Beyond Higgs: The Wild Frontier of Particle Physics

  • Published on: 11 April 2020
  • On July 4, 2012 the champagne flowed. The elusive Higgs boson—the fundamental particle that gives mass to all other particles—had been found. After generations of work, the last puzzle piece was in place and the Standard Model of particle physics was complete. So, what’s next? What is the road map that will guide physicists to the next triumphs, from identifying dark matter to quantizing gravity, and perhaps providing insight into the deepest question of all—why is there something rather than nothing? What theories will light the way? What machines will we need to build to tether progress to reality? Join a renowned group of physicists to explore how we leapfrog forward from success.

    This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

    PARTICIPANTS: Nima Arkani-Hamed, Monica Dunford, Joe Lykken
    MODERATOR: Brian Greene
    Original Program Date: June 1st. 2019


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  • Runtime : 1:30:9
  • Higgs Higgs Boson LHC god particle Brian Greene Michael Dine Andrew Strominger Marcelo Gleiser String Theory particle physics dark matter Standard Model black holes superstring theory supersymmetry quantum gravity Einstein extra dimensions of space Bekenstein Calabi-Yau holographic worlds multiple universes supersymmetric quantum field theories mathematical physics Superstring theory best science talks New York City World Science Festival 2020


  • Marvin Mauldin
    Marvin Mauldin   20 hours ago

    Maybe the "unnecessary" particles had functions during the Big Bang, or to start or end inflation, or in black holes, or just to employ and irritate physicists.

  • Michael stone
    Michael stone   1 days ago

    The expansion of the universe could be that the Higgs particle reproduces at an exponential rate at the edge.

  • herzkine
    herzkine   1 days ago

    Always good to hear he sees a beast to fight now, thats great. Really feared Sheldon Cooper would retire with as much real progress in a fruitless physics field like discussing some Marvel stuff over and over again with no conclusion ever :-D

  • Jordan Richards
    Jordan Richards   2 days ago

    Just wanted to share that I just farted so hard it hurt 😁

  • Pablo Porfirio
    Pablo Porfirio   2 days ago

    Spacetime is the Molasses? Higgs field is Spacetime?

  • Br Ca
    Br Ca   1 weeks ago

    Brain Green is a smart person, but he and other particle physicists need to take responsibility. For ten years governments in Europe shoveled out money for the LHC. Particle physicists went around spouting how mathematically beautiful Suzzy and string theory are. Without Suzzy particle physicists cannot access string theory. These physicists need to know that before governments bail them out physicist have to give theories that are testable. Because that money is usually paid with higher taxes or government debt. Many times that debt is passed onto the next generations. Government debt should focus on its citizens first before big headed physicists. These physicists make a future particle accelerator like an entitlement. My understanding is the current LHC produces so much data most of it is thrown away. The LHC uses theory as a point of reference for computers to look. The financial derivative meltdown caused even Allan Greenspan to admit markets can behave in a different manner. This failure doesn't mean things like the Black and Scholes model was wrong. Maybe it is worth going back to the drawing board and start over. However, don't just pass the buck onto the next generation without some due diligence.

  • fecal fetus
    fecal fetus   1 weeks ago

    What if these particles are colliding and entire universes are being created and dying in a matter of seconds but harboring billions of years of life. what if our entire universe is a simple particle collision that is seemingly only seconds worth of time to a macro scale observer

  • David Randell
    David Randell   1 weeks ago

    The Atomic Expansion Equation is important. D=1/2at^2. Galilean relative motion is a part of it. Really simple. Newton , LeSage, Einstein etc way over complicated it. Back or on to physical answers not math and endless theoretical voodoo.

  • 5ginuk
    5ginuk   1 weeks ago

    july 4th 2012 was so white

  • Mobs A
    Mobs A   1 weeks ago

    In order to interact with the Higgs particle, some physicists believe that a particle needs to have the capacity to carry and transiently share a weak hyper charge (W+ boson) with the Higgs field. All fermions and some bosons can do this and therefore develop mass. Photons cannot do this and therefore are massless.

