UFOs over Memphis - Originally Aired July 30, 2015

  • Published on: 16 August 2021
  • In May 1977, a Memphis police officer and his partner were stunned to witness what they described as an enormous UFO hovering over power lines near Pine Hill Park in South Memphis. With three other police officers reporting the same mysterious object from separate vantage points, this sighting is one of the most well-documented of the decade. Now retired from the police force, Lamar Todd was a featured speaker at the area’s first World UFO Day Festival, organized July 2, 2015 by the Tennessee and Mississippi chapters of MUFON - Mutual UFO Network. In this hour-long documentary, you'll meet Lamar Todd, as well as MUFON field investigator Bridgett Sanders, area author James Renford Powell, and international UFOlogist Peter Robbins. We'll also talk to local experts in history, science, and pop culture for a broader look at the UFO phenomenon.
  • Runtime : 56:21


  • Ronnie Bishop
    Ronnie Bishop   1 days ago

    If you read in the Bible Ezekiel 10-10 you’ll read the wheel inside and wheel and they could go all for directions without turning and the rims of the wheels had rows of large eyes or lights lol. If you ever realize how small our planet is or our solar system inside our galaxy the Milky Way you’ll be foolish to think we’re there is in an infinite universe.

  • Ronnie Bishop
    Ronnie Bishop   1 days ago

    I always think that pyramid they have by the Mississippi in Memphis was attracting UFOs for some reason but I don’t know.

  • Ronnie Bishop
    Ronnie Bishop   1 days ago

    Well I saw something way up in the night sky on a bright summer night in 1965. It was late and I was outside at a friends house and us younger people were sleeping out in the yard. There were three objects extremely high, maybe 30 thousand feet or more. There was this smaller object that kept flying back and forth between two stationary objects, and it had a light flashing and I thought at first it was an airplane until it just went straight back from where it came, one object to the other.

  • Rinky Dink
    Rinky Dink   2 days ago

    Another hearsay video to capture the eyeballs of 400K viewers. Don't they get $1000 bucks from Google for that many hits?

  • J Andrew s Swer
    J Andrew s Swer   5 days ago

    Their planets is too far to be reached n cannot be found (unreachable) but the only way they can visits our planet is through dimensions like a black hole

  • Micky Mantle
    Micky Mantle   6 days ago

    Fact ! I seen a metallic craft hanging silently in the sky. This amazing object then took off straight up at such an incredible speed...I thought I was falling backwards. This is the gods honest truth. NOT of this planet ! I feel honored to have witnessed such a sight.

  • Hong Cee Quan
    Hong Cee Quan   6 days ago

    I watched a documentary about UFO'S and it blew my mind because they can go from orbs and turn into craft and take off into space at an amazing speed

  • Lee Moore
    Lee Moore   6 days ago

    They were looking for the King, why else be in Memphis.

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope   6 days ago

    Other Life Forms O.L.F.s, not space crafts, swimming/flying through the upper firmament of the Earth atmosphere/biosphere is what we see.

  • Joel Mosier
    Joel Mosier   1 weeks ago

    Mr. Robbins sought out to create a book about the Bentwaters UFO incident allowing him to (get paid) creating a never ending income into his later years. Just about Getting paid.

  • Keith McKinnon
    Keith McKinnon   1 weeks ago

    Cape Girardeau Missouri crash 1941 was actually the first that doesn't show up much or very little on Youtube.

  • ᗰIᑕᕼᗩEᒪ IᑎTEᒪᒪIGEᑎT ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᑕᖇᗩᖴTᔕ ᗩᑎOTᕼEᖇ YOᑌ

    Very great channel I will continue to encourage anyone who has observed or been abducted or inter-faced with any species seen or unseen to speak up! All (things) exist dimensions planets with PEOPLE who look just like us are living on planets. So its time to unplug the walking sheeple if they refuse to come online with the planet update leave the herd eating grass & taking their vaccines.

  • Tony Cento
    Tony Cento   1 weeks ago

    UFOS over Memphis????,,, they were looking to tour Elvis Graceland !!The Aliens impersonate Elvis on thier planet also !!

