Thanks for 900,000 subscribers!

  • Published on: 29 January 2021
  • Runtime : 4:52
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  • Atticus Cates
    Atticus Cates   5 hours ago

    Sorry about you have to stay in place 9 but soon you won't be their because wen we get 10.00.000 subscribers you will be free :)

  • Angel R
    Angel R   6 hours ago

    Now let’s get this to A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

  • RBK Family TV
    RBK Family TV   8 hours ago

    1:43 If 9 Super Glued His Feet to his skateboard how is he able to move his skateboard????

  • Maven Francois
    Maven Francois   1 days ago

    I think they should walk away from the sub count instead os geting kicked

  • Neutron GD
    Neutron GD   1 days ago

    Now its 995000 but yesterday it's 994000

  • Flare
    Flare   1 days ago

    5k until 1000000

  • Anibal Diaz
    Anibal Diaz   1 days ago

    0:27 Umm Captions What Is Wrong With You?

  • A LuckyBoi
    A LuckyBoi   2 days ago

    we just need 6000 more subs for a million :0

  • Yassin Ezz
    Yassin Ezz   2 days ago

    just a reminder, you are 6k subs away from 1 million

  • Pin Supremacy
    Pin Supremacy   2 days ago

    The fact that this has 1 million views but the channel has 900K subscribersLooks like 100k people forgot to subscribe :/

  • chi martinez
    chi martinez   3 days ago

    And the extra is coming up now dada dada 2022

  • nghs lec
    nghs lec   3 days ago

    Six: 🎵because I got my own style, and you ain,t got no style!🎵 nine: SHHHHHH! No more yapping!

  • ac cute
    ac cute   3 days ago

    Happy 11 years (:GOOD