  • Angel Pandey
    Angel Pandey   1 weeks ago

    i beg world of science to edit the bullshit part when Nima Arkani-Hamed tries to outsmart prof. Greene

  • robert w
    robert w   2 weeks ago

    I think it’s much simpler than it appears, and I don’t believe a huge machine is the answer, it’s going to take insight from a genius. And that’s something that can’t be manufactured, we are going to have to wait for that person to come along. Brute forcing data through thousands of scientists all chasing what was taught to them will possibly take hundreds or thousands of years from past experience… there was a bit of time between Newton and Einstein. Taking something that’s extremely complicated and boiling it down to something much simpler seems easy in hindsight, but the mathematics are so hopelessly obscure compared to what Einstein was up against…

  • Anthony Ochocki
    Anthony Ochocki   2 weeks ago

    3 ramblers who need their Meds---and a moderator-Host that has forgotten to bring-out more Beer for this Toke Party of Egg Head Pots....LoL...

  • Tamer Aydogdu
    Tamer Aydogdu   2 weeks ago

    Greene used to annoy me, and now I can't get enough of him!

    OG JOHNSON   3 weeks ago

    Hes trying so hard to over look the fact that God made everything out of water.

    OG JOHNSON   3 weeks ago

    That man in all Black have so much demons inside him. JESUS CHRIST IS ALPHA AND OMEGA. CALM DOWN SATAN 🤣😭😩

  • Katie Leporte
    Katie Leporte   4 weeks ago

    As a layperson who got a degree in Graphic Design, I am I awe and only peripherally grasping the underlying physics these incredibly smart people grapple with daily. As the outside person looking in, and also as someone who has no real religious affiliation…. Is it just me, or is it almost as if God (or whatever you want to call the power behind all of this if there is one) is trying to stay just one trick ahead of us? Is the analogy of the hand holding up the pencil in the room 58:16 just God’s way of messing with us? Saying 👋 I’m here… Just wondering.

  • Anna Healey
    Anna Healey   1 months ago

    But what if a massless particule does have three spins but you can only see the third when you can go fast enough to observe it but we can't?

  • Freddy Atton
    Freddy Atton   1 months ago

    That was an exciting conversation. I literally had (and still have), tears streaming down my face. At 57 years old, I'm just now starting to study physics / cosmology. It won't replace music (I'm currently studying piano), but when I can't sleep, I now watch these science shows instead of smoking weed.

  • MdSteel7
    MdSteel7   1 months ago

    Great conversation. Thank you from Italy :)

  • Sylwester
    Sylwester   1 months ago

    What happen if particles are not smaller but are bigger , or have faster speed or spin that we can see

  • quantum
    quantum   1 months ago

    Every time I find something new and wonderful.

  • Casey Ray Waite
    Casey Ray Waite   1 months ago

    But everything we have ever tested, has been with in the sun's black hole, so if weightless doesn't exists but in our milkyway. What's physics? And the sun is on fire from what resistances?

    SCENIC MUSIC VIDEOS   1 months ago

    Maybe they need to look more into the consciousness that is thinking about all this. Consciousness is a fundamental force as without consciousness there is nothing to think about

  • Henry Seldon
    Henry Seldon   1 months ago

    8 minutes in and you lost me. I didn't select this video to get a history of particle physics. I already know it's history, but here it is again. Is it worth sitting through another put me to sleep review of science history just to get to the good stuff or just move on? Sorry, I'm moving on.

  • WardeN
    WardeN   1 months ago

    The Nima Show... lol

  • Robert England
    Robert England   1 months ago

    The incredible, intricate complexities of our universe, and the force that holds it all together, when things tend to fly apart, makes one want to believe in a higher power.

  • Sayed Elghairb
    Sayed Elghairb   1 months ago

    Quran (51:48) In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.(And of all things We created two mates [i.e., counterparts]; perhaps you will remember.) (So flee to Allah. Indeed, I am to you from Him a clear warner.) (And do not make [as equal] with Allah another deity. Indeed, I am to you from Him a clear warner.)Allah Almighty is Truthful

  • namas seevan
    namas seevan   1 months ago

    Can Higgs bosson be compared to a Mistry like the big bang

  • My 2 Cents
    My 2 Cents   1 months ago

    While we look for the God particles , dont dare mention God. That is why the most brilliant people cant find shit. There is a symbol in mathematics for infinity but space and time had to have a beginning , the big bang. I have a question ... where did the space that the bang happened in come from?? If your core beliefs is incorrect , everything that follows is shit. God created this place and the flesh that is in it looking. Start there and you may discover something other than the keys to hell.

