Pale Blue Dot 2020

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
  • 30 years ago, on 14th February 1990, Voyager 1 captured an iconic image of the Earth - known as the "Pale Blue Dot". This photo was taken from a staggering 6 billion kilometers away - at the edge of the outer Solar System. Taken at the request of legendary astronomer Professor Carl Sagan, Sagan waxed poetically about the image a speech often referred to as the "Pale Blue Dot". To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this truly unique image, NASA and JPL-Caltech reprocessed the original image using modern processing techniques. In honor of the Voyager 1 team and the late Carl Sagan, we put together this short tribute video celebrating the Pale Blue Dot, with a reading of Sagan's wonderful prose by Professor David Kipping.

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    There's a quite a few readings of this iconic passage out there, so hopefully this small contribution gives it a different twist! We found the following readings online, each one brings something different.
    ► Neil deGrasse Tyson:
    ► Brian Cox:
    ► Robert Picardo:
    ► Elon Musk:
    ► And of course Carl Sagan:

    ► You can download a high resolution version of this gorgeous reprocessed image over at NASA right now: (direct link to the best quality version is
    ► Background music by Joachim Heinrich, "Horizon". Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). Support this artist here:
    ► More information about the Voyager spacecraft:
    ► Image credit to NASA and JPL-Caltech, taken by the Imaging Science Subsystem - Narrow Angle, onboard Voyager 1 on February 14th 1990.
    ► Original version of the Pale Blue Dot image can be found at NASA JPL:

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  • Runtime : 3:56
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  • Cool Worlds
    Cool Worlds   1 years ago

    Bonus video! A little video to celebrate this iconic image. Go ahead and grab that hires version linked in the description, I know I'll be printing this off to hang on my wall!

  • liga meebo
    liga meebo   2 weeks ago

    where another planet and starwhy only the earth can be photographedwhile the earth does not emit lighthow does camera voyeger work ?

  • Kramex81
    Kramex81   1 months ago

    Ich dachte, der Weltraum sei ein besonderer Ort. Was ich da oben gelernt habe: Der wirklich, wirklich besondere Ort darin, das ist unser einzigartiger blauer Heimatplanet.ZitatAlexander Gerst

  • American Pride
    American Pride   2 months ago

    Whenever I'm having a hard time or a rough day, I find this video and just remind myself to keep pushing foward🤙💯

  • JVA
    JVA   5 months ago

    Why replace the voice of Carl Sagan himself ?

  • Mr Tailwind
    Mr Tailwind   6 months ago

    Probably the most iconic pic of it’s kind,doubt it will be replicated any time soon..

  • Darren Mason
    Darren Mason   6 months ago

    Carl Sagans beautiful words retold beautifully....

  • Allan Browne
    Allan Browne   7 months ago

    Just curious, if that is earth, how come we don't seen any nearby planets which are bigger than earth, shouldn't they also be visible??

  • Peripatetic snaps
    Peripatetic snaps   7 months ago

    Take a lesson from here. In the end, we will have to go to Allah from this world. So follow the path that our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has shown us and keep peace, calm. Dont blame one another and do Worship of Allah. May Allag bless you❤️

  • BeachBall
    BeachBall   7 months ago

    Don't make the category mistake of confusing size with significance. John 3:16.

  • Alyson Varner
    Alyson Varner   9 months ago


  • One World
    One World   9 months ago

    "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens".

  • Bob
    Bob   10 months ago

    Here I am, tucked up in bed, flipping the fuck out.

  • Elon Lothbrok
    Elon Lothbrok   10 months ago

    the Voyager next to Sagan is because it was he who asked NASA for that one picture we call the pale blue dot.

  • Albert Chehade
    Albert Chehade   10 months ago

    ".....on it, is also everyone you hate......" 😄 😅 😆

  • Doomakarn
    Doomakarn   10 months ago

    i onl y poopoo fart ed for the good of humanity

  • SebSk
    SebSk   10 months ago

    Biology, history, psychology and sociology can teach us why we've done what we've done.But they, along with science and philosophy, must help each other to make humans ascend to something more than an empty shell with no purpose anymore, considering the point we are at.

  • Meka Achilie
    Meka Achilie   10 months ago

    Carl Segan is a joker just like you who believe that we're just a spinning ball in space ...what a hersey !

  • joynz1
    joynz1   11 months ago

    If there is life out there in the great cosmos why would they want us? Us? The most arrogant cruel destructive species ever, not only of ourselves but every other living species that makes that pale blue dot home. That dot makes me feel mortal.

  • RKvFX
    RKvFX   11 months ago

    Voyager Pale blue dot intro fan-made rkvfx

  • Mark Greer
    Mark Greer   11 months ago

    Who’s voice is this? How audacious to act as copier to the original artist Sagan

  • David Pietarila
    David Pietarila   11 months ago

    That was... moving, chilling, humbling, sad, wondrous, profound, insightful, reflective...just as The Pale Blue Dot, both the photo and Sagan's speech encompasses all of life of all of mankind, this telling of it encompasses all of the emotions of all of mankind.

  • Matei Alexandru Ionut

    Cool Worlds, please put everything that you have told in the video in words here in a comment.

  • Matei Alexandru Ionut

    I believe that the universe is so large and incomprehensible that human life is equal to zero. that's why we won't even be able to understand what's going on. We will always play until Pluto and the Sun. (Even in this area it is very difficult for us to observe.) We do have a telescope that can look millions of light-years away. But what good is it? We are fragile and insignificant in the face of this vast universe.

  • 5kollar# 7%of2
    5kollar# 7%of2   1 years ago

    Everything is perspective. Even perspective. Change it.

  • ugowoundo
    ugowoundo   1 years ago

    I made this into a painting in my little village in Obowo, Imo state, Nigeria, people ask me what it means and when I explain how long it took take the shot(voyager 1.. 1977....1991..still counting) and the distance(6B miles) , they feel humbled and begin to reflect, they realise its a powerful photo and we are powerless.

  • SteveTheFazeman
    SteveTheFazeman   1 years ago

    Never cared for poetic expression when it dominates the video. It's embarrassingly puffed up. Now, I have to clean the granular particles off my screen so I can see this dot.

  • nandy9285
    nandy9285   1 years ago

    There was literally some dust on my phone that was the size of our blue dot lol

  • ripcurl010
    ripcurl010   1 years ago

    God bless you Voyager this photo was taken in 1998 its a reminder of how small we really are....

  • Johannes C
    Johannes C   1 years ago

    Carl Sagan was right, brilliant description. The every General part controlling a fraction of that dot is why I call it our asylum in space. Dream Theater wrote a song called Pale Blue Dot based on Carl's book. Humans are the most dangerous creatures, also the most creative but as Thomas Hobbes warned people need 'a power to keep them in awe.' Well the temporary power of the most powerful on our pale blue dot is nothing compared to the vastness of the cosmos. We have developed weapons that one day will turn this pale blue dot into an inferno, COVID-19 is just another warning we are destroying our only space ship. I would prefer a pathogen to wipe all humans out and let the other non human animals have a chance. Bloody world.

  • Liz Barry
    Liz Barry   1 years ago

    Also home to 118 morons who click dislike.

  • VictorVI
    VictorVI   1 years ago

    Nope. You should have just used Dr. Sagan's audio.