The Turtleman's Bigfoot Encounter | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 19 June 2014
  • Call of the Wildman's Turtleman meets with the Finding Bigfoot team to recount his own experience with Bigfoot when he was just a boy. | For more Finding Bigfoot, visit

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  • Runtime : 2:25
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  • Garrett Kniffen
    Garrett Kniffen   3 weeks ago

    That’s right, “Squatch Hair”... right off his balls.

  • dirtydogvideo
    dirtydogvideo   1 months ago

    thankfully they werent short curly hairs!! 🤣😂😊

  • Michael VanDyke
    Michael VanDyke   1 months ago

    Damn smoking dope at a young age, start seeing imaginary things .😂😂😂

  • Samson Studios
    Samson Studios   2 months ago

    Hey I’m a Bigfoot scientist and I am looking for encounters whoever has seen Bigfoot please tell me in the comments. Thanks 🙏🦧🦧🦧🦧

  • Andrew Hayes
    Andrew Hayes   2 months ago

    Even when its written in black and white 100% confirmed X2 by scientists she still does not believe it, so if she sees one for herself I think she still wont believe it and come up with some debunking excuse!

  • Christopher Fowler
    Christopher Fowler   2 months ago

    If Turtle Man as a boy shot a Squatch, He would be the one getting picked up and thrown around repeatedly.Squatch would pick up Turtle Boy by the legs, split Him like a wishbone, and then eat him like a drumstick.Afterwards would Turtle Man be turtle poo or Bigfoot poo?

  • Denise Tingle
    Denise Tingle   3 months ago

    mine did I'm still surprised they yelled WE SHOT BIGFOOT I said really they yelled YEA

  • AL Ian
    AL Ian   3 months ago

    That looked like Bobo's hair. 😂🤣🤷‍♂️

  • Viking Adventurer
    Viking Adventurer   4 months ago

    What superstitious nonsense is spread for gold disgraceful really is. Fear spreading is easy. The American Experiment.

  • joe Cole
    joe Cole   5 months ago

    And I vote to get Ranee off the show she sucks the life out every show💪💪💪

  • joe Cole
    joe Cole   5 months ago

    You know he's telling the truth 💯💯💯

  • Tony G
    Tony G   5 months ago

    I love these fake Bigfoot videos

  • CEO of Jeanneism
    CEO of Jeanneism   5 months ago

    Chad Turtleman saw bigfoot as a kid and still decided to live in the woods.

  • Chieu Nguyen
    Chieu Nguyen   6 months ago

    we all now that we have found all the other primate like monkeys and gorillas, except Bigfoot If Bigfoot’s are real, why can’t we find the body of it, or maybe it’s lifespan is infiniteThere’s more undiscovered animals out there that are waiting for us to be seen, even Bigfoot

  • Ade Larsen
    Ade Larsen   6 months ago

    Guy returns gorilla suit with hole in left knee. LOL

  • Tommy Grip
    Tommy Grip   7 months ago

    I hope turtleman finds him first!!

  • Paintings by Leonardo
    Paintings by Leonardo   8 months ago

    The Turtleman would say ''YYEEEEEHHEEE OL' WILD JACKSON'' right or was that someone else?

  • Chadartist.99
    Chadartist.99   8 months ago

    Rest in piece Banjo Neal you'll always be remembered and this has to 'be one of the best episodes of finding bigfoot

  • Scarface
    Scarface   8 months ago

    Bigfoot in Lebanon Kentucky this is the first 😄

  • Billy
    Billy   8 months ago

    Pulls the hammer back then cycles the lever 😂😂

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith   8 months ago

    This guy is full of BS. He also goes around and also takes arrowheads from native peoples lands.

  • Horror guy
    Horror guy   9 months ago

    This episode when I was little scared me

  • Doop namnam
    Doop namnam   9 months ago

    That’s a child with a shotgun wtf

  • Lewis Frazier
    Lewis Frazier   10 months ago

    If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with. BS

  • Skxcz
    Skxcz   11 months ago

    what season is this

  • Skxcz
    Skxcz   11 months ago

    what season is this

  • Ellis Vives
    Ellis Vives   12 months ago

    Damn, Carl Grimes really let him self go