I Raid an END City in Minecraft (Epicly) - Part 31

  • Published on: 06 September 2019
  • Back after Honeymoon with the bois in Minecraft!
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  • Runtime : 31:3


  • CedThev
    CedThev   2 days ago

    I laugh so hard when pewds talk to the chicken in the middle of the ocean and it starts a thunderstorm

  • reynaldo bautista
    reynaldo bautista   2 days ago

    Felix: Would you guys frick a creeper?REAL Minecraft Veterans: Real Minecraft verterans will remember Cupa

  • Justin The Weeb
    Justin The Weeb   1 weeks ago

    Sven you can’t come with me to the ender. Wtf is the ender

  • DJ B
    DJ B   1 weeks ago

    I did science! XD

  • Indramohan Sarker
    Indramohan Sarker   1 weeks ago

    Pewdipie: Goes to end city without arrows.Shulker: Iam gonna end this guys entire career.

  • Sevenloki
    Sevenloki   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice that he has 69 levels

  • lpizzapro
    lpizzapro   1 weeks ago

    pause it at 21:39 and a block is breaking and he is not breaking it

  • lpizzapro
    lpizzapro   1 weeks ago

    he called the nether the ender

  • Sniper_toby
    Sniper_toby   1 weeks ago

    Félix: apperantly there is eagles in Minecraft Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nils Bohman
    Nils Bohman   1 weeks ago

    du behöver silk touch för att få is

  • Max Venning
    Max Venning   1 weeks ago

    He actually has to start making his animals sit.

  • Mackenzie Parkening
    Mackenzie Parkening   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else used to fall asleep to his old videos? After seeing all of them at least twice, his screams became my lullaby lol.

  • Gavin Hofer
    Gavin Hofer   2 weeks ago

    Pewds: towering to get to end citiesAlso pewds: would you guys frick a creeper? 😀

  • Zin -_-
    Zin -_-   2 weeks ago

    stop yelling ugly man

  • Sup
    Sup   2 weeks ago

    7:13 Mr bones and KFC

  • it's breezy
    it's breezy   2 weeks ago

    i litterally saw a ocean monument i guess when he was fighting to the polar bear

  • The Icy Bros Show
    The Icy Bros Show   2 weeks ago

    2:35 (Sven falls of bridge)Me: Heart Rate IntesifiesSven: (Falls on land not to low and survives)Me: P H E W

  • CREEPERplayz
    CREEPERplayz   2 weeks ago

    Är jag den enda som skriver på svenska.

  • Zack Attack
    Zack Attack   2 weeks ago

    PewDiePie: Honeymoons are fun but there's nothing like a minecraft adventure with my boyMarzia: No pasta privaliges for you

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom   2 weeks ago

    *Felix calmly approaches VillagersFelix:...Felix: KEEP WORKING!!!!

  • Đ0Gz 3OOO
    Đ0Gz 3OOO   2 weeks ago

    "Yes." I think we all would "FRICK A CREEPER"

  • Abdullah Omar
    Abdullah Omar   2 weeks ago

    The best thing in the entire series was the cursed water Chicken stuffy

  • boyoflord squad !
    boyoflord squad !   3 weeks ago

    congratulations!! I hope you are having a great time stay happy and as always stay safe

  • Microwave700w
    Microwave700w   3 weeks ago

    12:13 POV: is your first time frickin- “This 5 seconds was epic”

  • MarkToast
    MarkToast   3 weeks ago

    To sum it up: Think of subsequent episodes as Felix exploring the game out of curiosity, and turning his camera on while he does it. No more story development, just exploring in the universe that's already been set up by him

  • Savannah
    Savannah   3 weeks ago

    5:35 what's the song in the background?

  • abelsari lazim
    abelsari lazim   3 weeks ago

    I thought he would say trash when flash would change his name but nope just bad name

  • Owen Keating
    Owen Keating   3 weeks ago

    Sedet chan lied too us I don’t care if I’m spelling his name wrong he doesn’t deserve to be in this Country the UK