Cheap Gear Challenge #1 - Overnight Adventure - There Will Be Problems

  • Published on: 15 February 2018
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    This is the first episode of the Cheap Gear Challenge!
    This is an overnight adventure which features a strong focus on budget gear...

    there will be failures....

    Enjoy! More adventures on the way.

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  • Runtime : 45:41
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview   3 years ago

    So what should we test out next? Comment down below and I will try to make it happen. - Luke

  • Mike Wiley
    Mike Wiley   2 weeks ago

    And now you need a match open sight .22 learn to shoot off hand standing, sitting then prone last

  • William Blackwell
    William Blackwell   1 months ago

    I enjoy watching the channel. But I can only afford gear from Walmart or Amazon so real people make due with what we have. I am disabled due to my kidneys and love camping if anyone has gear they want to get rid of message me please. Luke you can message me because I would ask a lot of questions about my disability and camping

  • Fiona G
    Fiona G   2 months ago

    Hahahahha, thats wat my last camping trip was like, me andy grandson froze all night, bad sleeping bags!

  • lloydlloyd323
    lloydlloyd323   4 months ago

    The size of the magazine makes it look like a bb gun

  • KGK 4ever
    KGK 4ever   6 months ago

    BRS stoves work until they just crap out and quit on u out of nowhere. They just end up being not reliable.

  • KGK 4ever
    KGK 4ever   6 months ago

    I live in the projects in Minneapolis. Gun fire hitting the air every night and etc etc. U count cash like that is a bad move. That cop car saved ur butt for sure. If u see bullet holes just pass!! But great memories!!!

  • KGK 4ever
    KGK 4ever   6 months ago

    Ward and gatti r amazing!!! Amazing. Watch them!!

  • KGK 4ever
    KGK 4ever   6 months ago

    U get what u pay for always. No exceptions. Just save ur money and get gear to be proud of and it always feels good to have that top of the line gear. It makes ur life when using it so much fun. Save.

  • ramiro naz
    ramiro naz   6 months ago

    Sir luke what can you say about manny pacquiao?

  • Woodsmoke Self-Reliance

    Every group has a Drew. It’s best to avoid a ‘Drew’ at all costs, especially if it affects your life … or possible death. 😵🤔

  • Dave Reboot70Now
    Dave Reboot70Now   11 months ago

    Find someone you know who pretends to know everything about camping but doesn’t really know much. Then Gift it to them! Hey, what are friends for!On the serious side, great video. As usual I have yet to watch one of your vids w/out taking away some valuable information.Thanks much!

  • youcef tekfi
    youcef tekfi   11 months ago

    I don't know much about the us but in are regan the best selling tent is QUECHUA ARPINAZ 2 from DECATHLON I think you should try it.

  • Stats Redner
    Stats Redner   11 months ago

    I'm surprised you didn't say money Floyd mayweather hahaha

  • kim lightfoot
    kim lightfoot   1 years ago

    Lol. I thought I stumbled into a car commercial at first lol

  • john smith
    john smith   1 years ago

    Shop at crap mart thats what you get cheap china made crap. Boycott wal-mart

  • K2PR
    K2PR   1 years ago

    “Not crap gear.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Inaugrinator
    Inaugrinator   1 years ago

    It is absolutely crazy to me that this dude is old enough to have a daughter who is also old enough to go backpacking.

  • George Lambert
    George Lambert   1 years ago

    I have the same Savage rifle in .22 cal. and never had an issue which is rare for me. I usually end up with a lemon. The main problem now is finding ammunition.

  • Mystery LovesCompany
    Mystery LovesCompany   1 years ago

    Here in Aus, trioxin/ane is dearer, but hexamine is cheap as chips. :-)Can't love the smell, though.

  • Pnw adventurer
    Pnw adventurer   1 years ago

    I also think people are not being the best that they can be, actually nobody is, there’s always someone working or trying harder than the next person, we all make some kind of excuse but we do the best we can.

  • Pnw adventurer
    Pnw adventurer   1 years ago

    Damn...... thought I was living the life with my $195 marmot 2p crane creek tent

  • Pnw adventurer
    Pnw adventurer   1 years ago

    $177 is a cheap tent?? Then marmot $195 tents are cheap garbage too? I’m confused.....

  • Ricky Sides
    Ricky Sides   1 years ago

    Love it when you tell stories. It's like you have the capability of talking to the camera as if you are interacting with an old friend. Well done.

  • Magic Rooster
    Magic Rooster   1 years ago

    A cheap Ozark dome tent is better than both of those IMO.

  • Sassylady2001
    Sassylady2001   1 years ago

    Dang good shootin', Tex!! And toss that tent or give to someone for their backyard fun....make sure they know it won't work in the rain.

  • Holly P
    Holly P   1 years ago

    Yes. I'm looking. LOL