Alien Life: Will We Know It When We See It?

  • Published on: 17 July 2014
  • What are scientists looking for when searching for alien life? A lot, it turns out: the search for extraterrestrials requires the help from astronomers, planetary scientists, chemists, computer scientists, and geneticists, just to name a few. But are we barking up the wrong carbon-based tree? Could alien life develop in ways we haven't dreamed of here on Earth? Hear Paul Davies, Sara Seager, Jack Szostak, and other experts give updates on the search for life outside our planet in "Alien Life: Will We Know It When We See It?" part of the Big Ideas series at the 2014 World Science Festival.

    This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

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    Original Program Date: May 31, 2014
    Host: John Hockenberry
    Participants: Jack W. Szostak, Paul Davies, Sara Seager, Dimitar Sasselov

    Carl Sagan and the future of finding alien life. 00:00

    John Hockenberry's Introduction. 2:23

    Participant Introductions. 5:45

    How close are we to finding aliens? 6:48

    How can you detect exoplanets that far away? 10:03

    Kepler 186 system. 14:49

    What are the tools you use to find Exoplanets? 18:00

    Detecting beer drinkers at a football game. 24:18

    What are we looking for on the microbial level? 30:05

    What starts life on any planet? 36:04

    Who will we call when aliens land on earth? 41:28

    Processing in analog and digital with a two denominational cellular optometer. 49:30

    The "awakening" of extraterrestrial life from the Vatican. 54:00

    How we may have cheated to form life from other planets? 56:50

    If we look for life where water is located are we ignoring life everywhere else? 1:04:54

    Can you elaborate on the possibility life on ancient mars? 1:08:39

    What are the new tools coming online today? 1:11:20

    What is the direct imaging technique? 1:14:50

    Testing the pedals on a space telescope. 1:21:00

    The conditions on earth that we need for life elsewhere. 1:24:32

    Communication basics from extremophiles. 1:28:05
  • Runtime : 1:33:30
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  • Howard Haraway
    Howard Haraway   2 days ago

    My question is, let's say they detected microbial life on a planet 30 light years away .And 30 light years is the closest after searching for many years. Then what ? We can never go there to verify there is life so like like I said, then what ?All this money tax payers are partially footing the bill just so scientists can play. If there is NOTHING gained, and most citizens cannot benefit from, WHO CARES ! Again, if they discover Simple life,then what ? Nothing ! That's the end of story . I don't think a warp bubble , or creating a worm hole is in our future. A solar sail is very questionable. We will never ever be able to visit a planet light years away so once again, simple is detected, End of story. There is nothing we can do beyond that. To me,this is a HUGE waste of money.I'd rather spend money on things that benefit EVERYONE. Like working on diverting space rocks with Earths name on it

  • Lyndsie Annette
    Lyndsie Annette   2 days ago

    I bet they know who we are. And I bet they love us because they haven't destroyed us. 🥰🥰👽👽

  • Donald Davis II
    Donald Davis II   2 days ago

    Humans are aliens to humans. All we know how to is destroy one another, create clever lies to hide the truth and pretend nothing ever happened. Instead of worrying about another galaxy, why not fix the mess we made of this planet?

  • Mikey Bonilla
    Mikey Bonilla   2 days ago

    No you will not You will feel it although GOD did say to look up there will be your redemption how can you feel if he said look up The earth may lose its gravity to your feet the energy you call a homosexual.

    IVAN CARRASQUILLO   2 days ago


    IVAN CARRASQUILLO   2 days ago


  • Sparky Runner
    Sparky Runner   2 days ago

    They took over Hollywierd a long time ago. The evidence is only too clear with the kind of old people they sleep with.

  • MarkG
    MarkG   3 days ago

    Maybe not. Maybe we wont be able to see them at all.

  • DwayneShaw1
    DwayneShaw1   4 days ago

    It's very frustrating that no one will believe me but, I swear, a few weeks ago I saw a UFO turn into an airplane - I think this is how they've been hiding from us.

  • james sharen
    james sharen   4 days ago

    if man so called evolved in 65 million years after the Dinos died then why wouldn't intelligent life have developed during the 265 million years the Dinos were here? I say it did... the ufos we see today are not from other galaxies they are right here from good old earth.... I also believe they colonized Mars and the ancient planet Rahab, which is now the asteroid belt. It along with Mars was destroyed in a War amongst themselves. Both factions of the war are still here in the solar system. One is benevolent the other is not. A good guys bad guys thing. The good guys are preventing the bad guys from interfering with us and the bad guys have been playing hide and seek with the good guys, as aerial battles between UFO's have been observed by many people over the course of our history. Man has come to know these life forms as Angels(good guys) and Demons(bad guys). It is my belief that the bad guys are manipulating mankind in order to advance us and make us capable to help them as they know that a final showdown is coming and they need our help, so when the good guys show up we will think they are here to destroy us and we will attack them, at this point the bad guys will join in to try to over come them... The bible says 1/3 of the angels rebelled and 2/3 remained loyal to their leader The 1/3 are the demons. They are out numbered so need mans weapons' to help even the odds for them. ... if life developed in the universe it had to start some where and there had to be a first one, and place.... earth is that first time and some place that it happened.....

