I Trapped Someone in Minecraft for 100 Days.. and this Happened - Part 46

  • Published on: 01 May 2020
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  • Ayden Janisse
    Ayden Janisse   2 days ago

    pewds: Deeep watch the...the thing. also pewds: mistake bringer watch the mistake.

  • Wawa Mamy
    Wawa Mamy   2 days ago

    Cat:I hate you piwdiepie piwdiepie:..

  • Gavin Ink
    Gavin Ink   3 days ago

    PewDiepie: let’s shoot him with the healing Arrow I didn’t mean to hurt the cat Me: can you try to kill the cat

  • BL4ZE 20
    BL4ZE 20   3 days ago

    He grew up😑Me:Because u fed him making him grow up faster

  • Kestra Daum
    Kestra Daum   5 days ago

    anyone else notice at the start of the video he had no xp?

  • Armando Capinpin
    Armando Capinpin   1 weeks ago

    Hey pewdiepie was freaking popping what is your server call i want to go in your server wiki dining

  • Malikah Sharawy
    Malikah Sharawy   1 weeks ago

    Plus he did not deserve any play button you dirt play button

  • Chris D
    Chris D   1 weeks ago

    how did the parrot not despawn????

  • Malli Bobben
    Malli Bobben   1 weeks ago

    mmm what can it be i dont think its bengt vad kan it be

  • RHP
    RHP   1 weeks ago

    Realizing thd pewds yet make a grave for Sven BF R.I.P

  • Henry
    Henry   1 weeks ago

    you say you love sven but you call him dum.

  • MD ZE
    MD ZE   1 weeks ago

    Did you changed your channels pic

  • Cheeseboy123 Lam
    Cheeseboy123 Lam   1 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie: I haven't gone outside in such a long timeMe: irl or in game?

  • Maher Testa
    Maher Testa   1 weeks ago

    Not to burn the forest band that is so not punched on tenders that’s so rude

    JLP_ OFFICIAL   1 weeks ago

    T-series may have more subscribers but pewdiepie has more love 💕

  • Palomo Venus
    Palomo Venus   1 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie the zombie pig man is the pig man the zombie pig man is mad you killed them and they want to kill you