• Published on: 02 January 2019
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    On today's episode, Eric and Tom take on Alisyn and Kelli in the Twin
    Telepathy Challenge! Watch to see who wins!

    Reactors Featured:

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    We Try The TWIN TELEPATHY Challenge With REAL TWINS
  • Runtime : 9:55
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    REACT   1 years ago

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  • Rosie Dez
    Rosie Dez   1 days ago

    this is so cool and they got the same things that real twin telepathy!!

  • Beth Pretty
    Beth Pretty   3 days ago

    Picking the middle cup every single timeeee

  • Adhish 1
    Adhish 1   2 weeks ago

    WTH they picked the same middle cup every single time

  • 杨冬梅
    杨冬梅   3 weeks ago

    my ears hurt from the bleeps

  • Ava's tube!
    Ava's tube!   3 weeks ago

    Allsyin and Kelly 1000000000000000% cheated.

  • Necrita Knot
    Necrita Knot   4 weeks ago

    Everybody says 3 jaja I am glad that I'm not the only one

  • Bolt Clan
    Bolt Clan   1 months ago

    All they did was pick middle cup every time exposed

  • James A
    James A   2 months ago

    They always choosing the middle but twin telepathy is so, so attention grabbing.

  • P P
    P P   2 months ago

    i know why they always tokk the same thing because they always took the one in the middle

  • Oliver Bruce
    Oliver Bruce   2 months ago

    Hmmmm, they always chose the middle one.

  • TheJanaRina
    TheJanaRina   3 months ago

    Why the hell did they make Tom and Eric drink this until they threw up and kept filming?? Disgusting and it's not really entertaining

  • Madilyn Huddleston
    Madilyn Huddleston   3 months ago

    99% of the comments: "you should have mixed the cups up"1%: Something about Tom and EricMe: .-.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy   3 months ago

    It's funny how tom and eric called them out on the twins strategy on the 3rd time. That was way too obvious. Games are no fun when u cheat.

  • Jiro Babol
    Jiro Babol   3 months ago

    Why does tom and eric's shake look tastier 😂

  • Stefani Delgado
    Stefani Delgado   3 months ago

    Bro why would they cheat lol it’s just a game. They just picked the best out of all three options.

  • Taylor R
    Taylor R   3 months ago

    Wanna cheat, just keep picking the middle item

  • Gisell Aguilar
    Gisell Aguilar   3 months ago

    This is not fair, the twins cheated by always picking the middle.

  • Em
    Em   3 months ago

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets Alex Gaskarth vibes from Tom

  • Imran moraga
    Imran moraga   3 months ago

    Should do like a battlefield thing. The ones you put your side then u guess where they put it.

  • Helleuw123
    Helleuw123   4 months ago

    no twin telepthaty, they jsut pick middle... this test proofs nothing.

  • welp.
    welp.   4 months ago

    they legit had a plan during the game started. so telepathy only happened twice (the "3" and when they chose to pick the middle cup whole game)

  • *Girl Gamer Only* Army
    *Girl Gamer Only* Army   4 months ago

    Can you switch up the cups like obviously they agreed to pick whatever is in the middle

  • idk idk
    idk idk   4 months ago

    I have think I have the same shirt as Eeic

  • Ashwin Glenson
    Ashwin Glenson   4 months ago

    FAIL. Do this shit again with the orders changed every single time.

  • Ty
    Ty   4 months ago

    “ThEy cHoSe ThE sAmE OnE eAcH TiMe.” Okay, but how would they know that the other one was gonna pick the same as before? Unless they talked about it but that would be obvious cuz Eric and Tom would hear them and we’d see them conversing with one another.

  • La La Li
    La La Li   1 years ago

    I see...the twins only picked the second one

  • Hoo
    Hoo   1 years ago

    Can You do Twin Telepathy With Youtubers like bijuu mike and dantdm vs The Merrel Twins

  • Elif Yavuz
    Elif Yavuz   1 years ago

    I read “ squeeze cheese” as “ cheese whiz”