Google Glass Human

  • Published on: 23 May 2013
  • From the makers of iPod human and the iNavigator, we now present the Google Glass Human!

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  • Runtime : 4:27
  • Google Glass nigahiga


  • OG 《Nivag》
    OG 《Nivag》   1 days ago

    Well I'm here Cause of The Lockdown... But I love how much they've Grown.... and Just... I'm Speechless... 😁😊❤

  • swati patil
    swati patil   4 days ago

    What is that song at the start so nostalgic

  • Marzuk khan
    Marzuk khan   4 days ago

    Sean always buys his productsSean is actually a good friend

  • Mukiss Ami
    Mukiss Ami   5 days ago

    In a world where there is a new form of energy. MEMES. The memepunk future.

  • KIURazin
    KIURazin   6 days ago

    Damn they look a bBaby!👍

  • PacificFlare
    PacificFlare   1 weeks ago

    anyone else going through old videos in quarantine?

  • OfficerMcSpicy
    OfficerMcSpicy   2 weeks ago

    2:12 Video is 7 years ago and this is Comedy Gold

  • Meme Craft
    Meme Craft   2 weeks ago

    I want to name one of my friends teegooglycoffemeat

  • Vretta Beats
    Vretta Beats   2 weeks ago

    “plus California’s ridiculous sales tax” thank god for Arnold then

  • Shady Lady
    Shady Lady   2 weeks ago

    The Google misheard, misspelled or whatever you called it is struggle

  • Caducus NGS
    Caducus NGS   2 weeks ago

    Me realizing that this was made 7 years ago.

  • Rhiannn :3
    Rhiannn :3   2 weeks ago

    who else is rewatching old ryan higa videos? these were my childhood. And ryan higa is proof that fart jokes never get old.

  • Jaz LU
    Jaz LU   2 weeks ago

    Ryan’s fart jokes never get old 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Billy Hsu
    Billy Hsu   2 weeks ago

    “No, your a fat girl”I guess google glass is an incel

  • Ell Dee
    Ell Dee   3 weeks ago

    Looks like it was made yesterday.

  • Dylan Xu
    Dylan Xu   4 weeks ago

    0:39 always takes me for a loop

  • Brick Slash
    Brick Slash   1 months ago

    4:24 When I make a giant TNT tower in minecraft and I light the top...

  • the running man
    the running man   1 months ago

    I can’t believe this video is 7 years old alreadyI hate being old

  • Sir Leon
    Sir Leon   1 months ago

    I want to dislike coz you make me luagh so hard that my abs hurt hahahaha....I liked

  • Caleb Jarvis
    Caleb Jarvis   1 months ago

    *sigh 2013 was a different time when u were a banwaggon for liking okc

  • Matthew W. -___-
    Matthew W. -___-   1 months ago

    Bruh Ryan higa has been making69 jokes since ancient time