Every BFB Mistake (BFB 1-30)

  • Published on: 16 April 2021
  • thumbnail : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCry0pkgdqu6Y2sAM8kW_NrA

    Creator of bfdi : @jacknjellify

    Discord : https://discord.gg/zT3aNAG

    alt : @Two
  • Runtime : 22:21
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  • Fourtle
    Fourtle   2 months ago

    Discord : https://discord.gg/zT3aNAG Favorite team : https://forms.gle/rx5iKxB1JXS6ETan9Note #1 ok I get it the Cake and clock thing isn't a mistakein this video is a 22 minute video, it took me a long time to finish it,also this isnt made to show that jacknjellify isnt good or something, jacknjellify are amazing at making shows, without them i wouldnt have been here

  • Bartle Bee
    Bartle Bee   10 hours ago

    9:30 I agree. This one does have mistakes. Plus I actually don’t know why.

  • Bartle Bee
    Bartle Bee   10 hours ago

    robot flower limbs colours are the same as the ground so I mean.

  • RiddleFitt
    RiddleFitt   17 hours ago

    The part where x got his mouth must be intentional, they aren’t moving limbs either

  • Miaoping Chen
    Miaoping Chen   19 hours ago

    20:15 box says don’t open purple inside then don’t purple open inside

  • 《kevin》
    《kevin》   1 days ago

    Why did u call me a dumb person im not a dumb person UR A DUMB PERSON

  • Sheila Williams
    Sheila Williams   2 days ago

    7:47 So NO ODY LITTERALLY NOBODY is talking about that typoOr was that on... purpose

  • Torquoise
    Torquoise   3 days ago

    2:26 maybe four recovered her? You are so stupid.

  • thanaanan muyruangsri

    3:06 technically is a mistake but four probably got hit by a fork while in the middle of the intro

  • andylu1020
    andylu1020   4 days ago

    Some of these are just nitpicking and pointing out stuff even though they are intentional

  • Mike Previti
    Mike Previti   5 days ago

    Why is everything oversimplified it looks horrible than what it used to look like

  • Precy Gabito
    Precy Gabito   5 days ago

    Teardrop is just a depressed silent crying drop of water, I feel bad 😢

  • Koda
    Koda   6 days ago

    I think robot flower does have their limbs, it just blends in with the ground since it’s the same color. Or so I think, I could be wrong.

  • bottle
    bottle   6 days ago

    And u made a mistake on bfb 13 if u count the arms like this2 4 6 8It's actually not a mistake

  • Panda Lim
    Panda Lim   1 weeks ago

    You forgot that saw handle is missing3:34

  • Utube is karen
    Utube is karen   1 weeks ago

    The X basket at the end of episode 1 isn’t a mistake, they are just different baskets

  • Ghastgamer 64
    Ghastgamer 64   1 weeks ago

    They acually aren't mistakes it just bfb logic

  • king the cat
    king the cat   1 weeks ago

    There is a very quick seen when fours arm Disappear

  • blzr
    blzr   1 weeks ago

    1:15 not a mistake

  • P Yim
    P Yim   1 weeks ago

    At episode two when will the nickel David and easy show up when you see David licking where is David tongue licking the jawbreaker and where is his eyes