The MKBHD Setup Tour 2020!

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • My Mac Pro setup for early 2020!
    Rubik's cubes:

    X-Desk Air Pro:
    Herman Miller Embody:
    Yamaha HS8:
    Promise Pegasus 80TB:
    Xiaomi Vertical Wireless charger
    Colorware AirPods Pro:
    Apple Pro Display XDR:
    Logitech 4K webcam:
    Logitech MX Master 3:
    Apollo Twin MKII:
    Red Artisan mousepad:
    Keychron K2:
    Mac Pro:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Mr J Medeiros
    Playlist of MKBHD Intro music:

  • Runtime : 11:53
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  • Lou B
    Lou B   1 days ago

    Man called me poor for 11mins

  • David Lelis
    David Lelis   1 days ago

    Me Jan 2020: "Ooooooh cool set up. Display cost more than my rent for 4 months, but okay."Me Aug 2020 after quarantine has led me to getting into custom mechanical keyboards: "SOMEONE LUBE YOUR SWITCHES AND STABS PLZZZZZ!"

  • Will Rodman
    Will Rodman   1 days ago

    what charger do you use for your iphone?

  • Max Wrenn
    Max Wrenn   1 days ago

    woah is that a case on ur iphone 11? never thought i’d see the day

  • Émile Paquette
    Émile Paquette   2 days ago

    Me : a mac pro would be great in my setup!My : wallet : wait that’s illegal

  • Wilson Gaberino
    Wilson Gaberino   2 days ago

    He's using an $800 audio interface as essentially a volume knob and headphone amp. Gotta love it

  • shiva shaw
    shiva shaw   3 days ago

    Did I hear a 768 gb ram or is that the size of SSD?? 🙄

  • Serei3G
    Serei3G   3 days ago

    What software u use to edit ?Also why won’t u use pc setup

  • Sunny Kumar
    Sunny Kumar   4 days ago

    768 gig RAM seriously dude what are you running a space program on your system

  • Crafter 89
    Crafter 89   5 days ago

    What‘s that for an UGLY Keyboard?!

  • Cam
    Cam   5 days ago

    Pretty dope, a lot of this is OD, but I guess that’s just me being a little jealous haha. As a music producer, I’m having trouble understanding why he needs studio monitors, audio interface, and an acoustically treated room to edit tech videos. 🥴

  • Krane
    Krane   5 days ago

    Good point about the expense of a setup. I remember years ago at the advent of surround sound home theater systems when it seemed impossible that I could ever be able to afford one. Then it occurred to me that I didn't have to buy everything all at once. So I started scouring the news print for sales (no web back then) on all the items that I needed from speaker cord, to receivers.  My biggest discovery was that I'd should actually make the trips to my favorite local electronic stores and talk to and get to know the sales people. That way they'd let me know if something new that I might be interested in came in, or if something went on sale. A lot of times they would have scratch & dent sales that weren't advertised or simply ask them for an offer on the floor models that may be missing manuals, remotes, etc, or the out going model. That's how I got my receiver and then I ordered the remote later. It sat in my closet for 3 months before I could finally afford the speakers for it. You could buy a year end monitor on sale and sit it on a wooden box until you can afford a proper desk for it. I used a kitchen chair for 6 month before I bought a decent ergonomic desk chair. Man did my back thank me for that.

  • Gavin V
    Gavin V   5 days ago

    Dude just called me poor af for almost 12 minutes

  • Juju Schmitz
    Juju Schmitz   1 weeks ago

    Heyy thats my setup. It's really cheap!!! Only 2 million euro.

  • who am I??
    who am I??   1 weeks ago

    So the cost of his chair+monitor stand = the cost of my whole setup + my MacBook air

  • Yesnier Merced
    Yesnier Merced   1 weeks ago

    There's gotta be some mistake here. 768gb of RAM?! WTF?? I must be missing something here.

  • Surendhar
    Surendhar   1 weeks ago

    what's your total setup cost around.just curious .. ;)

  • Nova Striker
    Nova Striker   1 weeks ago

    Uhmm. Personal Questions Marques .How much RAM is actually used by your PC ?Generally 50% of RAM is always used no matter how much RAM you have

  • Cameron Ladd
    Cameron Ladd   1 weeks ago

    Did you ever find a good solution to the SD card reader situation? Only thing I've found is a Thunderbolt 3 dock, but that seems overkill just to have a "permanent" SD card fixture on the desk.

  • Stef Xanalatos
    Stef Xanalatos   1 weeks ago

    When you go all out apple fan but their keyboards and mice are still shit so you buy something else. And to be honest this setup is so overpriced for the things it can do. Can make the same at 2/3 of the price

  • John Smith
    John Smith   1 weeks ago

    Why apple don't make monitors anymore for poor people like me ?

  • Astro Man
    Astro Man   1 weeks ago

    All the people in the comments are tech geniuses 🤣

  • Deelon Puno
    Deelon Puno   1 weeks ago

    Did anybody jump from his 5.0 update vid to this one to see the evolution😂😂