TikTok on the clock but the memes never stop 🀠

  • Published on: 24 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 24:9
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  • Dr Oetker
    Dr Oetker   1 days ago

    Anyone who knows the song from 1:10?

  • Ariana Bowles
    Ariana Bowles   1 weeks ago

    5:45 Me:*sees random cup fall even though no one touched it* πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘ its real

  • And Do
    And Do   1 weeks ago


  • Tripp Eggart
    Tripp Eggart   2 weeks ago

    True fact you didn’t watch the whole video.

  • Polish_ Slav
    Polish_ Slav   2 weeks ago

    Anybody wanna PayPal me 1€ I wanna buy among us on steam xD

  • Rylie Leeth
    Rylie Leeth   3 weeks ago

    2:33 cashier: hi welcome to subway...whait your band get the * out your band Man: no im just here real quick grabes cucmber Cashier : never come here agin Man : makes pig noises

  • black swan
    black swan   3 weeks ago

    i have never laughed at a tiktok video.

  • xatr lmao
    xatr lmao   3 weeks ago

    New title β€œtiktok o the clock but most of them suck and make you wish tiktok got banned”

  • Lulu Sperow
    Lulu Sperow   4 weeks ago

    when my sister and I were little my sister cracked 3 glow sticks and she was covered in glowing goop. when my parents told her that she could die if she ate it she started freaking out. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 for some reason i'm looking back and i can't stop laughing! lmao 🀣

  • mercy main, btw
    mercy main, btw   1 months ago

    Do you realize how big of an issue a cart on an escalator would be? Especially when the cart is bigger then the fucking width of the escalator.

  • Jack Rutherford
    Jack Rutherford   1 months ago


  • Ryker Wilder
    Ryker Wilder   1 months ago

    I know it's just a joke but I don't understand how the escalator for carts thing is lazy. The only other options are an elevator (which aren't any harder to work with) or trying to shove a cart up the escalator. Not sure what the better option is.

  • Scotti
    Scotti   1 months ago

    The one at 15:53 is stuuppid. It says there’s only two genders when there’s more >:( there shouldn’t be transphobic or Homophobic ones on here ;-;

  • Vitalify
    Vitalify   1 months ago

    why was the one at 15:53 included when it's downright exclusionary

  • Sans PunMan
    Sans PunMan   1 months ago

    β€œIf u don’t reply u hate ur god”Why on earth would I hate myself

  • Taylor Burkett
    Taylor Burkett   1 months ago

    Um... 2:13 anyone else notice that lady like ZOOM

  • meeblie
    meeblie   2 months ago

    Okay but the shopping car thing was actually very smart

  • Leo Pine
    Leo Pine   2 months ago

    they knew what they were doing with the bakugo audio

  • Awesomeflipper Gamer
    Awesomeflipper Gamer   2 months ago

    I wouldn't count 22:20 at being lazy at all. How TF else r u going to get it up there? Take it in and elevator and take up all the room? What's lazy is the actual escalator they could just have stairs

  • NinjaPikachu9
    NinjaPikachu9   3 months ago

    Am I the only one who wonders what the song is for the clothing ad at 1:12??

  • Consume the Tea
    Consume the Tea   3 months ago

    Lmao. Love the fact we’re supporting transphobiaaaaa

  • xxCalico_Cookiez56xx
    xxCalico_Cookiez56xx   3 months ago

    2:00 Nobody:Not anyone:Me: oMg I hAvE tHe SaMe BoDy WaSh (it's the red bottle on the right)

  • Nic Perry
    Nic Perry   3 months ago

    Charli d’melio was literally dancing in front of a man in A FUCKING HOSPITAL

  • Gold Gaming
    Gold Gaming   3 months ago

    Guy parking when do I stop stops when there’s less then a inch of space left

  • Donny Alvarado
    Donny Alvarado   3 months ago

    Nobody:Me looking at the title:WOAH WOAH WAH OH

  • Lunareiko
    Lunareiko   3 months ago

    20:18 yeah but why do i have the exact same plate as her like what