[BTS Universe Story] Official Trailer

  • Published on: 15 September 2020
  • First reveal for the full official BTS Universe Story trailer!
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    Immerse yourself in the story behind the universe,
    the BTS Universe Story that you'll help create!

  • Runtime : 10:19


  • Nikita Menon
    Nikita Menon   19 hours ago

    Somebody please tell me the context of what's happening between Namjoom and Seokjin at the beginning

    WWH_ARMY   2 days ago

    I just watched a 10 min movie

  • -axh twe-
    -axh twe-   2 days ago

    I am telling you that NamJin is real 😗😗

  • Shree Sircar
    Shree Sircar   4 days ago

    Seokjin's eyes speaks words that have soo much meaning that it can't be explained with words

  • Libi Mary
    Libi Mary   5 days ago

    Where can I watch this full video? Is the video out?

  • Salah Mohamed
    Salah Mohamed   6 days ago

    مين دخل علي الكمنتات علي اساس ان المكتوب عربي 😂😂

    BTS APMY   1 weeks ago

    Я плачуууу 😭

  • Winter Bear
    Winter Bear   1 weeks ago

    This video ans bts acting is a masterpiece but the game svcks

  • Andula
    Andula   1 weeks ago

    Am i the only one who see the whale in the cat's green eye

  • ꧁Kim Daniela꧂
    ꧁Kim Daniela꧂   1 weeks ago

    I'm going to cry, it says it doesn't support my device, because life is so unfair

  • iko kordy
    iko kordy   1 weeks ago


  • F-35 C
    F-35 C   1 weeks ago

    어멋 이건 꼭 사전등록 해야되!

  • احمد علي
    احمد علي   2 weeks ago

    Pardon, I want to explain his game, why did he open it?

    JUNG KOOK   2 weeks ago

    Wow 😍😍😍👏👏👏

  • Nay _Gacha
    Nay _Gacha   2 weeks ago

    Why suddenly i want to crying when i react this video?😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nilima Najnin
    Nilima Najnin   3 weeks ago

    My biggest horror : no subtitles available.😭😭

  • Danna Meléndez
    Danna Meléndez   3 weeks ago

    Bueno si acaso aquí está mi comentario en español 💜

  • Nilah Maharjan
    Nilah Maharjan   3 weeks ago

    For the first time i felt that Jin got the most screen time as he deserves and I'm crying ya'll 😭

  • Ivelin Stefano
    Ivelin Stefano   3 weeks ago

    This is so thought through! Incredible! Such interesting time mosaics that eventually reveal what the whole project and story is about. BTS have once again surprised us with such meaningful content just like all the other concepts they have shown us through their music and their music videos. They are an inspiration to the whole world. I hope to inspire people just like they do someday.:)

  • Karthika CM
    Karthika CM   3 weeks ago

    Jin's eyes speaks everything... Waiting for the movie.. Love from India...

  • Cloudyjoonie
    Cloudyjoonie   3 weeks ago

    After i read the book, this all finally make damn senseOh and Seokjin, kinda feel bad for him lol

  • simplee65
    simplee65   4 weeks ago

    Jin I MUST AGREE with you, U R WORLDWIDE HANDSOME my friend. WELL DONE !!!