Does Harry Styles get tired of being SO good looking? | Hits Radio

  • Published on: 31 October 2019
  • Harry Styles joined Fleur East and the team on Hits Radio Breakfast to talk about his song 'Lights Up'.

    #HarryStyles #LightsUP

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  • Runtime : 11:59
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  • A T
    A T   20 hours ago

    Im like ... i can look his face even if the interview went for 78hrs straight..that's how much i love you love😍

  • emelswishes
    emelswishes   1 days ago

    guys i fasten my seatbelt everytime i get on a car even it car isn’t running because it makes me feel safe...harry i love you so much and it made me pretty happy seeing those comments

  • Ivanna Dominguez
    Ivanna Dominguez   2 days ago

    "who doesn't like laughing?" a poet 😍😍😍😝😝😝

  • Elisabeth idek
    Elisabeth idek   2 days ago

    He looks so cute in this interview 😭 (he's always cute ofc) but something about this hoodie and sunglass combo hits different

  • Vijaya Mani
    Vijaya Mani   3 days ago

    5:11... Is he fun guy....or a fungi????

  • adelina
    adelina   4 days ago

    9:38 don’t wanna be corny but this man‘s laugh singlehandedly makes me feel better

  • Francesca Costantini

    i love that he's acting so casual and having an interview in his car. god i love him sooo much

  • Marco Konrad
    Marco Konrad   1 weeks ago

    Why is he in a car when it is not even driving

  • Talia Soriano
    Talia Soriano   1 weeks ago

    not me freaking out because i use the same deodorant as harry styles

  • thefatifatimaezzahra
    thefatifatimaezzahra   1 weeks ago

    You may find these kind of videos boring (not harry), but just imagine you're face timing as boyfriend and asking him about his work and his friends

  • Fedelia
    Fedelia   1 weeks ago

    10:26 the way he imitated her mockingly lol

  • Farha B
    Farha B   2 weeks ago

    Cute and humbled💚

  • uio oo
    uio oo   2 weeks ago

    his smile is so contagious

  • Lauren D.
    Lauren D.   2 weeks ago

    his laugh? my reason for living

  • Indiana T
    Indiana T   3 weeks ago

    You’re all talking about how he doesn’t have airpods but I’m just looking at his adorable nailsss 🥺🥺

  • Km3ii _
    Km3ii _   3 weeks ago

    I can watch this for hours and NEVER get bored-

  • may
    may   3 weeks ago

    harry wearing a seatbelt even though he’s not moving is wholesome

  • Elene Kobelashvili
    Elene Kobelashvili   3 weeks ago

    6:50 why did they cut it? he was talking about the inspiration behind "Lights Up" that was the most intrestion part of the interview. why? just why? what did he said that needed to be cut out

  • Kambry B
    Kambry B   3 weeks ago

    imagine walking past that car and having no idea that HARRY was inside

  • Catherine Freytag
    Catherine Freytag   3 weeks ago

    i have a feeling dove is gonna be all sold out of spray deodorant from now on

  • Debby Mabalcon
    Debby Mabalcon   3 weeks ago

    His smile sooo cute he's just beautiful in and out😍🥑😍

  • Krista Mathew
    Krista Mathew   4 weeks ago

    i love when harry does these facetime interviews he seems so comfortable where he is (hahah even though he's in a car)also did no one walking by his car notice it was him, i usually accidentally make super awkward eye contact with all these strangers, i bet if i walked by harry i would've screamed

  • clementine c
    clementine c   1 months ago

    the same “hello” at like 0:28 is from “hello, we are one direction!!” that video diary i’m crying

  • Macey Jane
    Macey Jane   1 months ago

    My dumbass thought he was sitting on the wrong side of the car

  • Queens
    Queens   1 months ago

    No one is perfe....

  • Meow !
    Meow !   1 months ago

    cAn anYoNe hEar ruNnInG wAtEr -----BooBear

  • Luisa
    Luisa   1 months ago

    i love how he just sits in his car like a normal person but on the other hand i can hardly imagine him just driving by himself like we do idk :’)

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina   1 months ago

    It's the lag for me 😃

  • mariah rivera
    mariah rivera   1 months ago

    "I was cause nobody told me!"Is a very 2010-13 harry thing to say...