Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

  • Published on: 21 May 2019
  • Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)


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  • Runtime : 27:8
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  • Isabella Brito
    Isabella Brito   5 days ago

    I love how they spent 15 seconds talking about fish! 7:22

  • Crystal Clam23
    Crystal Clam23   6 days ago

    Let's throw this back to "old cringey Ethan" and the "Extreme Laughing Challenge"Ethan 2017 or something like that: I haven't had a nice glass of milk in a while2019 Ethan: IM DAIRY FREE!!!lol 🤣🤣

  • Instagram_edits
    Instagram_edits   6 days ago

    Grayson looks terrified when their watching their old videos

  • _Bvby Trinity_
    _Bvby Trinity_   6 days ago

    Going through a breakup rn and watching the twins' videos is the only thing keeping me sane

  • michaela torocco
    michaela torocco   1 weeks ago

    pause it at 11:22... gray looks so much like his old self with just the face he made lolll.

  • Kyanna Hagen
    Kyanna Hagen   1 weeks ago

    I have watched you guys since you were at 4 mil

  • daisy marasciullo
    daisy marasciullo   1 weeks ago

    I cried during this. I started watching them when I was a literal fetus and now I'm a teenager. Hearing about their bullying story and struggles with depression/anxiety really helped me and sometimes I forget how important Tuesdays have been to me. Someone needs to get me a tish.

  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams   1 weeks ago

    I'm watching this video right now because I'm sobbing in a corner trying to get cheered up because they always put a smile on my face

  • Mahi Chaudhari
    Mahi Chaudhari   1 weeks ago

    was anyone else personally offended when the twins were bashing the old twins

  • Harlod Styles
    Harlod Styles   1 weeks ago

    00:27 Grayson's smile is everything😂❤️

  • Roslyn Parris
    Roslyn Parris   1 weeks ago

    I am legit bing watching your videos in 2020 so

  • Roslyn Parris
    Roslyn Parris   1 weeks ago


  • Meme18
    Meme18   1 weeks ago

    Hi it’s 3:45am

  • Brenna James
    Brenna James   2 weeks ago

    Tham say "omg we ues to be soo boring"me which all thar video and laugh because it was fun and funny and cute

  • cυвιєѕ яσвlι.х

    When ethan said my favorite pair of socks i started to crack up and its 5:20 am oml XDDDD

    GET ME TO 20 SUBS   2 weeks ago

    I got em on, and I'm outta breathe...Bruhh that's what girls deal with daily😂

  • una
    una   2 weeks ago


  • Louie Antonio
    Louie Antonio   2 weeks ago

    My Opinion... Yes You Cringe, But, It Was A Learning Process & Many Watched You Grow Up... 10 Yrs From Now You'll Think This Video Is Ridiculous... You Learn & Grow... BTW, 65 Is Senior It's Considered Old... Not 30 - 40 - 50 Thank You! Love You Guys!

  • Flabbergasted 668
    Flabbergasted 668   2 weeks ago

    This was a YEAR ago???? WHERE DID TIME GO? I remember sitting there WAITING for the clock to say 3 so I could watch this. Wild.

    ULTRA CHARGED   2 weeks ago

    I am sorry but 2015-2017 was my fav era of the twins .gray's goldish streak and ethan'a coloured streaks

  • Queen __
    Queen __   2 weeks ago

    That is why I don't do captions😂

  • Dafine Music
    Dafine Music   2 weeks ago

    You guys make it sound like you started with 2 million subs lmao

  • Izzy Jane
    Izzy Jane   2 weeks ago

    Mom- "you have online school tomorrow. go to bed now its 9" Me- "okay" fakes sleeps and stays up til 3am watching old dolan twins videos

  • Zohraبتخخن Arbab

    Please do this in 2020, i swear they changed alot IN 2020. examples: Ethan hair, in progress of growing tho, Grayson hair is EVERY u know, HE HAS LOTS HAIR. (can anyone agree ^^

  • hanan ali
    hanan ali   3 weeks ago

    It’s fishy how u know so much about fish😂😂😂

  • Noor Malkieh
    Noor Malkieh   3 weeks ago

    15:58 had me dyingggggwhose watching this still in 2020

  • zydeco
    zydeco   3 weeks ago

    imagine having a 14 year old look like that at your school- physically impossible...

  • Zoe Mok
    Zoe Mok   3 weeks ago

    dont make fun of ur old self i love those videos they aren't boring

  • Britney Covington
    Britney Covington   3 weeks ago

    Let me just say when they transform themselves into anything they go ALL out with it. I LOVE it!