• Published on: 01 May 2020
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPa1dvPObp8


    To go along with all of the things I do with ChaseFloydInc, I am also a Science Teacher, and that currently means that I (along with all of my students) are on a Mandatory Quarantine and Closure due to the Coronavirus.

    In order to keep a "Continuity of Education" I have been working almost non-stop on my video lessons for my students. Due to their length though I have been having trouble getting new ones released every day, so I have been doing a lot of thinking as to how to be able to release a daily Science Video to make sure my students get their daily DOSE of Science Learning!

    I then had this idea for a "mail-bag" esque segment in which I read and answer letters from my students containing questions they want ANSWERED about SCIENCE!

    This evolved into what is now known as "$ci FAX with Chef Floyardee"! However, I feel that my students need MORE than one Daily Science Video!

    After some thinking I have thus put together another video series that I call "Name That Species" in which each day I will find and film a unique species of Organism for my students to see!

    It will then be there JOB to research the SPECIES and figure out its SCIENTIFIC NAME! The first student to do this and post the full, SCIENTIFIC NAME for the Species in the Comments will win a PRIZE when we do eventually return to school! In other words...

    NOTE! The first student of mine to write the full SCIENTIFIC NAME of this Species will win a PRIZE (such as a BLUE MARK, Candy, or some Chef Floyardee MERCH) when we do eventually return to SCHOOL so get RESEARCH-IN'!

    I feel that this is going to help us a lot when it comes to learning about the Diversity of Living Things (something we would be learning about if we were still in school)!

    A Chef Floyardee Studios Production: A Division of ChaseFloydInc
  • Runtime : 27:39
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  • ChaseFloydInc
    ChaseFloydInc   1 years ago

    Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking some important questions about this, and I wanted to address some of them here!1. Are you still alive and if so have you been back? Yes and sorta, but not for very long and not since May. After this happened this video blew up pretty quickly, and I was contacted by several people about it. One person that contacted me (ironically after first seeing some of my video lessons and then finding this video on my page instead of the other way around!) happened to be my old neighbor who told me he had experiences of his own that were similar to this when he was my neighbor. I also have a bit more footage, some of it sent to me by him and some taken from when I went back (which was a semi-failed mission to put the SD cards back in the trail-cams), but I am withholding releasing the latest footage I have until I feel that the time is right! I still have a lot of questions myself and I need to fully investigate everything a bit more!2. Why is the trail-cam pictures of the "Floyd-Squatch" a picture and not a video? Well, if you go back and watch my older "Name That Species" videos you will see that I had two trail cameras set up. One is older, and only takes stills, and one is newer and takes video. The creature happened to get captured by the older one, thus producing a still photo! This trail-cam snaps photos with a 30 second delay as well unlike the other one which records videos starting with movement and ending with no movement. 3. Do you think that you were "zapped" by infra-sound or some other similar "Sasquatch Power"? I'm really not sure. My adrenaline was pumping, I was already out of breath from running all the way down there, and I had not slept well due to the noises during the night (Note that I ran down early in the morning once it was light enough outside). This is still up for debate in my mind, assuming Sasquatch even have this ability. 4. Did you see the "humanoid" figures in the trees spotted at various times from the 9min to 12min mark? I do not recall seeing these. I felt like vomiting during a large portion of this, and combined with the headache I had (and the inner conflict I was dealing with that was telling me to get out of there but also to stay and film more) my eyes began to not work properly (in other words, things began to look a bit blurry).5. Do you think you were being hoaxed? I think that this is possible (some things about my experience(s) make me think this, such as the footprints I found lacking mid-tarsal breaks, which is why in my earlier videos I may have seemed a bit "playful" with what was going on since part of me wondered if my visitor was a secret fan or something! Still, this video's experience kinda made me think that there was no way!), but I live in a rather secluded area and it would have taken quite an ambitious effort on the part of the hoaxer(s). They would have had to have been on my property several times since there were several signs of activity found during the weeks leading up to this. They would have also had to have been out there all night, in the cold, with a way to make the rather unique sounds I heard since the sounds began during the night (and not when I got there early in the morning). They would also have had to of been there years ago when my old neighbor I mentioned above lived there to hoax him as well. In other words, I either had a Sasquatch Experience or there is a complex, coordinated, traveling team of Sasquatch Hoaxers that occasionally passes through my property (and possibly all around the world!) OR (and this just occurred to me!) these things are so smart that both of these possibilities are true! The creatures themselves could be capable of playing these games with me, which would be truly remarkable!6. Did you ever figure out what animal the bone was from? No, but I still have it and I think it belongs to an Ungulate (Deer or Cow). I am not an expert on identifying bones, though I suppose it could be a Human Femur (as some of you have commented) but I really, really hope it isn't!7. Why did you smell the bone so many times despite it smelling really bad? Humans do crazy, irrational things when under extreme stress! If I had eaten anything prior to this it would have been a lot worse though!8. Do you have anything more powerful than a 12 Gauge? No, but maybe I should! I should also probably invest in a good drone, which is something else many of you have recommended that I do!9. Have you heard more sounds since this? Yes. Sometimes in my attic I will hear the occasional whoop or knock. Being higher up helps me hear them better, hence why I mainly hear them here, but I have heard a few while in my fields as well!10. Do I think Sasquatch/Bigfoot is real? Technically it is, without a doubt, since Gigantopithecus once roamed our world and this creature is essentially a quadrupedal (but possibly bipedal) Squatch-like species! The Hominoid Paranthropus also once existed, and this species is similar to depictions of Sasquatch as well! Sasquatch could also be representative of something far more complex that we do not understand, such as multi-verses overlapping and entities thus slipping into our world from another! My personal view as to what constitutes whether or not something is "real" is not entirely dependent on material existence though, which is my I lend some credence to that final statement! For example, my ideas and my imagination are real but immaterial. I can see them, feel them, and be impacted by them. So despite them not being something one can hold, they are definitely real! It is thus up to me to bring them to "life" by bringing them into a form that others in this material world can see and experience!I am a Science Teacher, and while this is a rather unscientific thing to stay I stand by it! Perhaps we need to broaden our minds as to what we accept and consider as being "real"! In other words, Sasquatch is currently definitely "real" in an "immaterial world" apart from ours since at the very least it exists in our collective minds! We just need to figure out if it also exists in our world in a material form!One last thing as well; THANK YOU so much for all the POSITIVE feedback this video has received!!! I really, really appreciate the support since it is not everyday one shares an experience like this and receives immensely positive discussion! I am not really what one would call a "Bigfoot Researcher", and ChaseFloydInc thus does not specialize in this. I will continue to share my experiences related to this though, so in the meantime please subscribe to ChaseFloydInc and check out all of my other, Non-Squatch related videos as well!!!

