The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

  • Published on: 30 July 2020

    The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is really cool -- but nobody is going to buy it. Today I explain why nobody will buy the LC500 Convertible, and I'm also reviewing the LC Convertible to show all the quirks and features. I'm also going to drive the Lexus LC500 Convertible and tell you what it's like on the road.



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  • Runtime : 27:59
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  • Frank Farago
    Frank Farago   11 minuts ago

    Standard Lexus-Toyota Fugly. Check out the "back seats." Next one, please!

  • Adithya Ajoy
    Adithya Ajoy   17 minuts ago

    This time doug missed to comment on that " big huge ridiculous grill at front" on Lexus !!!

  • ade squared
    ade squared   22 minuts ago

    The back seats ...... wrote off everything 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Adithya Ajoy
    Adithya Ajoy   23 minuts ago

    How much times doug spells the two words "fantastic " and "beautiful".....can anyone count how much??!!!

  • MrKnifeart
    MrKnifeart   28 minuts ago

    I don't know man that looks pretty good... I think people will buy them.

  • iSiP Toronto
    iSiP Toronto   35 minuts ago

    The interior is actually really nice. Damn

  • Boom Town
    Boom Town   43 minuts ago

    A Doug DeMuro video reviewing a convertible without showing the top going up and down... WTF DOUG!

  • Alex Mainz
    Alex Mainz   52 minuts ago

    this car is fucking amazing but i would not spend that kind of money for it unfortunately

  • Roger Shank
    Roger Shank   1 hours ago

    Auto makers put seats in the back to help keep the cost of insurance down for you. For what ever reason insurance is higher for a 2 seater compared to a 4 seater.

  • HereIgoAgain
    HereIgoAgain   1 hours ago

    Love the design, except the "running mascara" lights. Don't make Lexus cry, you brute! Tell her you love her and will not cheat on her ever again. Are those Dave Kindig door handles?

  • elfletcha
    elfletcha   1 hours ago

    You lost me at "disaster and a half". Bye Lexus.

  • Florin Oliver
    Florin Oliver   1 hours ago

    James from Dounut Media said "quirks and features" onceIf you say "no powa baby" YouTube will be complete.

  • Raphael Ruschel
    Raphael Ruschel   1 hours ago

    Looking forward to buying one of those used in like 4 years when it's worth less than half MSRP

  • Chris Laswell
    Chris Laswell   1 hours ago

    Those useless back seats are to satisfy the insurance companies to say it is technically a four-seater to help lower insurance rates. It's the same reason Camaros, Mustangs. and even the Bentley GTC's have effectively useless back seats. There is never any intention of anyone sitting back there.

  • Mitchell Levens
    Mitchell Levens   1 hours ago

    Yo Doug, just turn down the sensitivity of the pad and it’s way easier

  • Vikinmen
    Vikinmen   1 hours ago

    That wet pavement under the car makes me think it’s leaking something.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty   2 hours ago

    Doug, the vents below the headrests are called “Air Scarf” although, it’s trademarked by Mercedes Benz.

  • Dave Kostka
    Dave Kostka   2 hours ago

    Way too expensive. Buy it used and it will be 70% cheaper.

  • msticks msticks
    msticks msticks   2 hours ago

    Beautiful car. I'm an "Old Person" (73) and I have a 2020 Genesis G90 5.0 AWD (Not an SUV Obviously) and a 2019 Hyundai Kona Ironman Special Edition (did I say I was 73!). So it's kinda hard to pigeonhole us "Old People" as we have very varied tastes. But I do agree - I would not spend that kind of money on the Lexus. If I really wanted to blow my kids inheritance I'd buy a Bentley Continental GT!

