Raiders vs. Packers Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on: 20 October 2019
  • The Oakland Raiders take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Runtime : 13:8
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  • Max Reagan
    Max Reagan   1 months ago

    When A-Rod has motivation he balls out. He didn't like being mocked by Maxx Crosby and he showed him why he should never be mocked. He will ball out this year to show that he is the starter and Love won't be for a while.

  • Opposite George
    Opposite George   1 months ago

    So the Raiders really ran in 4 times in the red zone?

  • LuisTapia
    LuisTapia   2 months ago

    It's not that the Packers receivers were good, it is that the Raider's DBs sucked lol

  • Cellz
    Cellz   2 months ago

    Max crosby steals aarons celebration and then after that they proceed to get blown out

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones   3 months ago

    raiders need a new QB. Derek Carr is just not good at all

  • Deldrine Mattox
    Deldrine Mattox   5 months ago

    Aaron Rodgers and Matt Year 2 is Finna be something special and Dangerous

  • da kine
    da kine   5 months ago

    Derek carr obviously didnt learn from that game against the cowboys smh. Raiders should start Marcus

  • shwn
    shwn   5 months ago

    Our offense if it could play the full game...

  • AlphaDoggy
    AlphaDoggy   6 months ago

    Aaron Rodgers be like:Ima get a perfect passer rating, because why tf not. (ps. I went to that game)

  • Hayden Musser
    Hayden Musser   8 months ago

    Las Vegas Raiders my hometown let’s go we gonna be explosive this season I gotta good feeling.

  • Spartan Racer
    Spartan Racer   8 months ago

    packers in the conference finals...where are your raiders now, oakland & vegas bandwagon fans?

  • The Hateocracy
    The Hateocracy   8 months ago

    Also Aaron Rodgers is a beast at reading flags. He always throws away when he sees pass interference. He got 100% accuracy with those calls.

  • The Hateocracy
    The Hateocracy   8 months ago

    2:08-2:12 My boy #33 saved Rodgers from getting rocked. Good looking out!

  • Sky
    Sky   9 months ago

    Shouldn’t have mocked the belt.

  • acid pants
    acid pants   9 months ago

    packers suck this year and would have lost to the lions without the refs help. i don't feel like watching football anymore since one of the weakest teams in nfc will get a bye. San fran and new orleans and seattle deserve it more. even the rams are better or at least didn't have their qb in the fetal position for half the game against 49ers.

  • Major Mincey
    Major Mincey   9 months ago

    this is a qb. Do you see this Prescott?

  • Zimm Can
    Zimm Can   9 months ago


  • DC* games
    DC* games   9 months ago

    5:43 why Derek Carr is the GOAT👍

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez   9 months ago

    The way they spinned the raiders RB to deny the TD lmfao

  • Uce Lefoi
    Uce Lefoi   10 months ago

    4 bad plays by the Raiders gave 4 td to the cheesers

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez   10 months ago

    Green Bay packers are going to roll over San Francisco on Sunday night football

  • Yeezy-Zeezun
    Yeezy-Zeezun   10 months ago

    2 scores Grudens Dumb Ass missed. Carrs Fumble and Jacobs run to TD Packers stoppage

  • h. lloyd
    h. lloyd   10 months ago

    Not impressed with these announcers, one mumbles all the time, the other shouts half phrases of … not much of anything. Blech.

  • Zechariah Cameron
    Zechariah Cameron   10 months ago

    Didn’t realize this game was such a blowout, but the Raiders have improved this season.

  • Richard Billy
    Richard Billy   11 months ago

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  • Adisai Soria
    Adisai Soria   11 months ago

    Won by dumb luck that's all. Just Win 💪 Baby, RAIDER NATION POR VIDA!!

  • Peter Searls
    Peter Searls   11 months ago

    It is very clear in my mind that McCarthy needed to go. The Pac is back in full force. Now everybody stay healthy and we WILL see the playoffs. I would just love to see the Pac dismantle New England in the Super Bowl. It could happen?!?!? Any given Sunday!!!!!!!!!

  • Wanton110
    Wanton110   11 months ago

    Uuugh Raiders are just like Tottenham.. continually show they have the talent to win but just don't convert it

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas   11 months ago

    That red zone stop at 11:25 Was insane that why I love football!!! Side note Raiders D where are u ? Jimmie Graham been a great player in this league so no disrespect but when. Was the Last time anyone's said what a play by Jimmie Graham lol fr

  • TX
    TX   11 months ago

    Trevor davis has already did more for the raiders this season then he did 4 seasons with green bay