  • Sean g 137 #NewPhysics
    Sean g 137 #NewPhysics   1 months ago

    What all particle physicists fail to understand is that particles are just constructs not separate particles and that we can only measure in one dimension of space and time in any discrete act of measurement. They are constructed of vortices moving through the spacetime fabric which is an actual physical transparent lattice (dark matter) and we can only measure the energy vortices that are moving in harmony with us. The energy is propagated in constant spherical waves out from every dark matter particle at the Planck acale and from every percieved "particle". So Noethers Theorem only holds because it is limited to measurement in one dimension of space and one of time. The double slit experiment reveals that energy is propagated out in waves in every direction, the real measurement problem is not that the wave collapses but that we can only measure in one dimension so when we narrow the focus of the measurement parameters when detecting for which way we get twin band marks from single wave crests on the back screen not twin bands from particles. The inequality which proves this is correct is that ALL the waves get through the slits when we detect for which way but only a FEW get through when we don't detect and we get the interference pattern on the back screen. This is because the parameters of the focus on time have been narrowed from all waves that are detectable between the back screen and the particle gun (hence why some wave crests are hitting the front screen which is also within this range) to all waves that are detected passing through the slits. This inequality is impossible and incompatible with the SMOPP and one dimensional time. They must be waves and time must be multidimensional at the quantum level. The 1st section in the Theory of Everything that solves, explains and Unifies Everything in physics explains the inequality and how it shows the SMOPP is the wrong interpretation, it should be the standard model of wave, vortex and manifold physics. (The fact this acronym spells SMOWVAMP which is much more melodic and funky than SMOPP should be evidence enough in itself that God the creator of the Universe is funky beyond belief 🙃😉 and therefore must be true, however luckily the maths and peer reviewed evidence is also there to sway anyone who doubts 😝).Doubleslitsolution dot weebly dot com/springtimetheory dot html All the energy that is not detected escapes in all directions at every moment. To understand why it is not detected imagine releasing a billion rats from a pit in the middle of a playing field and trying to shoot one from above in a helicopter, (I'm fruitarian, the scenario is purely fictional, no rats are harmed in the writing of this comment) getting locked onto one as they run away in all directions is difficult enough, when focusing on one the rest become a blur, in our consciousness they barely even register. Or in 3 dimensions imagine trying to film a single spark fly out as a firework explodes, the focus would have to be extremely precise and all other sparks would be a blur surrounding the spark that we focus on. Many core concepts are summarised in short videos on my youtube channel. Just click the icon, I think the one on Bells Theorem perhaps covers the basic mistake of why Einstein and everyone else made the mistake of going for the particle model rather than the wave model.

  • Gary L Hamilton
    Gary L Hamilton   1 months ago

    This is filled with gems. Ec 36:48 her fingers transmitting.......

  • robert proffitt
    robert proffitt   2 months ago

    . I like the way Brian address him in the beginning .The qutum world is very strange indeed ..but wen it comes to various ways for information to travel & how those processes bring the Higgs to operating powers .Is all the answers to our universe owed to the qutum functions & processs of information?

  • Andrew Yanke
    Andrew Yanke   2 months ago

    Brian Green is like the honest, reasonable, inverse version of William Lane Craig. I'd bet you can test both them in a lab and prove super symmetry without a single tunnel boring machine.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson   2 months ago

    Ever thought that all these forces are nothing more that it is matter smaller than a plank.Or maybe like witch doctors, or ancient Roman Gods, we are mirrors of what occurs amongst the Gods in Heaven. Or maybe tools of the Spirit to do the will of God. Just a belief that reality exists. It's all mumbo jumbo to be;I've high priests and priestess of science.

  • Humblegrenade
    Humblegrenade   2 months ago

    It seems that it would be difficult to explain what reality is by studying how the illusion functions

  • Ecology
    Ecology   2 months ago

    What happens to a particles when smashed into another particle if there's quantum entanglementWhat happens to the entangled particle that's left alone. Also if particles are entangled and one of the particles meets antimatter what happens to the other particle that's entangled that doesn't need antimatter?