Binging with Babish: Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad

  • Published on: 15 September 2020
  • This week, we're faced with a very particular challenge, the likes of which I never thought I'd have to face: batter-fried chicken. It sounds innocuous enough, but a cursory glimpse at any given recipe eschews batter in favor of a sturdier, more reliable flour-and-egg dredge. Thanks to our new kitchen producer (Kendall Beach), we concocted a formula for batter that wouldn't bulk up, wouldn't brown too quickly, and wouldn't crack in the unforgiving oil. The results are annoyingly difficult but undeniably fantastic fried chicken, made in (what I imagine is) the Pollos Hermanos style!


    Music: “unna” / "XXV" by Broke for Free

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  • Runtime : 6:59
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  • Babish Culinary Universe

    I never even saw them, but I always wanted to try the hot dogs from the spot where all the biker gangs and meth dealers would hang out

  • oingo boingo bruzzax
    oingo boingo bruzzax   4 hours ago

    When you're watching binging with babish and the ads are babish and everything is babish and you are babish and babish is your dog and am i glad he's in there and that we're out here and that he's the babish and that we're frozen out here and that we're in there and just remembered we're out here, what i want to know is where's the Andrew?

  • Common Tater
    Common Tater   10 hours ago

    C'mon Babish, esplain how this recipe comes from Pollos Hermanos?

  • Randr _
    Randr _   13 hours ago

    FACE REVEAL sorry this is my first vid of babish XD so yea i just saw a face reveal dint bully plez XD

  • ARCcommand
    ARCcommand   15 hours ago

    As someone who works at Arby's I can confirm: Arby's is fast food mother.

  • mje155
    mje155   16 hours ago

    How the fuck did you get this recipe

  • B Money
    B Money   16 hours ago

    Da shicken brathurs

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith   21 hours ago

    will it blend? that is the question

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito   22 hours ago

    Speaking of hot dogs, perhaps it’s been requested elsewhere, I’m not sure, but since I’m here I thought I’d throw my suggestion into the box- can you please teach us how to make Japadogs? Or have you already, and that’s just an episode that I’ve missed? I’ve always wanted to try one but not only is travel up to British Columbia just massively inconvenient right now (hello and thank you for all the hours of absolutely delicious looking recipes and entertainment from MN/the Twin Cities, btw!), I am also not even close to financially stable enough to just jump on a flight every time I want to try a new weird and delicious looking hot dog. I am resourceful in the kitchen however...

  • Emanuel B.
    Emanuel B.   23 hours ago

    those pieces are too pale, maybe 2 or 3 minutes more

  • Brandon Salam
    Brandon Salam   1 days ago

    stop putting alcohol in everything i don't think a family restaurant uses alcohol in their batter....

  • V. K. Levigne
    V. K. Levigne   1 days ago

    Trying this recipe in the air fryer before work this morning, first time using an air fryer or vodka in my chicken, hope it turns out good!

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX   1 days ago

    The oil level in the pans makes me cringe. I'd use double the oil and triple the size of the pan. Less heat loss when chicken is added and way safer.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu   1 days ago

    low to mid heat for 5 minutes and grind them. You will get some "Merkén", which is a traditional chilean spice blend!

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson   1 days ago

    I made this following the recipe a few days ago.I fucked up the fries but that was some serious chicken.Thanks Heisenberg

  • Daylate W
    Daylate W   1 days ago

    Man I cannot get this to work. Outside is cooking way too fast. Looks like corn dog breading lol. Can anyone offer assistance with the struggle?

  • Zack F
    Zack F   1 days ago

    This is the only one i might be able to attempt

  • PKFC
    PKFC   1 days ago

    0:55 I really appreciated that reference

  • Dylan deluxo
    Dylan deluxo   1 days ago

    that chicken in the thumbnail is super real love your vids

  • CGBeefy
    CGBeefy   1 days ago

    that was a better call saul ad tho

  • Readf30
    Readf30   1 days ago

    I need more babish adds. That was the first add I’ve watched in years.😂👍🏻

  • seerpou
    seerpou   1 days ago

    still not over gus' death

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill   1 days ago

    the will it blend reference brought back amazing memories

  • Vitaly Charvchenskiys

    Babish you did it again you made me hungry your worst then munchies from weed

  • belsey gell
    belsey gell   2 days ago

    Something about that Los Pollos Hermanos commercial from the show is REALLY unsettling to me. Like...the smiles of the employees give me a “Stepford Wives” feeling and I don’t really know why. Someone who’s watched the show: Is that commercial SUPPOSED to come off as unsettling or am I just seeing things? (I’ve never watched the show. I know I probably should.)Also, I would LOVE to see what you could make from those potato mushroom. Or what prank resulted from them.

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling   2 days ago

    I have a recipe for those "potato mushrooms" left behind by the Kitchen Aid apple peeler attachment. I received it as a gift. I left it in the box for four years in a closet. I would never need a machine to peel fruit or vegetables. I never cook for more than 8... But, I did once need to peel about 20 pounds of potatoes, so I pulled out the device last Christmas and went for it. I was surprised to learn it even had a spiralizing feature. Those mushroom potato butter were a cute and funny surprise to find. So, of course, I played with them. In the end, they make a really fine roast potato in the shape of fungi for two servings. Every 20 lbs of potatoes... two slight servings. Cute as a button!

  • K
    K   2 days ago

    0:55 that's a vintage reference right there

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin   2 days ago

    "Spiralizer" sounds like a horrifying torture tool.

  • Probably a box
    Probably a box   2 days ago

    I don't think batter frying chicken is too unusualI do know that Korean fried chicken is also batter fried

  • zack wilson
    zack wilson   2 days ago

    ya ya.. “regular” chickens from eraserhead

  • 5523452342
    5523452342   2 days ago

    This is what a Babish episode should be. No faff. No whinging bint. Just good fried chicken. Get on with it. If I could unsubscribe twice, I would.

  • Jared Watson
    Jared Watson   2 days ago

    4:53 obviously he has never gotten a brick of curly fries at a local county fair