  • L P
    L P   2 hours ago

    Yep... very accurate review. Could have not said better myself. I have RC now and was test driving few LCs recently and car is very nice place to be. I am looking for coupe and not the coupe, but many comments applies to both. To start with the infotainment system controls in Lexus are ... lets say poor. It is the same or very similar system I have in RC. To be fair after a while you get used to them and they are not that unbelievably bad as it looks at first, but definitely not great. BMW, Audi and MB does better job there, but after using the system for a while I would not say it is the worst system in existence, just definitely not the best. The "electro/mechanical" tachometer/speedometer looks cool, but after a while it is just a gimmick actually I am quite disappointed with it. The reason I am saying this - when you have screen like that the possibilities for customisation are endless and there are so many cool things Lexus could allow you to add there... the sad reality it has like 20 different pages which have maybe 2-3 options there, 15 pages being useless and the 5 which are actually useful don't have right option. For example in my previous Lexus I had few things I was monitoring on the dash - current fuel consumption, trip consumption and tank consumption. On this amazing digital display they only let you to see trip consumption, but not current or tank.. for that you have to use awards main display... really?! I mean you have blank canvas with limitless possibilities and you allow only single option?! Obviously, this is just one of many examples. Now talking specifically about the coupe - the interior is amazing, it doesn't feel over the top luxurious like say Bentley, but the quality of every switch and button is the best I have ever seen in any car.. it blows my RC away.... I call it "LC is in class of it's own". For example is we take BMW M8 or i8.. they literally feel like basic cheaply build ecoboxes compared to LC, all works there as well, but LC just feel so much more quality and precision build. Coupe unlike convertible has "usable" rear seats, they still tiny, but my girlfriend fits behind me just fine - little bit low roof-line, but actually sufficient leg-space. What was surprising though - LC looks much longer and wider than RC and I was expect S-Couple/CL like space inside... The reality however is that driver has just a slightly more space, but overall there are less space than in RC, which is already not the most spacious car. So it seems all the extra size goes to even longer bonnet and none into the interior.The one thing I don't like are the wheels, I think they are outright ugly. The convertible concept had beautiful wheels and I was hoping they going to launch with it, but sadly it launched with same ugly ones. The other thing is the strange option restriction on Lexus... and that actually is across the range, not only in LC. So to have LSD and 4 wheels steering one has to go for Sport+, but Sport+ can only have CF roof and ugly wheels, if you want glass roof then you have to go for Standard version, which has tiny wheels and does not have neither LSD, nor 4W steering! Why can you just choose that as an option - why can't I have Sport+ with glass roof?! or Standard version with LSD, and why they have TVD on RC-F, but only mechanical LSD in LC.... just doesn't make sense! Like what these limited option benefits?Finally, I agree with it not being particularly fast or agile or somehow amazing to drive. When driving I feel just right in it, does not have too much power, is fast but not amazing, handles well, but not amazing... it sort of does everything I am missing from my RC. When I drive LC, everything I touch and all inputs I make just feels very natural and nice, but at no point it feel like very fast car, or very sporty car which you want to throw around twisties.... It is so good that it is almost boring. And that sort of leaves me wondering... it is very good car and I really like driving it, but @£65000 used (in UK) it is sort of expensive and not very exceptional car. To pay such money one has higher expectations I guess. I mean I can buy Aston Martin Vantage for similar price, or even Bentley Continental and although they are objectively much crappier cars at the same time they are more exceptional, they have something which makes you think "wow"... Lexus LC doesn't... well maybe except of quality, but that is very hard to get excited about.And ... sad truth... yes - nobody will buy it. Just reality - 1 million people are interested in the car and will watch video about it on youtube, but nobody will put $100,000 on the car which really exceed only in exceptional build quality!

  • James Sword
    James Sword   3 hours ago

    Doug :'0-60 is around 5 seconds'Also Doug: 'It does 0-60 in 4.4 seconds'

  • Corvetteman2013
    Corvetteman2013   3 hours ago

    This is a beautiful car. Unlike some of the competition like Porsche and Mercedes, this car will have great resale value and excellent reliability.

  • DankGH
    DankGH   3 hours ago

    "Coolest car nobody will buy"Also Doug : Cool Factor 6

  • snufalufagus4229
    snufalufagus4229   3 hours ago

    “The coolest car no one will ever buy” - Who the fuck can actually afford this ?

  • PlantainPapi
    PlantainPapi   3 hours ago

    Doug stop telling people about this whip. Its my dream car I

  • Joshua Brooks
    Joshua Brooks   3 hours ago

    You better have the greenbacks to purchase that.

  • jxliljohn
    jxliljohn   3 hours ago

    lmao i went crazy for the gear shift 😂💀

  • jxliljohn
    jxliljohn   3 hours ago

    lmao i went crazy for the gear shift 😂💀

  • david gouyaie
    david gouyaie   4 hours ago doug got a little brother in france now!.. Or maybe a copycat!.. But anyway i don't and won't judge him. Don't know his background.

  • neonrocker85
    neonrocker85   4 hours ago

    You meant not too many people will be able to afford it... but I think it will be a good seller for those who can... When are you getting yours Doug? I used to have an SC430 and that car was the most reliable car I have ever own!!