pawn berds

  • Published on: 17 February 2020
  • it's like gamestop but they don't have a membership service

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  • Runtime : 1:33
  • berd


  • golden gaming0007
    golden gaming0007   5 days ago

    My mom overheard the piss in your mouth part and pretty much demanded that I unsubscribe from you

  • Max Anklowitz
    Max Anklowitz   2 weeks ago

    I love the ever changing shape of Rich’s head.

  • Chilly Skies
    Chilly Skies   2 weeks ago

    I remember seeing Richard pass on a full set of professionally made master chief cosplay set because “I don’t know anything about it” and I swear if he bought it I would’ve sped down the highway faster than a PS4 exploding from cyberpunk

  • Suzu Art
    Suzu Art   2 weeks ago

    Bowling Ball shaped Berd AKA "chumlee"

  • ToxicWaste
    ToxicWaste   2 weeks ago

    You know this video is on a another level when the have tall brains and not big brains

  • SpawnDucky
    SpawnDucky   3 weeks ago

    Did I hear a 1:07 bird in Berd's vid?

  • whooshwho0sh
    whooshwho0sh   3 weeks ago

    Bro there's this tv show called pawn stars that completely ripped off this and copied it.

  • Phil Swaim
    Phil Swaim   3 weeks ago

    That nod animation is my favorite

  • Irrehplayz
    Irrehplayz   4 weeks ago

    Expert:Ye dis cost 900,000 dollarsRick:Ye we lowering that to 1 cent how's that deal