  • rblibit
    rblibit   1 weeks ago

    Once you've seen an extraterrestrial craft complete with occupants, you don't give a crap if anyone believes you or not. You KNOW what you saw, and you know it to be true. We are not alone. Someone asked where I saw an extraterrestrial craft complete with occupants and it was on an atoll in the central Pacific (Eniwetok). I was stationed there in the military for a year with 15 others plus a military contractor that employed about 40 people. It was a test site for the first H-bomb. Bikini was the 2nd H-bomb test site. I assume that is why the visitors were interested in the atoll to begin with (they didn't exactly tell us). You have to get out in the world - you won't see them visiting Miami or New York. I'll say it again... WE ARE NOT ALONE! We never have been. And as my friend put it, they probably want to know what the monkeys on Earth are up to! Besides, since they have the technology to travel between star systems, if they wanted us gone - we WOULD be gone. As I told others, they indicated (in so many words) that once we had discovered and were using "anti-gravity" propulsion, they would make "real" contact with us (I assume it is a sign of technological maturity to them). Until then, I guess we're technological "chimps" to them. In case you are interested, they were very human-like, larger larger heads (larger skulls - i.e. bigger brains I suspect).

  • Martin Newton
    Martin Newton   1 weeks ago

    It’s said that their are over 200 billion galaxies in the universe!! To say that no other life exist outside are solar system is ridiculous

  • Simon Evans
    Simon Evans   1 weeks ago

    WTF makes a "hot spot"? One broken weather balloon?

  • Robin Neil Glasco
    Robin Neil Glasco   1 weeks ago

    Around 1995 or 96 there was a light that apeared over Cheyanne Mountian military instalation in Colorado Springs. I saw it on my way to work in Springs. Very bright light that lit up the whole city of Colorado Springs and just stayed motionless over the Cheyanne Mountian site that tracks all the world wide air traffic and watches for missle launches. I tried to take pictures of it but none were ever developed. It was there from before dawn, it started around 5 am and stayed until around 10 or 11 am. A few days later the military put out a statement that it was a test of a comunications device. I have my doubts about the comunictions device story.

  • John Adams
    John Adams   2 weeks ago

    I had never paid very much attention to UFO sightings when I was younger. Just because people cannot identify something in the sky, especially at night, doesn't mean its a space craft not of this world. That said.......It was in the fall of 1972 sometime in late October, very clear night with either a full moon or almost full moon. A friend of mine and me took Interstate 80 East heading to the Mt. Pocono PA area. My friend was driving said he thought he saw this light in the east that was moving around kind of strange. We both saw it, although it was far away. My friend pointed out that the light didn’t seem to be on a straight course. I reminded to him that the highway doesn’t take a straight course and it was probably because WE weren’t moving on a straight course that the light seemed like it was moving erratically. Your eyes can play tricks on you. I didn’t think it was anything. We noticed that the radio had more and more static on it as we traveled. AM radio is kind of noisy anyway. We took the Mt Pocono exit, we went through Mt Pocono. And were heading North East on this country road. The static got louder and louder, and then we noticed the head lights and interior lights were getting dim on the car. Now my friend started worrying that we were going to get stuck on this back road and end up having to walk. The moon was very bright that night, and although there were high trees on the left side of the road. We could see the moonlight coming through the trees on our left. We both noticed that there was a VERY bright light coming through the trees (in addition to the moonlight) out of the west, By then, the radio had so much static on it, we turned it off. The head lights were so dim that we could hardly see the road. We slowed down. In a short distance we hit a clearing on the left side of the road and we saw what the bright light was. You guessed it; it was a flying saucer sitting in Park a few hundred feet off the ground. The moon was slightly to the left rear of the craft, so there was no mistaking what it was. It was less than a couple of hundred feet from us, and was maybe 300 or 400 hundred feet in the air, maybe more. I’d estimate that it was about 110 to 120 feet in diameter. Big. We stopped the car and got out to get a better look at it. We could see the bottom of the saucer, with windows inside. There were some lights on in the inside of the craft. The color of the craft was a medium gray color metal. The craft made absolutely no sound. After a short period of time it decided it was time to go. This thing flew away at an incredible speed; it was out of sight in seconds. It made no sound, did not change colors, or do anything other than fly faster than anything made by humans. It did NOT make a sound like aircraft breaking the sound barrier. It was silent, As soon as it was gone, the headlights came on bright, normal. We turned the Radio on, and it was clear as a bell. We were flabbergasted. We got back in the car and drove up to a mutual friend’s house that was having a party. There were people there already, and of course we told our friends what we had just seen. They all laughed at us. They asked what kind of drugs we were taking and if they could have some too. I called the Stroudsburg radio station and asked them if anyone else had reported seeing something strange in the Mt. Pocono area. The guy that answered the phone said they were being swamped by calls from people saying they saw a UFO in the Mt Pocono area. We turned on the radio station to monitor what was being said, and the DJ beamed in with numerous reports of the UFO sighting. We did that to show our friends that we weren’t seeing things. That was the only time I ever saw a UFO. One thing was clear; it was NOT of this earth.

