large Oumuamua is, and how much time passed between detection of the object and its pass through the solar system? Ok...3 questions.If we discovered that it had been on a collision course with earth, would we have had time to do anything about it?

  • Dan D
    Dan D   1 months ago

    If it is they should attack us immediately for giving it such a stupid name

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison   1 months ago

    Dr Loeb seems truly frustrated by the resistance he's getting. And he may genuinely be so. He may even really think that the current culture in science is "unhealthy," as he puts it. But from my vantage point, it also seems just as true that he's exploiting it for all the attention it provides. Both things could be true at the same time.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison   1 months ago

    I continue to be surprised at how often Sagan is quoted about extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence. It seem such an obvious thing to say. There must have been countless people who have said the same thing. But yes, I remember reading that statement in one of his books, in 1981, and never dreamed it would get that much attention. Why would it? It seems like merely common sense.

  • LethargicPig239 BRUH
    LethargicPig239 BRUH   1 months ago

    The only thing i can say about life on other planets is think about the sheer size of the universe. And how many stars and star systems there are. There is no mathematical possibility that only one out of an inconceivable number of planets that exist can support intelligent life. And if its a mathematical certainty it almost by definition has to be a scientific certainty because most of what science relies on is math.

  • Soul Traveller
    Soul Traveller   1 months ago

    When the "Aliens" do show themselves i got a nasty feeling they won't be. Saying We come in peace lol thanks Hollywood lol

  • Battle Hamster
    Battle Hamster   1 months ago

    Much deserved props for being able to tell this story without giggles 💚

  • John Forensicman
    John Forensicman   1 months ago

    Curious as to where Davis was born. Clearly English. Middle class, but odd words seem northern, Lancashire maybe. Very little about him on the internet other than academic stuff. Not relevant to anything, merely curious.

  • jenskal
    jenskal   1 months ago

    I think it's ignorant to completely rule out the possibility of alien technology. There is a real problem in our scientific community. Anyone who thinks "out of the box" is immediately ridiculed.

  • B G
    B G   1 months ago

    Just a Interstellar Space Rock caught in our Solar System's gravitational field probably similar to the rock that killed the dinosaurs we were fortunate this time