  • Roderick Thomas
    Roderick Thomas   1 years ago

    Hey you need to check inside that ok’d mobile home! I bet they go into it!

  • Eliza- Pow
    Eliza- Pow   1 years ago

    11:07-11:10, right over Chase's shoulder, on the tree/branch...moving to right, pretty clear activity.

  • No1fibersplicer
    No1fibersplicer   1 years ago

    If only all teachers were as exciting as you. And dedicated

  • codafett
    codafett   1 years ago

    I wonder if COVID has affected Bigfoot at all.

  • Scott Dickens
    Scott Dickens   1 years ago

    Something interesting about the bone is that the it's been broken and the bone marrow has been removed. Ancient humans used to do that, but we would cook the bones to make them easier to break. Mustering up the force doesn't seem to be an issue in this case though.

  • Joshua Roller
    Joshua Roller   1 years ago

    Ever think that they could be acting hostile because you’re in their territory? Assume they are perhaps a bit smarter and telepathic, why not just say hi and “I’m not a threat.” I never get why so many humans first response is to arm up and get aggressive.

  • Christina LynneMarie
    Christina LynneMarie   1 years ago

    Seriously.... a QUALIFIED Research team needs to check this out, and NOT the dudes from Animal Planet...................

  • Ted Mac
    Ted Mac   1 years ago

    Well if that’s me I’m getting my shotgun and I’m heading towards that sound. 00 buck followed by 3” slug.

  • Ven Pho
    Ven Pho   1 years ago

    That bone could be a gift from them bro...keep that on you while being in the woods will scared away other predator.

  • buffalo killa
    buffalo killa   1 years ago

    this thing is demonic and is deceiving you, its like the shadowman people are catching in the cameras, why do you think it smells so bad,demons smell like sulfur

  • hasherralph
    hasherralph   1 years ago

    After listening to a bunch of videos about cryptids, it is insane to think that a gun of any common caliber would stop one from messing with you, if encountered. At best, all a person would do is scare them off and, at worst, make them very mad. As well, if one is experiencing weird noises and activities in the woods that sound like we heard on this video, one should get back to your vehicle quickly.