  • Cam Smeltzer
    Cam Smeltzer   2 weeks ago

    I’m curious about the time aspect. People see these objects years apart and describe roughly the same thing. What if time for the ufo is merely minutes or seconds whereas for us it’s years

  • David Smith
    David Smith   2 weeks ago

    Very little substance just lots of people simply musing capped off with the guys hat towards the end!

  • Robert Ekis
    Robert Ekis   2 weeks ago

    I wonder if these UFO viewers have seen the Virgin Mary too? Maybe they've seen Elvis since his supposed death?

  • Prof ret G Y Land
    Prof ret G Y Land   2 weeks ago

    This is one of the very few documentaries about UFO's that is not full of "crack-pots" but intelligent and "normal" human beings. I liked this documentary and it is worthwhile and not a waste of time to watch it.

    JIMJAMSC   2 weeks ago

    I was a former pilot and pretty much well been to all 4 corners of the US and even "fly over" country. Every single town no matter how small has it's stories. All have a haunted house, a stretch of road a ghost frequents. Then there are the UFOs. From Cletus chasing off aliens from his moonshine, cattle mutilations.... However, you give Cletus a badge or some authority and suddenly every thing he says is fact. Its all fun and makes for good campfire chatter but just one thing missing. EVIDENCE.

  • mark jones
    mark jones   2 weeks ago

    What kind of people?There is no “kind”!Its just the people,who look up!Me included!Im a witness!Up close.

  • DwayneShaw1
    DwayneShaw1   2 weeks ago

    There's a Drake Equation and a Fermi paradox. The vastness of time and space that makes extraterrestrial life inevitable also provides plenty of room for our paths to never cross

  • DwayneShaw1
    DwayneShaw1   2 weeks ago

    I swear, last night I saw a UFO turn into an airplane - I think this is how they've been hiding from us

  • Funnin Games
    Funnin Games   2 weeks ago

    15:44 Despite what this guy claims, I personally have seen him on numerous occasions going about his business with a pyramid on his head, and as soon as he notices that I've seen him, he immediately removes said pyramid and hides it behind his back. I guess he thinks his gloves made of aluminum are invisible because if you ask him about his hat or gloves he will only reply, "What hat and gloves."

  • Al Lemon
    Al Lemon   2 weeks ago

    When you see them, they know and you can feel that they know.

