• Published on: 30 July 2020
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    BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED and We Go Over and Confront Bryce Hall About It, We Go To The Studio to Record a Banger, Then Back To The Sway House Where We Turn The Boy's into Frat Boys! Make Sure To Like and Comment Down Below, Subscribe so we can hit 1 Million Subscribers before August 14th which is Bryce's Birthday, I Also Lost My Allowance from Dixie, being serious though I Love Every Single One!!!


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  • Runtime : 10:49
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  • hales cutterrr
    hales cutterrr   20 minuts ago

    So we all forgot about Griff's song hell of a life

  • hales cutterrr
    hales cutterrr   24 minuts ago

    When Griff leaks his number👀👀👀👁️👄👁️

  • Pez
    Pez   1 hours ago

    Griffin why you cheat on Dixie I mean you are a person and you make your own decisions but I mean that kinda unkind

  • Lucy Goldberg
    Lucy Goldberg   1 hours ago

    rlly? cuz i thought they broke up and that u cheated on dixie. hmm

  • MoonxBerry
    MoonxBerry   2 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting nearly 4 1/2 months for braddison to be confirmed.But who is counting?

  • dxliqhted
    dxliqhted   3 hours ago

    coming back here today after "braddison" is no longer confirmed. and bryce was hitting on a minor so.. yeah. but all the fans keep it completely silent so..

  • Gracie Schaar
    Gracie Schaar   3 hours ago

    Ok so I'm saying this here because I can't on tiktok but is it even confirmed that he cheated Because as far as I know he is a celebrity and people just try to get attention so they start rumors and I've seen on his tiktoks the position there the tiktok that exposed him and they could just have there friend send snaps to her just to get attention but I'm sorry if it confirmed that it's true but I won't hate on Griffin

  • Aashita Sinha
    Aashita Sinha   3 hours ago

    Ok but hey does Blake sound like Chris Hemsworth? Or is that juts me?

  • Leila Wilson Byrne
    Leila Wilson Byrne   4 hours ago

    why would any one sub to griffen he cheated on dixie he is a b*** and should just be cancelled

  • Fiona Cai
    Fiona Cai   4 hours ago

    who else isnt mad at griffin for chaeting because everyone makes mistakes

  • Lana Trajkovic
    Lana Trajkovic   4 hours ago

    He cheated on dixie and he is making fun of her song…thats stupid bro get help

  • Jacob Wildman
    Jacob Wildman   4 hours ago


  • Sasha Racheal
    Sasha Racheal   4 hours ago

    CHEATER I HOPE THAT B** you cheated on Dixie was worth it why don’t u date that b** anyway since she apperantly better than Dixie

  • E zuk S
    E zuk S   5 hours ago

    Thats what Dixie deserves ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°). (got cheated XD)

  • Ane Obeya
    Ane Obeya   5 hours ago

    stupid bitch cheated on pixie stick. wtf she was one of the only ones i liked

  • Oppo A51w
    Oppo A51w   5 hours ago

    griffin it's not late make a move on dixie and marry dixie to have kids

  • Harley Kay
    Harley Kay   6 hours ago

    how did I not know lance was your videographer

  • zeenab aliyu
    zeenab aliyu   7 hours ago

    My birthday is like three days after bryce❣

  • skaterlily
    skaterlily   7 hours ago

    It’s the ✨ c h e a t i n g ✨ for me 🙈

  • Rahma Hasebela
    Rahma Hasebela   7 hours ago

    why are you worrying about someone elses relashionship when you have urs to fix

  • snmwmw snkskw
    snmwmw snkskw   7 hours ago

    Jesus christ the amount of fuckboi in one thumbnail.