String Theory

  • Published on: 02 July 2021
  • How can we reconcile gravity with quantum physics? Why are there different types of particles? How can we verify the existence of additional dimensions? All these answers in 16 minutes!

    0:00 - Introduction
    2:17 - Strings and vibrations
    4:03 - Dynamics and interactions
    7:14 - Superstrings
    10:09 - Compact dimensions
    13:50 - Conclusion

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  • Runtime : 16:1


  • ScienceClic English
    ScienceClic English   3 months ago

    Hope you like the video! For those who might worry, I will also try to make a video about loop quantum gravity as well as other approaches to quantum gravity ;) To tackle this complex subject I was aided by Thomas Harvey, who is doing a PhD on string phenomenology, and who helped me a lot throughout the whole process of creating this video. Thomas was recently interviewed in a video by Simon Clark about quantum field theory : I was also helped by Antoine Bourget, who is a researcher in theoretical physics, and who corrected some technical details in the script. For those who understand French you can check out his great YouTubechannel "Scientia Egregia" :

  • Jayden tweedie
    Jayden tweedie   3 hours ago

    I went from thinking I understood it to not at all to mostly understanding it by the end of this video lol. Fantastic job! Although I am a bit lost in regard to the assumption that string theory requires 9+ dimensions? Can anyone elaborate on that please? Great video! You’re my new favourite channel for physics!!

  • Ege Ayvala
    Ege Ayvala   3 hours ago

    If someday someone finds a way to travel in time or jump from universe to universe,please warn me in some way that buying a mazda mx5 is a terrible idea and i should never do it in my high school years...

  • Bryan Chu
    Bryan Chu   4 hours ago

    I feel like im learning deep lore for the universe

  • Hugo Force
    Hugo Force   12 hours ago

    The overt noise simultaneously blind because meal phylogentically trick for a well-made polish. late, steadfast year

  • Anindya Bhattacharya
    Anindya Bhattacharya   12 hours ago

    I have never seen such captivating graphics in a science video. Even my mom who is in her seventies was glued to the TV and had some kind of intuitive understanding. She refered to some Indian scriptures which mentioned the universe arising out of vibrations.

  • Bill Rodgers
    Bill Rodgers   12 hours ago

    Got all that. Right, Who,s gettin them in?

  • Helmut Rubio
    Helmut Rubio   13 hours ago

    Bravo!! fanstastic video that describes a complex theory

  • xarmanhs h
    xarmanhs h   20 hours ago

    best science channel out there, way better than pbs

  • Harvey Dent
    Harvey Dent   1 days ago

    Wait those strings are ones and zeros

  • 1978atcarroll
    1978atcarroll   1 days ago

    maybe the size of quantum particles are defined by the limit of the unobserved dimensions?

  • Ethan
    Ethan   1 days ago

    has any person or group of persons tried to speculatively imagine what a universe with differently interacting particles would look like? I've seen speculative alien biology, what if we took it further?

  • MrMunchkin21
    MrMunchkin21   1 days ago

    8:21Person1: So what is the issue?Person 2: Oh you know... Our answer is given in the 26th dimention.Person1: That is fi- wait what?Person2: mhmOnly a minor inconvenience :p

  • Shin Nightwood
    Shin Nightwood   1 days ago

    Quantum Mechanics: Only a Sith deals in absolutes

  • Umme Kulsum Cooking Studio

    Third problem is solved.There are seven expanding universes (Heavens, not be confused with paradise) since Big Bang.According to Supersymmetric String Theory, there are 10 dimensions. 7 Universes: Spatial: Time: Immeasurable: 1st Universe 3D 1D 6D 2nd Universe 4D 1D 5D 3rd Universe 5D 1D 4D 4th Universe 6D 1D 3D 5th Universe 7D 1D 2D 6th Universe 8D 1D 1D 7th Universe 9D 1D 0DAllah/God/Om/Yehweh/The One/The Alpha-Omega says: Seven universes: Quran 71:15 “Allah has created the seven heavens, one above another.”Expanding Universe: Quran 51:47 "The heavens, I have built them with power. And verily, I am expanding it."Big Bang: Quran 21:30 "The heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit, before I clove them asunder."Big Crunch: Quran 21:104 "The day when I roll up the sky like a scroll rolls up the writings. Just as I originated the first creation, so I shall bring it back again - a promise (undertaken to be binding) on me. I am sure to do it."

  • Long Castle
    Long Castle   1 days ago

    Would have watched but the music excessively annoying and distracting

  • glorified onion
    glorified onion   1 days ago

    One of the most inviting names but the most complicated theory i have ever heard

  • Mepo Krepo
    Mepo Krepo   1 days ago

    strings have a torus. not a circle, and that shape morphs into various shapes depending on the vibration. i have the unique ability to have seen it visually while peering into alternate dimensions.

  • Ben Carignan
    Ben Carignan   2 days ago

    Okay you have my attention. Gonna need that video on M theory now. lol

  • Cristiano
    Cristiano   2 days ago

    "Listen guys I have a theory but we need 42 dimensions"

  • Anna Hopewell
    Anna Hopewell   2 days ago

    10/24 Magnus, be in my life, or I'll be a hermit. Either way is cool, and I know you'lltell me so I can plan.You have given meboth answers,questions and hope.I love you, my friend.Life together could be sublime.Signed,Space Pirate.

  • Veo 16
    Veo 16   2 days ago

    What are the practical applications here?

  • Angel M
    Angel M   2 days ago

    Anybody else watching this at 2 am

  • Tokare327
    Tokare327   2 days ago

    I’m gunna guess that we have way more dimensions than we can or will see for a loooong time. It’d be awesome to be there to see when/if someone figures it out but sadly I highly doubt I’ll get to see it );

  • Scott scotty
    Scott scotty   3 days ago

    If time was created by humans, why is it included in these theories? Complete curiosity, please explain my friends

  • Stephen Stone
    Stephen Stone   3 days ago

    Hard to believe this video was free. No strings attached. Sorry.

  • LiMitZplus
    LiMitZplus   3 days ago

    Could the different dimensions be outside of space time but somehow permeating us with dark matter

  • Gamina Wulfsdottir
    Gamina Wulfsdottir   3 days ago

    I thought that the whole idea behind describing gravity as the curvature of spacetime is that it becomes no longer necessary (or advantageous) to think of gravity as a force that is expressed by a particle?

  • xxxYYZxxx
    xxxYYZxxx   3 days ago

    String theory is wholly analogous to Epicycle theory. The advocates of both theories amount to paid shills. Amazingly, just as with the last dark age, the shills are all DEAD WRONG. At least today's advocate-shills have their comments recorded for all history.

  • David davids
    David davids   3 days ago

    I know this might not be the most intelligent comment but would distance between an observed event and the observer be considered as a separate dimension?