The Brady 6: Journey of the Legend NO ONE Wanted!

  • Published on: 06 March 2020
  • Check out Tom Brady's draft story!

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  • Runtime : 47:21
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  • Garry Cortez Diaz
    Garry Cortez Diaz   23 minuts ago

    Spergeon wynn called it. He will have any form of success no matter where he goes. Boom!

  • krim
    krim   1 hours ago

    the 49ers slighted brady twice. once at the beginning of his career and once at the end of his career.

  • kyle gray
    kyle gray   2 hours ago

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    Ryan Uzumaki   6 hours ago

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    Bailey Green   8 hours ago

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    allsoled   8 hours ago

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  • Donald Jacobs
    Donald Jacobs   10 hours ago

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  • Andrew Bondurant
    Andrew Bondurant   11 hours ago

    Brady has a ring for each picked ahead of him and one for himself

  • roger warnike
    roger warnike   14 hours ago

    And a conservative to boot !!!!!!!!! Coincidence that he stands for the national anthem? And his country ??? Greatness on display.

  • x 211inprogress
    x 211inprogress   16 hours ago

    19:25 after holding his pads like that he don’t deserve too play.

    REGGAE SAL   17 hours ago

    Pick 199 is Tom Bradys motivation for the rest of his football career🤣🤣

  • ptpvideogaming
    ptpvideogaming   18 hours ago

    I wonder what Carmazzi is doing rn at this moment. Does he still not have a tv? How many goats does he have now?

  • Kristy Cluck
    Kristy Cluck   22 hours ago

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  • Greenwolfe Green
    Greenwolfe Green   23 hours ago

    Pennington and Bulger were the best of the OTHER quarterbacks. It was a shame Pennington got injured.

  • vinh quang nguyen
    vinh quang nguyen   1 days ago

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  • zach wilson
    zach wilson   1 days ago

    It's crazy that they now need to edit this video and add another super bowl to the highlights with a whole different team. Will be a sad day when he retires. Hes so inspiring because he proves you don't need all the talent to become the greatest.

  • Aloisius Konz
    Aloisius Konz   1 days ago

    Well, I guess the NFL has to produce a new documentary...

  • Outsouth Menace
    Outsouth Menace   1 days ago

    Tom Brady is not a system player he is the SYSTEM💯

  • Marti Harry
    Marti Harry   1 days ago

    If all those coaching members couldn't see his potential at the beginning then they're way too sure of themselves.

  • Yu TTB
    Yu TTB   1 days ago

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  • really reasso
    really reasso   1 days ago

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  • paidpro9
    paidpro9   1 days ago

    Brady is an American patriot and American legend. #respect

  • Brian Barasch
    Brian Barasch   1 days ago

    TB is why character is mentioned so often in drafting today.

  • Ardis Hobart
    Ardis Hobart   1 days ago

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  • Ta Xi
    Ta Xi   1 days ago

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    Burner2 Burner2   1 days ago

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  • David C
    David C   2 days ago

    my favorite game was the Alabama game.

  • mike hand
    mike hand   2 days ago

    So much love and joy he must feel,just kidding.BIGMONEY ALWAYS WIN!

  • Thomas Srsich
    Thomas Srsich   2 days ago

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  • Jefff
    Jefff   2 days ago

    Do you think 6 Super Bowl titles later that the Pats regretted that 6th round pick? jk That's not including one with the Bucs.

  • BrownTrout
    BrownTrout   2 days ago

    This was made before he even had his single most impressive superbowl win. May we never forget 28-3.

  • bendedmiracle
    bendedmiracle   2 days ago

    He had tears in his eyes remembering being scared of not being drafted. When the patriots picked him up. He became so focussed, he turned into Darth Brady.

  • Daniel Lee-Hassett
    Daniel Lee-Hassett   2 days ago

    2:38 imagine being 0-8 and not started the future greatest qb ever

    BAOQIANG Li   2 days ago

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  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores   3 days ago

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