[YTP] BFB 7: The Balls You Desperately Want

  • Published on: 16 February 2021
  • this was also rushed as well, I really need to put more effort to my future ytps.
    thumbnail should be out soon

    Loser vid made by BestHyphen.
  • Runtime : 4:47


    PANG KAI JUN   4 days ago

    Does anyone see a face on the camera while lightning is seeing though the camera

  • Noninia's artwork
    Noninia's artwork   5 days ago

    Donut: Pin,pin and pin!Pin,Coiny and Cake: yeah?Donut: You all got 3 votes.

  • Stemen Stickman 20-21

    Yo why in the actual hell when i open videos i see a dislike? is there someone hacking me?

  • H B
    H B   1 weeks ago

    1:57 - 2:01 that lip sync needs to be on I can see your voice

  • Samii .-.
    Samii .-.   2 weeks ago

    3:44 what is the music name pls tell me

  • Espn Real
    Espn Real   2 weeks ago

    Let us start a transcript chain. I’ll start.(Everyone is laughing)

  • Richard Avila
    Richard Avila   3 weeks ago

    Elimantion:pen coiny and cake. Reality:pen pen and pen

  • Richard Avila
    Richard Avila   3 weeks ago

    Camera:look throught donut hole but see after. Saw:awef

  • JurDan757
    JurDan757   3 weeks ago

    "Loser just vented!"I say Fanny sus1:39 MAKE DIS AN ACTUAL MEME

  • demon
    demon   3 weeks ago

    I like tpop the power of poo

  • hesseloff1
    hesseloff1   4 weeks ago

    fun fact:why you know is y'know and not y''know?

  • DrMelonRBLX
    DrMelonRBLX   4 weeks ago

    Saw : TACO'S D E A D ?!!??!?!?Golf ball : Seesh.

  • Dr. Bird
    Dr. Bird   1 months ago

    0:39 how have I never noticed that lol

  • Sonic1005 0
    Sonic1005 0   1 months ago

    3:41 vote in the comments using the letter in square braaaaa

  • Daniel Suarez
    Daniel Suarez   1 months ago

    1:21 :Hey pin,pin and pin...Yes.Your sus...