Brady's & Gronk's First Training Camp with the Bucs | In the Current

  • Published on: 20 August 2020
  • Class is now in session as Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and the rest of the Bucs return for the start of training camp and prepare for kickoff of the 2020 season in episode three of In The Current: A Season with the Buccaneers.

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  • Runtime : 15:34
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL tom brady rob gronkowski training camp


  • Rich Speers
    Rich Speers   17 hours ago

    I get it. My wife keeps asking me why I fix things that should be sent to the junk pile when we can afford new things. I get an adrenaline rush when I fix things. Same thing with Brady, he gets a high when he wins or completes a pass...............or gets a ring.

  • Skiny blaK
    Skiny blaK   1 days ago

    Brady walks into training camp "wassup"🐐😂

  • Tamaria Rimmer
    Tamaria Rimmer   2 days ago

    God bless all who sees this, Repent and believe, the kingdom of heaven is near.

  • Binod Bhujel
    Binod Bhujel   4 days ago

    Anyone here after Brady posted a "I love talk radio" video??

  • chamikka kalu
    chamikka kalu   4 days ago

    who is back here after the Bucs have won it all this season? Superball champs!

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac   5 days ago

    Remember how both were washed-up after the season opening loss to the Saints? I got at least a dozen texts from Brady haters I know mocking me. Guess what those Text went quiet in February - those guy's are still M.I.A

  • Felix Da Kat
    Felix Da Kat   6 days ago

    This is the kind of season you make a movie of!!!! This was the dream season!!! These guys can repeat next year without a doubt!!! If they can keep the team together as much as possible!!

  • Zhen Jiang
    Zhen Jiang   6 days ago

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  • LYC4N-
    LYC4N-   1 weeks ago

    "I have never seen so many talendo in a field"

  • Tony Scheiber
    Tony Scheiber   1 weeks ago

    I love the music playing wish they’d tag the music

  • james tinoco
    james tinoco   1 weeks ago

    The wanting bucket summatively jump because babies comparatively suffer inside a weary spain. spiteful, like lunch

  • Knight U
    Knight U   1 weeks ago

    Who's here after Brady won his 12th Super Bowl with the 49ers?!!

  • Jackson Ledford
    Jackson Ledford   1 weeks ago

    Can Tom Brady give me his Snapchat if he has One and him to talk or give me a shoutout on his own channel if made

  • Jose Lozano
    Jose Lozano   1 weeks ago

    This video hits different after the super bowl

  • DarkestLight4U
    DarkestLight4U   1 weeks ago

    Shall I remind everyone here 43 looking 35😂😂😂

  • Freddy Flak
    Freddy Flak   1 weeks ago

    I live walking distance from Raymond James stadium. I'ma get season tickets this year!

  • Jay Mann
    Jay Mann   1 weeks ago

    No one didn’t know the Tampa bay until theses two big superstars came along too take them too the super bowl

  • Tomas
    Tomas   1 weeks ago

    People please do not take covid lightly. My 44-year-old strong construction worker died of covid.Never sick. Left our four kids orphaned. I still have my health Issues to this day.I had counted around 60 peopke who died from covid.

  • blue knight
    blue knight   1 weeks ago

    Wow why did y’all have to smack the co vid thing in your face the first version of this video ...

  • milt
    milt   1 weeks ago

    I don't know if I like Mr Tom Brady (and The Gronk) winning another Super Bowl or see the angst of the haters and cry babies. Well one thing is they both richly deserve what they got.

  • Sign In To Comment
    Sign In To Comment   1 weeks ago

    Watching this after the Super bowl, it's chilling how Tom knew this team was STUFFED with Talent.

  • LurasXCV
    LurasXCV   1 weeks ago

    They will never win a superbowl

  • Tess Tickles
    Tess Tickles   1 weeks ago

    this man went from an american patriot to a spanish pirate

  • maxpower7721
    maxpower7721   1 weeks ago

    Imagine being a man and being scared of a fake virus.

  • ibegrubbin
    ibegrubbin   1 weeks ago

    I’m not a sports fan but this was good 😌 Florida is the best State change my mind. That’s why everyone moving here.

  • Nine Scars
    Nine Scars   1 weeks ago

    Lol, the GOATS badass entrance not wearing a mask before he gets in is awesome

  • tuborgking
    tuborgking   1 weeks ago

    starting @13:49, what a finale, deep to Scooter#10.....still trying to process that SB 55 win

  • AZCardinals
    AZCardinals   1 weeks ago

    The moment the Bucs added Brady, I knew they were going to make it to the Super Bowl.I kept telling myself no because I didn't want Brady to win another ring.

  • Malte Grotheer
    Malte Grotheer   1 weeks ago

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  • Mc Cool
    Mc Cool   1 weeks ago

    “The throws could have been better, but you guys are doing great”. Class act.

  • Mister Azvius
    Mister Azvius   1 weeks ago

    Start at 4.52sec...epic! Like a movie trailer...who know that track? Like a war man...