Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?

  • Published on: 08 April 2016
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    So. Space elevators. Are they are thing that we should talk about?

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    *Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?*

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  • Runtime : 6:32
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  • Zeta Marjorie
    Zeta Marjorie   1 days ago

    Surviving mars wants its space communisim flag and tech back

  • Rhys Cozier
    Rhys Cozier   2 days ago

    0:38. wanna get high? a bit odd but ok

  • RimeMaster
    RimeMaster   5 days ago

    I seen an X-Wing, so I clicked :ll

  • Tortulous
    Tortulous   1 weeks ago

    Quick solution: We fold a paper 42 times



  • Seafood 101
    Seafood 101   1 weeks ago

    Imagine getting stuck in the elevator...

  • Kael Melo
    Kael Melo   1 weeks ago

    hell yeah wanna go to the sun

  • Pedro Ivo G.S.
    Pedro Ivo G.S.   1 weeks ago

    5:21 We can't dream a lot4 years later: let's build a lot of space teethas!

  • Titan Kios
    Titan Kios   1 weeks ago

    Did you guys forget about the space yeeter

  • Ieuana
    Ieuana   1 weeks ago

    2:35 me: this has been useful. time to shove more trillions of currency into a dangerous area.

  • James H
    James H   1 weeks ago

    Space elevators on Earth won't happen solely because the lifting speed is too slow. The Japanese company (Obayashi) that have said they'll build one by 2050 have done calculations on it. Their 'slow' carriage will go 200km/h & their 'fast' one will hit 400km/h. You will be looking at being able to lift around 30 people plus some luggage per car. Even if you dropped down multiple cables, it's still a tiny volume that's going up per week. A better bet would be to take up a spaceplane in place of an elevator. It could climb to LEO in an hour. It then start's up it's engines, make sure everything is green, & disconnects from the cable. Using it's onboard fuel, it heads the rest of the way up to the station. It would increase overall costs but would cut down a trip taking a week or two to a few hours.You could use the standard elevator for supplies & wait the couple of weeks for it to arrive on site. If you want much more lifting capacity & quicker speeds then only a Launch Loop will do it big & cheap enough. Problem being that the length required is insane & that makes it simply not feasible.

  • Cam Knopp
    Cam Knopp   1 weeks ago

    Even if we did have that it would be insanely scary to use. I guess the same can be said about going on a spaceship though.

  • Flaming Dragon
    Flaming Dragon   1 weeks ago

    Him: How exactly does a space elevator work?Me: How exactly do we build it?!?!

  • Justajoke Forme
    Justajoke Forme   2 weeks ago

    So the Babylonians wanted to build a tower to reach the heavens but it's okay for us to build elevated to reach space

  • Daniel Wee
    Daniel Wee   2 weeks ago

    Warum keinen eigenen Planet bauen ?

  • Thomas McClintock
    Thomas McClintock   2 weeks ago

    How would you slow down the climber as it is accelerating towards the counter weight. The further it gets away from the Earth the faster it will go. It's like a tether ball game. The rope moves slower the closer it is to the pole but faster the closer it is to the ball.

  • bling_ _brute
    bling_ _brute   2 weeks ago

    Can somebody please tell me if the Imperial shuttle in the intro sequence, is a Lambda shuttle or Sentinel Landing Craft? The Lambda is more known, but the Sentinel is more accurate. So which is it?Edit: i noticed near the end there was a Lambda with its wings up. If its supposed to be flying, then the side wings should be down. Not up. Up is only for landing.

  • Beatz IS
    Beatz IS   2 weeks ago

    So if it's locked, it cannot orbit. So would the counterweight have any effects on earths orbit around the sun???

  • Sonali Biswal
    Sonali Biswal   3 weeks ago

    You should design the space game which you show in your videos.

  • Sienna Barron
    Sienna Barron   4 weeks ago

    He was talking about being able to get a rocket that goes up and comes back down, this videos so old that we have now got that!

  • Zzzleepy
    Zzzleepy   1 months ago

    the stuff spiders make + diamond nanothreads should do the trick. Building a singer nuclear reactor shouldn't be too hard. Diamond is hard to get, asteroids? Spider web stuff should be too hard, because you know, spiders. Well, it would take long, but all of this will take multiple generations. Making it on a asteroid close to the earth would be optimal, because it is easy to get the rather out of orbit and in earth her orbit. The biggest question is, SHOULD we make it. While te payoff is large, there is a high chance it will take multiple generations. Building such a big project requires the collaboration of every country on earth. Something we are unable to accomplish at this time.Before starting, we have to make sure that everyone works together and no one gets all the payoff at the end. It should be perfect peace 24/7 while building it, because a single argument could lead to the entire project being destroyed. There should be no leaders that want to do or have "the most". And this, is the most siencefiction of all.

  • Hayder Batista
    Hayder Batista   1 months ago

    If you climb up the tether, you have to pull it down right? Like any legit climbing. Then wouldn't it would pull down whatever is connected to the tether, like the counterweight?From what I understood, this model of elevator would requite to push up the counterweight (with something like a rocket) regularly in order to keep it on use, otherwise it would eventually crash into Earth as we pull it down repeatedly.

  • Arwin Ragudo
    Arwin Ragudo   1 months ago

    But is impossible because massive amounts

  • qprxj
    qprxj   1 months ago

    Just get the tether from a physics text book. "A light in extendable rope"

  • bergssprangare
    bergssprangare   1 months ago

    You don't need to start the elevator at sea level ..Start at 50,000 ft where you can reach it withan airplane..

  • Nicholas Cheng
    Nicholas Cheng   1 months ago

    If the ant was on my hand, the xwing toy would've flown away and the ant would go wherever i don't know.

  • l .basti. l
    l .basti. l   1 months ago

    I think that it would be more efficient if we would use Falcon 9's or an Sky Hook

  • Vapor.
    Vapor.   1 months ago

    just got this in my recommendations dont know why