Dog Kissing Booth

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
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  • Runtime : 12:37
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  • Abigail Vandy
    Abigail Vandy   1 days ago

    Kermit needs a chef apron that says "Kiss the Cermit"

  • Emily
    Emily   5 days ago

    omg kermie is my favorite creature in the whole world

  • Averong
    Averong   6 days ago

    That dog bouta get mega herpes

  • Redd
    Redd   1 weeks ago

    idk if anyone has said this but Jenna looks like Wendy from Gravity Falls here

  • Mary
    Mary   1 weeks ago

    “Life’s getting exhausting” is the 2020 mood

  • Khushi
    Khushi   1 weeks ago

    How did I reach here from the kissing booth 2 trailer?

  • Chris
    Chris   1 weeks ago

    Peachy bosses Kermit out of the way cos she wants the attention and is jealous. Is so cute tho. 💕

  • Mel Ann
    Mel Ann   1 weeks ago

    Peaches face couldnt be anymore perfect when jenna said she owed her money.

  • Alina Roth
    Alina Roth   1 weeks ago

    So wholesome. I came here because I miss your face.

  • WhatsaUser
    WhatsaUser   1 weeks ago

    Jenna is 33 wow didn’t know that Jenna when are you having kids

  • Doctor Corgi
    Doctor Corgi   2 weeks ago

    Man Kermit gave the most kisses, but got the least amount of treats.

  • Dani Kay
    Dani Kay   2 weeks ago

    9:44 Marble said "kiss my ass"

  • a lemon flavored taco

    This is for peachyShe protecc She attaccBut most importantly She steal all the snacc

  • Anna K
    Anna K   3 weeks ago

    Oh my god, I can’t believe Jenna left yt, I’m gonna miss them all so much! 😭😭😭

  • Janai Sanchez
    Janai Sanchez   3 weeks ago

    It’s really inappropriate of Julien to ask Jenna for a kiss when they’re just friends, but I’ll let it go since he did a great job on that kissing booth! 🤗 FRIEND GOALS RIGHT THERE!

  • ElijahDoesThings
    ElijahDoesThings   3 weeks ago

    i love jenna because i love reading the title of her videos and going “what the fuck” and then watching them

  • YoSoKu
    YoSoKu   3 weeks ago

    Jenna please save КамедиСтор🙏🏼🇷🇺

  • Brianna Bergin
    Brianna Bergin   3 weeks ago

    we miss you jenna! hope you're having a nice healing time!

  • Alex Steinmetz
    Alex Steinmetz   4 weeks ago

    I miss Jenna so much... I feel like I’ve lost a friend 💔

  • IamNeNa_ J
    IamNeNa_ J   4 weeks ago

    Kermit goes from being a brat to trying to fight lmfaoo

  • Fish Fish
    Fish Fish   4 weeks ago

    My horrific depression gets just a little less heavy when i watch this video

  • ItsBasicallyDenis
    ItsBasicallyDenis   1 months ago

    Jenna : Can I have a kissKermit : droolingbunny : vomiting random stuffpeach : doing random stuffmarbles : 👁👅 👁

  • Vickie
    Vickie   1 months ago

    Marbles: 👁👅👁Cermet: nasty boiPeaches: owes moneyBunny: g i r a f f e

  • Alastair Preece
    Alastair Preece   1 months ago

    These dogs all have the same expression: Disappointment