The Evolution of the Heart (A Love Story)

  • Published on: 13 February 2019
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    In order to understand where hearts came from, we have to go back to the earliest common ancestor of everything that has a heart. It took hundreds of millions of years, and countless different iterations of the same basic structure to lead to the heart that you have today.

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  • Runtime : 9:48
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  • SMeijers
    SMeijers   1 weeks ago

    Is it a coincidence that these primitive hearts all seemed to develop right before the cambrian explosion. Could hearts have been essential in paving the way for a much greater diversity of animal life?

  • VS Theo
    VS Theo   2 weeks ago

    okay imma say it:still a better love story than twilight

  • Danny Pablo-Ramirez
    Danny Pablo-Ramirez   2 weeks ago

    Stopped my heart from breathing to prove him wrong 25 seconds in and now I’m going to die

  • Moira O'Deorain
    Moira O'Deorain   2 weeks ago

    You said heart so many times that it doesn’t sound like a real word anymore

  • Nathanael Raynard
    Nathanael Raynard   4 weeks ago

    Hmm an evolution of the brain might be fun too, we need it in our live without it we'll not be alive

  • Blop
    Blop   4 weeks ago

    Evolution of the bobs

  • Decipher Euphony Notations

    Heart isn't the most important, the Blood is. Life is in the blood. if you don't have a heart you can be hooked up to a machine to help pump BLOOD to the rest of your body, but with out blood, you are dead

  • milan ilic
    milan ilic   1 months ago

    2:49 Oxygen rich-blood and Oxygen poor-blood are swapped on the graphics. Or the arrows directions are wrong.

  • naoufal belkamel
    naoufal belkamel   1 months ago

    only part we say we can give to someone else ... lemme rethink that

  • DjDedan
    DjDedan   1 months ago

    Nature you hacker you...

  • OpenSource Citizen
    OpenSource Citizen   2 months ago

    Thanks. I had a spiritual experience watching this. Maybe do one on the evolution of religion, and nonchalantly suggest that utube will perfect the algorithim so that even the most fundamentalists can be saved!

  • Bailey Collins
    Bailey Collins   2 months ago

    I’d give you my heart Blake, my science daddy

  • Drswag 007
    Drswag 007   2 months ago

    next question is this. which came first, the heart or blood?

  • Thomas D'Alimonte
    Thomas D'Alimonte   2 months ago

    We need a video on... STEVE!! he's mentioned in every video! We need to know more! About Steve.

  • stillsmashin
    stillsmashin   2 months ago

    I got an icebox where my heart used to be.

  • PhiendishPhlox
    PhiendishPhlox   2 months ago

    I love this channel with all my blood-pumping muscle.

  • Queen
    Queen   2 months ago

    Yaasssss feed ma brain 🤤

  • tinku kr
    tinku kr   3 months ago

    Your videos are superb but your speed is toooo much....please slow it down.....understanding takes time

  • FlyHigh
    FlyHigh   3 months ago

    I like hearing "octopodes"

  • Avro
    Avro   4 months ago

    'the genes that are used to form hearts are actually older than the heart its self' Well... obviously?

  • Aeturnalis
    Aeturnalis   4 months ago

    You pluralized octopus correctly, so you get a like :)

  • reverendhull
    reverendhull   4 months ago

    How has the heart "evolved" since the first Homo sapiens and if it hasn't, am I then to presume this is the perfect heart?

  • Dennis
    Dennis   4 months ago

    The brain 🧠 is irreplaceable not the heart. If you heart stop beating you have some time before you are dead. If all brain activities is gone you are dead immediately

  • Ikelos
    Ikelos   4 months ago

    Didn't vertebrates, arthropods and mollusks evolve hearts independently?

  • itsasin1969
    itsasin1969   5 months ago

    My ascending aorta is made of silicone.

  • Sumit Dev
    Sumit Dev   5 months ago

    She broke my heart she should be in jail for half a million your honour

  • Godisin Control
    Godisin Control   5 months ago

    So was the first heart made independent of a womb? At what point did the human heart creation change to be solely formed in the parents womb?

  • Pancake Rila
    Pancake Rila   5 months ago

    are you very hurry to go back home? you can speak not so quickly as you have too many professional terms in the content ......