  • suckafish2k9
    suckafish2k9   4 days ago

    Is it me, or does the female panelist look eerily similar to Nairobi from MONEY HEIST!!👀🙌🏾😍

  • Dara abram Abram
    Dara abram Abram   5 days ago

    Why don't you be honest with people aliens are already here on Earth stop bullshitting everybody

  • Earthling Moe
    Earthling Moe   6 days ago

    My answer to the very first question would have been who knows I don't know where aliens are they could be here any minute they can be here next year they could be here next month who knows when they will embarked upon Earth for all I know there could already be here.

  • Nick Pavloff
    Nick Pavloff   1 weeks ago

    Where my movie prey. They look like grim reaper “Alein”’s

  • Farrah Asghar
    Farrah Asghar   1 weeks ago

    Will we know🤨 they're already amongst us. The world runs by Aliens. Humans can't think nuking humans can they 😳🤨

  • Charles Chastain
    Charles Chastain   1 weeks ago

    You can't even find life in a woman's belly, how you gone fine life in the universe, idiots......

  • Ron Burgandy
    Ron Burgandy   1 weeks ago

    None of us have a clue. But if alien life exists whatever form it is, would debunk religions especially the Abrahamic religions once and for all. Even finding microbial life or evidence would put an end to this Sky Daddy insanity.

  • Lukas Akadian
    Lukas Akadian   1 weeks ago

    Well, it visits us on a semi-frequent basis and you don't acknowledge it, so no.

  • Janek Mo
    Janek Mo   1 weeks ago

    Spacewalk. Have you ever sat somewhere and just thought? Your mind wanders to the people you meet the places you travelled to at some point maybe to a country you have never been to before? Then you zoom out from what youre used to. You see this blue floating ball of matter in front of you, fly through space and time, see how it's bent around, feel how you are part of this thing called earth, see the oceans, mountains, deserts, countries. You see night and day, rivers and tides flowing. You rediscover how everything is connected to everything, how you yourself and every piece of your being from birth to death, are connected to the soil your body emerged from. Stars collided with the force of a billion suns planets formed Gamma rays burned down entire civilizations way before a bone flute was crafted in a cave thousands of years ago A man was nailed to a wooden cross andeverything from the romans marching over Europe to the discovery of America to the great wars... It all led up to a man walking on the moon. What is to come in the future?What is out there beyond our reach?this is the gaze into black and far chaos. the vast unknown stares back at you. ridiculing you in cosmical loudness. The echoes of its laughter, formed out of millions of exploding suns giving birth to new life in eonds of time... it is silent to my deaf ears dark to my blind eyes. numb to my cold skin. I thought I knew something, but I know nothingIf you read this to the end thank you <3I wanted to capture this feeling so I wrote a song about itit's on my channel if you want to check it out :)Have a great day and never stop stargazing!

  • Gerald Stahlman
    Gerald Stahlman   1 weeks ago

    Sara? God she's cute! And dang smart too! Please sit at my table?

  • kyntycky kobra
    kyntycky kobra   1 weeks ago

    I believe in other life,black holes are gateways

  • Mr Dog
    Mr Dog   1 weeks ago

    The presenter is trying too hard to be humorous. He’s just not funny. Be so much better if he kept his mouth shut

  • Curt Coller
    Curt Coller   1 weeks ago

    I would offer my services as a translator, but you must help me first: What is the difference between an "astronomer" and and "astonomer" like Mr. Sasselov? (7:41)Please don't say "just one r". I need a Google account you need the missing r, I guess. Then you can pay me for translating correctly (about $ 40 each minute of video), first minute free.

  • David Brisbane
    David Brisbane   1 weeks ago

    Well, if you are a Republican the the aliens are the Democrats, so yes, they can be spotted.

  • Joyce Smith
    Joyce Smith   1 weeks ago

    Sounds like a few sell described pompous buffoons

  • Chase Aradoz
    Chase Aradoz   1 weeks ago

    Here me out, what if aliens are of man's creation and what they are really seeing is heavenly in origin, that or the watchers from the bible, they do seem to observe alot, good day to you and God bless food for thought is all

  • John Dymowski
    John Dymowski   1 weeks ago

    O Yea! In our oceans or the beaches from time to time you can find Alien species!! Yes from another world!!! They are commonly known as JELLYFISH!!! Da....

  • Gilberto Zuniga
    Gilberto Zuniga   1 weeks ago

    1:09:30 “we have contaminated Mars many times with sloppy sterilization procedures “

  • Courtney Kline
    Courtney Kline   1 weeks ago

    Uhmm, the fact that only Americans are allowed to be the Planetary Protection Officer in charge of not spreading diseases to other planets is comedically ironic considering we are the best country in the world at spreading diseases.

  • Sparky Runner
    Sparky Runner   1 weeks ago

    Has there been a well educated normal person who has been abducted and is not interested in getting their name in the newspapers???