How Sloths Went From the Seas to the Trees

  • Published on: 28 November 2018
  • The story of sloths is one of astounding ecological variability, with some foraging in the seas, others living underground, and others still hiding from predators in towering cliffs. So why are their only living relatives in the trees?

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  • Runtime : 12:21
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  • Jogja Toy Review
    Jogja Toy Review   6 hours ago

    Sloth: eating every single thing other animals wouldn't ever be bothered with. Also sloth: SURVIVES

  • Man From Brussels
    Man From Brussels   3 days ago

    I cant get over the fact that my highschool chemestry teacher had a massive chrush on Hank Greene, and insisted on calling him Hunky Hank. Her husband worked in the next room over and also insisted on continuing the nickname.

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon   4 days ago

    Modern sloths are faster in water than in land.

  • Lit
    Lit   5 days ago

    whats left? flying sloths??

  • The Kito
    The Kito   1 weeks ago

    The only one from the entire family that survived, was the family stoner...

  • FreeRealestNate
    FreeRealestNate   1 months ago

    “How did these extinct animals compete”. They didn’t, they died you dork

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave   1 months ago

    I am the Slothlax, I speak for the seas.

  • Shade Cross
    Shade Cross   1 months ago

    In 20 years later humanity will found a sloth that lived at a volcano and a flying sloth.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M   1 months ago

    Pinnipeds are closer to bears than to dogs.

  • Leah L
    Leah L   1 months ago

    And lets not forget about that old youtube video of the sloth crossing the street and then learned to fly!

  • Henry
    Henry   1 months ago

    I could see a version of giant sloth evolving into a humanoid civilisation, they would need to develop full tool use, then fire and farming. Just looking at the body plan though I’m sure with some developments they could be competitive with primate based intelligent life.

  • K
    K   1 months ago

    size of a kangaroo? kangaroos come in a few sizes mate

  • SpiritBear12
    SpiritBear12   2 months ago

    Sloths, the tortoises of the mammal world, slow with a low metabolism.

  • SewardWriter
    SewardWriter   2 months ago

    So, uh, how closely related are sloths and cows? I ask because of the four stomachs and the high-fiber diet.

  • Lachlan Harrison
    Lachlan Harrison   2 months ago

    So basically modern day sloths are the oddballs of the sloth family

  • flioink
    flioink   2 months ago

    If they climb mountains can we really call them "sloths"?

  • lol haha
    lol haha   2 months ago

    sloths are cute, always look like they are smiling :D

  • Stephen Irvine
    Stephen Irvine   2 months ago

    Those Water Sloths must have had ENORMOUS Lung Capacity’s. If the Moved even a fraction Quicker than Modern Sloths....How did the not Drown?!

  • Ian Macfarlane
    Ian Macfarlane   2 months ago

    Couldn't the giant burrows have been dug by giant bunnies?

  • Frances Lambert
    Frances Lambert   2 months ago

    No bones of one type of sloth has never been found?? Then how do you know it existed??

  • TheCyanBlueGamer
    TheCyanBlueGamer   2 months ago

    2000000 Years later: How Sloths Went From the Trees to the Sky

  • roddy axolotl
    roddy axolotl   2 months ago

    The 698 dislikes are from tree slothes who feel discredited.

  • Liquidix
    Liquidix   2 months ago

    it sounds like hes saying slavs

  • Mc Thrull
    Mc Thrull   2 months ago

    0:43 that sloth reminds me of yoda idk why

  • Nick Salvatore
    Nick Salvatore   2 months ago

    I love how Sloths although not closely related to primates at all really, they seemed to evolve similar traits due to living in similar environments. Is this an example of convergent evolution?We even see something equally as interesting in the extinct monkeys of Jamaica known as Xenothrix mcgregori, a species of monkey who scientists believe was slow moving and sloth like, and we know it lived high among the trees.

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye   2 months ago

    I had this video running in the background instead of "Sloths" i heard "Slavs". So i got really confused.

    ACB IXI   2 months ago

    Get these species back ........I wanna see them ......