Alien Life: Will We Know It When We See It?

  • Published on: 17 July 2014
  • What are scientists looking for when searching for alien life? A lot, it turns out: the search for extraterrestrials requires the help from astronomers, planetary scientists, chemists, computer scientists, and geneticists, just to name a few. But are we barking up the wrong carbon-based tree? Could alien life develop in ways we haven't dreamed of here on Earth? Hear Paul Davies, Sara Seager, Jack Szostak, and other experts give updates on the search for life outside our planet in "Alien Life: Will We Know It When We See It?" part of the Big Ideas series at the 2014 World Science Festival.

    This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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    Original Program Date: May 31, 2014
    Host: John Hockenberry
    Participants: Jack W. Szostak, Paul Davies, Sara Seager, Dimitar Sasselov

    Carl Sagan and the future of finding alien life. 00:00

    John Hockenberry's Introduction. 2:23

    Participant Introductions. 5:45

    How close are we to finding aliens? 6:48

    How can you detect exoplanets that far away? 10:03

    Kepler 186 system. 14:49

    What are the tools you use to find Exoplanets? 18:00

    Detecting beer drinkers at a football game. 24:18

    What are we looking for on the microbial level? 30:05

    What starts life on any planet? 36:04

    Who will we call when aliens land on earth? 41:28

    Processing in analog and digital with a two denominational cellular optometer. 49:30

    The "awakening" of extraterrestrial life from the Vatican. 54:00

    How we may have cheated to form life from other planets? 56:50

    If we look for life where water is located are we ignoring life everywhere else? 1:04:54

    Can you elaborate on the possibility life on ancient mars? 1:08:39

    What are the new tools coming online today? 1:11:20

    What is the direct imaging technique? 1:14:50

    Testing the pedals on a space telescope. 1:21:00

    The conditions on earth that we need for life elsewhere. 1:24:32

    Communication basics from extremophiles. 1:28:05
  • Runtime : 1:33:30
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  • Jim Wednt
    Jim Wednt   5 hours ago

    Damn, this is pretty good !!

  • Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.
    Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.   1 days ago

    I don't see a purpose to search for intelligent life beyond our solar system when we will never get there. If the tech existed to day and we set off for the nearest star which has a supposed planet. Generations of individuals would have already been there and caused the same issues we have here for centuries before the first team got half way.And why would an intelligent life form with the tech to get here, even want to bother with us antiquaited mindset and controll issues. Humans have issues with if we can't control it, it should be destroyed. View any movie, read any book on the subject of aliens coming here and the first thing we do is deploy the military to the site.

  • Celebrate Crypto
    Celebrate Crypto   1 days ago

    God made life, these people have zero evidence for anything and they are all playing and debating make believe that people have sat and dreamed up over the last hundred years. It’s all fiction folks .

  • Nick Walsh
    Nick Walsh   1 days ago

    I married one and it took a spell to figure it out.

  • Sir Meliodas
    Sir Meliodas   1 days ago

    I don't get it. Why are we spending millions on an unreachable task? Nearest star; 500 light years away. This planet is broken... let's just find another. No, it doesn't work that way.

  • White Cloud
    White Cloud   1 days ago

    It's no longer a question, we are not alone

  • James Rowell
    James Rowell   2 days ago

    Visiting aliens, UFO, UAPs have been documented for 50 years.

  • Frankie T.
    Frankie T.   2 days ago

    Can we just ask our Government? They seem to have lots of evidence 🤔

  • Noel Nield
    Noel Nield   2 days ago

    Wow w we wwwwvw wwbwwwwwwwwbvwvwvwvwvwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvwvwvwwwwwwwwwvwvwwwwbbbbbbbwvqvqqqq we

  • Joaquin Inouye
    Joaquin Inouye   2 days ago

    That is the most boring first 20 minutes of a most exciting topic. The New York analogy is the worst. Do we really look forward to a universe filled with muggers, narcissists, racists, exploiters of humanity, sociopaths, con artists. At least there's the hope it also has a good pastrami sandwich.

