BFDI - All Team Names

  • Published on: 28 January 2021
  • who needs an upload schedule i make videos when I want to

    also wtf 200 subs, yall crazy
  • Runtime : 6:25


  • Carvajal Raine
    Carvajal Raine   1 days ago

    1:The strongest team on earth2:Death P.A.C.T Again3:(TB SAiD iT) Are You Okay4:TEAM8S5:THE ******S6:Just Not

  • Carvajal Raine
    Carvajal Raine   1 days ago

    1: The strongest team on earth2: Death P.A.C.T Again3:(TB SAID IT) Are you okay

  • Carvajal Raine
    Carvajal Raine   1 days ago

    My favorite Team name tone in BFB 1& TPOT 1 is All of them

  • RanDOMbank
    RanDOMbank   2 days ago

    1:25 Me: Good punBut you're not cheesy

  • Kingsley Koh
    Kingsley Koh   4 days ago

    The remastered team name for another name: Squished Blueberries

  • Magic’s World
    Magic’s World   1 weeks ago

    BFDI GB: Our name has to be an another nameBFB GB: If we want to win out name must be an A Better Name Than That >:OTPOT GB: Pen! Their already called Death PACT Again, Our team name will have toBe-..[TB just says are youOkay and the teamIs done]Firey: Let’s be Called the Losers!Clock: Let’s be called the Winners!

  • ⠀
      1 weeks ago

    Fun fact:The "Newbie alliance" Logo has desert colours.