  • Lee Ryan
    Lee Ryan   1 years ago

    Dude you are crazy! Sasquatch doesn't want you there hence the whoops and tree banging. They want nothing to do with us. These beings are extremely clever and intuitive, some say spiritual beings. As big as they are they can also stalk quietly. You could never outrun them. Never shoot at or near them. Respect their homestead. The exist 100% and have been sighted all over the world. Be careful out there

  • D Hamilton
    D Hamilton   1 years ago

    It's just my own belief that a Squatch can smell a gun. More so downwind. They have a heads up on the gun carrier.

  • Melissa Ponto
    Melissa Ponto   1 years ago

    That bone what you found is a deer femer but when bigfoot hunt deer they snap it in half when so when the deer run they can move

  • Brandon Hambright
    Brandon Hambright   1 years ago

    Man don't take the gun. Just talk to them and have apples and snickers. Show them peace and respect. You never know what they will do. They watch you all the time I'm sure. Just be cool and present yourself as harmless. Besides, that shotgun will just piss him off.

  • Marc Richard
    Marc Richard   1 years ago

    We need a follow up video my friend... you’re on to something for sure. (Lightheaded feeling )is right on they send out to keep you at a distance.

  • Alan Shaw
    Alan Shaw   1 years ago

    Great video! One thing, dudeDon’t go back there alone. Also 12ga Shotgun? I don’t think so. If you come upon a Sasquatch it could be 7’ to 9’ y’all and weigh 800# or more. 12ga is just gonna piss it off unless it’s a headshot at close range. I doubt that you’re ready emotionally for a personal encounter. No disrespect intended, but the first reaction to an encounter might be shitting your pants...and who would blame you? Also firepower needs to be revisited. Something along the line of a .375 H&H would be more appropriate. At minimum a .308 AR-10 where you can place multiple shots in quick succession in a kill-zone. Please think through the worst case scenarios before going back down there. Whatever it is it’s already seen you and you, as you are today, are nowhere near prepared for an encounter. Be smart. Good luck.

  • William Whorton
    William Whorton   1 years ago

    This is all evidence of Bigfoot like terrible smell whooping howling bones good stuff

  • Blessed Life
    Blessed Life   1 years ago

    Seems Bigfoot sightings have started to increase lately. The still shot your camera took is one of the best I’ve seen. You mentioned it’s face looks like a shrunken head but if you zoom in and look to the right of that shrunken head, you can make out a nose with a mustache and a beard. Also you can see the left temple over its eye area. Did your camera take only one still shot? If you go back I’d replace cam with video cam or maybe add a video cam. I believe these creatures are biblical and maybe part of the Nephilim race.

  • BEAM
    BEAM   1 years ago

    When I saw those eggshells on the ground iknew there was something very unusual going on 9:18 something slides down that tree about 50 yards from you kinda towards the middle of screen

  • Alex Baird
    Alex Baird   1 years ago

    Have they slapped the side of your trailer yet?

  • brian hall
    brian hall   1 years ago

    Just after the 14:min mark, your face gets flushed and very pale.

  • Joe Trueblood
    Joe Trueblood   1 years ago

    Great video pic clips and presentations on the bones👍

  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes   1 years ago

    Smells really really bad " continues to sniff rotting meat " now my head hurts well no shit......... but in other things that footage was down right awesome MY GOODNESS .

  • Chuck Riggs
    Chuck Riggs   1 years ago

    What state is this? And are you a scientist or science teacher or lol both?

  • Bearrilla92
    Bearrilla92   1 years ago

    Anyone else catch that movement at 9:17 ?

  • Terence Looking Elk
    Terence Looking Elk   1 years ago

    They were very close to you. You need to be quiet in the future. They are making alot.of communication

  • Robyn Hansen
    Robyn Hansen   1 years ago

    They are hitting you with infrsound they seem to be getting closer ,they are honing in on you

  • Chuck Elliot
    Chuck Elliot   1 years ago

    Before, many year ago ; many myths heard about these people from the prehistoric Era were heard, So and the trust of this is there is fear everywhere, with the exception of the people who live in towns where they have been see these people walking around and wearing with a lot of hear

  • sputnik 57
    sputnik 57   1 years ago

    They use that for hunting prey you know, the sickness.

  • kathy Corner
    kathy Corner   1 years ago

    12:03 mark there is one that is standing then ducks down

  • Richard Fox
    Richard Fox   1 years ago

    You really need to go back but think you should only take a weapon that you can hide if what ever it was see the rifle it might take it as a threat

  • Rich Hunt
    Rich Hunt   1 years ago

    I would of been a hole an elbows heading the opposite way..