  • GetUr InkUp
    GetUr InkUp   3 days ago

    Im sorry but this host is always interrupting the female panelist who guest appear on these shows and its so clear to see that he has some sort of complex about his physical disability and this is his way of counteracting the complex he has about not being able to actually please a women sexually. It's sad. I seen one where it was about I believe time and there was a Russian scientist lady and he just KEPT interrupting her with non sense semi flirtatious comments and it was so awkward lmao 😅😅😅 They need to get rid of this guy seriously he is a creep ...

  • Marshall Wembley
    Marshall Wembley   3 days ago

    We'll call you as the alien arrived and said, ,''ko hai na'a ne fai'i 'emau hoosi.''

  • Kaying Thao
    Kaying Thao   3 days ago

    I Wish the host understood that we are not here to listen to him. The panels are the stars! Let them shine please.

  • The Rain Maker
    The Rain Maker   3 days ago

    Wait till everybody finds out the earth is flat! And that the solar system was invented as a spoof! It was not discovered, it was planned trickery!🤥To discredit the fact that God created everything! Well God created everything and the👺 devil is in control of this system today! Don’t worry, God wins! I read the book🤫

  • Sappeur
    Sappeur   4 days ago

    Plana terrae societas....

  • Do0ran frump
    Do0ran frump   4 days ago

    "Trusted us and befriended us"? and tried to kill us?

  • Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell   4 days ago

    It’s frustrating that the Creature takes a few things puts them together and decides that he is better than his Creator. The problem for the Creature is the Creator will look back at him and say not to bad…. Now go and get your own stuff and let’s see how you do.

  • David Dickey
    David Dickey   4 days ago

    Just read the Bible and ignore this type of make believe.

  • Emily Mathews
    Emily Mathews   5 days ago

    This is stupid uppity arrogance folks that couldn't identify intelligence life here is going to tell us what life should look like somewhere else!! Life could be on the sun & they wouldn't even know what to look for?? never mind intelligence one" or the mist intelligence creature could be a one cell parasitic creature hiding in plain sight which make germs could be the most intelligence creature.. This business about planets or space as if that would even make a difference shows how much we just don't even begin to know where life is never mind what is intelligence" oxygen may be not the thing they breath it could be something totally different on the scales.... 👽 👍

    SHEEEEESSSSH   5 days ago

    “We know where they are” is a bold statement when talking about aliens like what’s an address for a alien then mate ? 👀

  • Knyght Ryder
    Knyght Ryder   5 days ago

    There are sooooo many easy explanations for many of these debates ! Let's cut 2 the chase!!

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright   5 days ago

    I thought Sera was actually a robot when she first walked out🤣 I’m high

  • Truth Advocate
    Truth Advocate   5 days ago

    The first 7 minutes bored me to death and their comments were delusional I am out of here.

  • B Good
    B Good   6 days ago


  • John Paul Mc Donnell

    I'm sorry the host made this unwatchable. Spent too much time trying to be funny and failing miserably.

  • Jeffrey Cole
    Jeffrey Cole   1 weeks ago

    I have discovered the conditions, the events, and the process at the molecular level for how and why complex life emerged on Earth from single celled bacteria. In the process of verifying my discoveries with empirical data, I have discovered a few additional factors for how and why life emerged on Earth. I just need to verify the final 5% so I can publish in science and medical journals. I need to do some field research to verify the final 5%. There doesn't seem to be funds available for this research. I have fully funded my research until now.

  • Soteriology101
    Soteriology101   1 weeks ago

    What if ALIEN LIFE were truly ALIEN? What if they did not need the material stuff we need on a planet to be called intelligent life? What if the environment of outer space itself was to it like the ocean is to a fish? What if they were so truly alien that they did not need material real estate? Could such intelligent life exist who's normal operating & replicating environment was the either of space itself? Has this question ever been discussed? Can there then exist a life form that lives & moves & has its being in the either of interplanetary, interstellar or intergalactic space itself? Organized energy, fluid gaseous or spirit being or something else TRULY ALIEN? Dark matter or dark energy beings?

  • Richard Jensen
    Richard Jensen   1 weeks ago

    Just bring out the aliens I. E. Skinny Bob, Valiant Thor, and others. ... ☆☆☆ debate over ☆☆☆ move on to other topics