BFB 16 but two is stupid and no one likes him

  • Published on: 02 April 2020
  • once again, i do NOT hate two at all but i found this funny to make
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  • Runtime : 2:23


  • Oddjex
    Oddjex   1 years ago

    Wow! i can't believe this video got so popular in only 2 weeks, i just wanna thank you all for that and also because we just reached more than 100 subscribers!Edit: wow, this video just got 20.000 views in april 22nd as well, hmm...also if you're wondering about my next video: i'm still working on it, i've just been trying to keep my other channel active as well but i'll get to it so no worriesAlso also, if you're wondering about the music its:0:06 - Benny Hill Theme Remix0:58 - Price is right losing horn1:33 - Thanos beatboxing

  • ron samuel
    ron samuel   5 days ago

    i wish this was the actul thing that happend

  • Raquel Rainey
    Raquel Rainey   1 weeks ago

    0:06 when i dropped my keys and then did it again

  • Wilder Durán
    Wilder Durán   1 weeks ago

    1:02Bottle: [literally dies]Two (Who doesn’t give a FLUFF): MOOTop 10 Stupidest Characters in BFB

  • Ryan’s Play time
    Ryan’s Play time   1 weeks ago

    Actually, I always drink that kind of apple juice. So much perfect

  • Wither19
    Wither19   2 weeks ago

    1:01 Bottle:IT DOESN’T TICKLE!!

  • Driv 9
    Driv 9   2 weeks ago

    1:58Me revving my integra at 3am

  • Zachary Moore
    Zachary Moore   1 months ago

    Hi everyone are you tired of balling for a gun prize no wouldn’t you Balfour this

  • Ginamie Penafiel
    Ginamie Penafiel   1 months ago

    0:48 two your power is weakless because you can't even move that building

  • Beams4Dreams
    Beams4Dreams   1 months ago

    Two: “battling for a dumb prize”Captions: “BALLING FOR A GUN PRIZE”