  • Ronnie Pirtle Jr
    Ronnie Pirtle Jr   2 weeks ago

    Some of the United States armed forces are in possession of several highly classified technology you could call " UFOs". Apparently they do not share this information with the other armed branches. I watched UFO vehicular test being performed just about every Thursday night from 1976 - 1981. These lights in the sky were the fastest things I have ever seen move, even until today in 2021. They would perform Maneuvers that would kill a person in an instant. I would watch them play cat-and-mouse with each other in the Mojave Desert & move at neckbreak speeds, stop do loop-the-loops and shoot across 100 miles to the East and stop on a dime. These Maneuvers would go on anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes a night. How do I know it was our military you might ask?Answer #1. A couple of days after moving out there it 1976 there was a knock at the door. When I answered it. There were two military police officer standing there with a 3rd in an Army jeep parked out front. These officers had MP arm badges. They were wearing full military gear with hard hats and all .They wanted to speak with my parents. My mother came running in and ask them what they wanted?One of them said...." we had got word that you had just moved into this neighborhood. We want you to know that, whatever you see in the sky at night out here, do not talk to any of your friends about it because of National Security got it?!"Of course my mother said okay, yes I've got it!We had no idea what they were talking about until a few days later.Answer#2.This mosty happened 99% of the time on Thursday nights only. I don't know why?I cannot even imagine what they might have nowadays.The last time I was out there in 2011. I was out there for 6 months. I did not see those lights flying around like they used to.. I did see one light that was a golden. It was north of Hinkley California 10 miles. This light was moving south at about 45 mph. There was a car chase in it. The light was about to telephone poles up off the ground. The light went black/ invisible before reaching the small village of Hinckley. The vehicle turned around and went back. I don't know what happened to the golden spear? There is a different type of phenomenon it goes on out there nowadays. A strange light would shot out of the same area. That I used to watch the lights perform years ago. It would shoot up in the sky at a 45-degree angle north-northwest. It would be a short flash going out into outer space.Around 15 to 20 minutes later, there would be a flash in reverse, in the same area, coming from outer space, down to the ground. It would literally be a flash of Light. Like a laser beam Flash.I have no idea what that is?The United States US Naval test weapon base has some highly-advanced weapons! Apparently they do not share their tech which other branches of the military. Because everyone acts like they have no idea what these items are.My family and I had a close encounter with two hours and 10 minutes of missing time. This happened in Barstow, Ca. In 1977. My sister and I still do not know what happened? We have a pretty good guess. I wrote a YouTube channel about my story when the lockdown first happen in April 2020. If you would like to listen to my story about what happened to my family and I, back in 1977, it is down here...👇👇👇.

  • Evan Serrano
    Evan Serrano   3 weeks ago

    The truth is crazy but its slowly being let out so that we will all know what's really out there...!!!

