stop the reddit drama LWIAY #0094

  • Published on: 07 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 22:56
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  • Oussama 130
    Oussama 130   18 hours ago

    I watched this video at least 11 times

  • Joe Craven
    Joe Craven   4 days ago

    Is it me or does the Intro sounds like something he stole from Tobuscus. Still fire

  • Kelly Boys
    Kelly Boys   5 days ago

    I wonder how small of a pp you need to frick a water molecule

  • MrBigBros
    MrBigBros   1 weeks ago

    I wonder how many of Pews subs are dead

  • Rob D
    Rob D   1 weeks ago

    So can pillagers frick?? Cliffhanger bro the comments let me down

  • John Dale
    John Dale   2 weeks ago

    Go watch the new uploads you nerd

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter   2 weeks ago

    My moms birthday is on the same day as pewdipies lol.

  • Amr Zaki
    Amr Zaki   2 weeks ago

    Bruh rhe pupg ad was on the bridge lol

  • Carnage the rat
    Carnage the rat   3 weeks ago

    i watched this with my friends and when i liked the video when he said "smash if you'd fuck water" and now im dubbed the water fucker thanks man

  • Ryu
    Ryu   3 weeks ago

    I got a pewdiepie Gfuel ad

  • Nab Sharma
    Nab Sharma   3 weeks ago

    5:22 "I bet you can't make a hoe"Wait, what did you mean felix?

  • Zac Gabriel Vallejo
    Zac Gabriel Vallejo   3 weeks ago

    I have stubbed my toe in the edge of the door and it bled. The things i do for love

  • Brayden Shaw
    Brayden Shaw   4 weeks ago

    Minecraft veteran? In the old versions you could put thorns on a sword.

  • mimo _
    mimo _   4 weeks ago

    is that a friggin wader malacal?

  • luvielle
    luvielle   1 months ago

    6:00 did he just call the soviet union china-

  • Ridz
    Ridz   1 months ago

    “I bet you can’t make a hoe” Alinity’s mom: no

  • Alanah Allen-croswell
    Alanah Allen-croswell   1 months ago

    I love how whenever he would talk about Marzia he would look over and giggle like a little kid when she looked back, that’s love

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa   1 months ago

    Orange house button is the upvote

  • Cypress king
    Cypress king   1 months ago

    They say to this day feli- I mean pew die pie still doesn’t understand enderman meme

  • TouchMe
    TouchMe   1 months ago

    13:40 question mark??

  • Beo Deo^^
    Beo Deo^^   1 months ago

    Funny how Pewd's used a lavalier mic clipped onto the boom mic of his custom made headset xDWhat was the boom mic not good enough for youtube xD

  • Supirius17
    Supirius17   1 months ago

    How smoll does your pp have to be to frick a water molecule

  • UwU •
    UwU •   1 months ago

    105 million subscribers. Hardly even 10 million views on his videos. :( where did everybody go?

  • stephen banker
    stephen banker   1 months ago

    pewds were is song better than bich lasana ???? :/ hmmmmm???

    EAZ-ZEE   1 months ago

    "He's doo tangerous to be left alive"

  • Tristan Palma
    Tristan Palma   1 months ago

    Pewds: i'd frick a water molecule small PP confirmed?

  • your mom
    your mom   1 months ago

    16:47 displaying the dolphin Pewdiepie: auohh the penguin fLip fLop