  • ballsyrocker
    ballsyrocker   3 weeks ago

    This video makes it seem like this is the best close encounter ,just because 5 cops saw it. NOTE: Well, in 1977 and again in 1980 , I had 2 separate aerial phenomena encounters. First was with my dog, Kahlua ,and the second was with my friend ,Ed. Both experiences happened within 150 feet of me and my dog, or me and Ed. I made out reports of both encounters back in 1983 and sent them to Mufon of Indiana and J. Allen Hynek, at Northwestern University. You decide. The first occurance was on a late Summer/ early Fall evening in 1977. I took our dog, a Labrador retriever, named Kahlua out to relieve herself. We lived along the dunes at the Michigan City beach, Indiana at Lake Michigan. It was around 10:00 to 11:00 pm and we crossed the street where I let Kahlua off her leash to do her thing. Normally she was gone in a flash, but when she didn't I looked down and she was doing a "bird dog" stance with one front leg up, her tail straight out and the hair on the back of her neck stood up.( Even though it was dark out by then, we had one street light at that sand dune trail to the beach.) The entrance to the beach there is at the end of Georgia Ave. at Lake St., the corner we lived at . Anyway, I looked lakeward which is where Kahlua was looking and pointing and I saw a shimmer of faint light from behind the beach dune at trails end. Thinking it was a bonfire party on the beach going on by my neighbors/friends, I told Kahlua to run with me to join them. I was taken back when we reached the beach view and no one was there. The beach and lake was dark as tar and no one was out at that time. Puzzled as to what the light was from earlier, I looked west toward the lighthouse pier a mile away and was amazed to see 3 spheres ( orbs / globes) slowly coming our way just above the small waves lapping upon the sand. I and Kahlua both stood transfixed on the colored balls that never wavered as they glided our way. Soon as they came opposite us over the small waves. I could see they were emitting a yellowish inner light the was fluorescent in nature with small bolts of electricity that constantly traveled around each of the entire globes' outside surfaces. The bolts of static light were pinkish in color and easily seen against the pale yellow of the orbs lights. The three orbs ,all this time, flew in an unwavering echelon formation ,like the Blue Angels flight team when they perform. One orb was out front with each "wingman" behind and to the left and right. They were about 4 feet across and about the same distance apart from each other as they slowly passed by, no more than 150 feet in front of us . I could easily make out the small waves and sand that they illuminated below them. I estimate they were only 2 to 3 feet above the water and the waves were less that a foot that night. Fairly quiet. The spheres made no noise and kept their wave area course as they travelled east. Kahlua and I both watched them as they became a single point of light (due to distance) and disappeared as they made way around the jutting shoreline to the east. I called the Michigan City police at a phone booth nearby, right away, but the Sargent who answered laughed and said it was airplane lights and hung up before I could discount him. My second close encounter was in early Winter of `1980 when I stopped by my friend, Ed's, place after night shift work. We both smoked pot back then but were out and decided to go out on that cold night after a first snow had fallen, and search for what we Hoosiers called, "ditch weed". It was remnants of what was grown for hemp rope back in WW2. Farmers just let it grow year after year either because they didn't know what it was or just didn't care if it was picked. Anyway, Ed ,his friend ,Dave, and I set out east of LaPorte and he took me to a potato field that had been disc plowed in the earlier Fall which had a thin 1 inch crust of frozen first snow and ice on it. We took a couple flashlights and had Dave stay with the car while we went out in the field to a place Ed had found pot before. Remember, we are stone sober after work and it is very cold as were only wearing sweatshirts and jean jackets. Yes we were wide awake. It was very still and quiet with just a slight breeze moving some weeds on a small knoll or tiny hill. We had our flashlights on and searching the ground for plants for about 10 minutes and decided there was none to be found. Being cold, we decided to get back to the car with the flashlights off since a farmer's house was across the field. We ran beside each other until ,wham, we ran into something. I turned on my flashlight and right there in front of me & Ed were 2 small, young deer!! They had these big eyes and ears looking up at our faces. Then they both looked away from our faces and flashlights toward where we had run from. I looked back and was shocked to see a very, very bright white light bean shining down to were we had just searched the ground! The light beam was strange and it was so bright you couldn't see through it and it did not splay out at the ground like most light beams but was a straight sided beam like a column on an old mansion or the White House in D.C. It did not waver at all, so I knew it wasn't from a helicopter. We both looked up at the top of the beam and nothing was there! 70 or so feet to the top of the beam and that was it! Nothing there! I heard the small deer run off and that was when Ed and I turned off our flashlights and ran back to the car over the hard packed plow ruts. We asked Dave if he saw anything, but he had been snoozing a bit . Well, that is my two close encounters in life .I am now 72 and can remember it all like it was yesterday. The sightings made quite the impression on me then ,and now. I am really surprised I haven't been contacted to tell these experiences. Believe people!

  • Dan Paine
    Dan Paine   3 weeks ago

    so you get a reward for seeing a ufo??? i bet a lot of people see ufos for $7500 lol

  • Al ryan
    Al ryan   3 weeks ago

    I just viewed Billy smith on EFM ( YouTube) and he talked about seeing a ufo with elvis in the direction of Norris Road from Graceland, wow! what a coincidence , great video.

  • Travis Broadrick
    Travis Broadrick   3 weeks ago

    Watch the movie the village and you'll understand the plane they see is like the ufos we see. There is a world around us that we are lead to believe does not exist.

  • Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper   3 weeks ago

    Has anyone seen the multicolored , spinning lights that form a structure in the night skies? I can see this through my binoculars. Still, very hard to make out without a telescope. I've seen this in the swedish , Nederlands and Utah skies; Several times over the past year or two. The lights are quite an amazing show. It cannot be a drone nor the space station. I don't believe satellites have this type of lighting.