Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure

  • Published on: 10 November 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?

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  • Runtime : 6:16
  • fusion fusion energy physics global energy fusion power iter fuel power hydrogen atom plasma


  • Saturn
    Saturn   45 minuts ago

    Commercial fusion energy is just an engineering problem

  • Jose Salonga
    Jose Salonga   1 hours ago

    Anyone else feels like that "Kurzgesagt" are people that traveled time to teach us anything that we need to know?

  • Xander Bucher
    Xander Bucher   9 hours ago

    We probably could eventually make our way to fusion energy by starting g out with thorium powered reactors.

    Aku FRONTAL GIMANG   12 hours ago

    "Dua tiga ikan di iris""Pulang nya operasi mata""Jika Free Fire MAX rilis" "PUBG Bisa apa"

  • Port Umna
    Port Umna   13 hours ago

    When the tokamak is being built in a few days by multiple countries

  • Thomas Chrombly
    Thomas Chrombly   18 hours ago

    Three years ago commercial fusion power generation was at least 25 years away. Today I'd say its at least 250 years away.

  • quinny7777
    quinny7777   1 days ago

    1:24-1:32 When you’re constipated and it finally comes out

  • Nitroblast
    Nitroblast   1 days ago

    batteries are terribly inefficient at storing energy, i don't see solar/wind getting becoming dominant until that is somehow overcome

  • gvi341984
    gvi341984   1 days ago

    Fusion the best way to scam billionaires out of money just to show them a big magnet

    HUDSON HUANG   2 days ago

    Wait if we take the waste products from nuclear fission and toss it into a fusion reactor then take the unusable elements and chuck it back into the fission reactor. Wouldn’t we have basically a self sustaining source of energy?

  • Productivity
    Productivity   2 days ago

    The power of the sun..........in the palm of hands.

  • rishabh toppo
    rishabh toppo   2 days ago

    I didn't expected Piccolo and Goku 😂Fuuuuu sssiooon haaa👉👈😂

  • DaBakonAder
    DaBakonAder   2 days ago

    Hi! I’m from 2020 and guess what? They are building reactors for real! ITS HAPPENING

  • Epsilon Z
    Epsilon Z   3 days ago

    1:22 literally the best your mom joke

  • Catman
    Catman   3 days ago

    What do you mean bye in a nutshell

  • Jeff Friedberg
    Jeff Friedberg   3 days ago

    Made as an entertaining and funny cartoon so Millennials can grasp the concepts without feeling harmed. I find i am unable to understand the dumbass fcking cartoons. Thumbs down, etc.

  • robert robinson
    robert robinson   3 days ago

    All you want is electricity. SEG Magnetics already proved you can collect electrons from the sounding fabric. Go check out SEG Magnetics.

  • Eugene V. Debs
    Eugene V. Debs   4 days ago

    10 billion? The government spends trillions on war!

  • 02ultraboy
    02ultraboy   5 days ago

    1:43 is a very well thought out plan, it would be very safe and easy!

  • zorohibiki
    zorohibiki   5 days ago

    "its not a bomb"usa has left the chat

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku   6 days ago

    Anyone see me and piccolo do fusion??

  • Fred House
    Fred House   6 days ago

    10 billion dollars for new type of energy worth every pence . More money is spend on sweets and chocolate . People still think 10 billion dollars is alot money😂. Its nothing 😂 We spend more money on ice cream a month . Its sounds like this tech would make millions of new jobs too and pass a moon base , space travel , cities at sea 🤔 i dont get why people think 10 billion dollars is alot if makes millions of jobs and helps new tech around the world 🤔

  • Tim Kielisek
    Tim Kielisek   1 weeks ago

    Such a plant must be absolutely terrorist proof and be deemed international demilitarized zones. Any state attacking one would be attacked by all.

  • Gh Samir
    Gh Samir   1 weeks ago

    Iron men tecnology 😂😂😂😂😂. Tony Stark 😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Mr. Rabbit
    Mr. Rabbit   1 weeks ago

    I’ma invent cold fusion and become a billionaire and I’m 13 when I go to college I’ma make The oil companies go

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares   1 weeks ago

    The fact it’s not a bomb that’s why there is no need to build it - Murica

  • Ashutosh Tiwari
    Ashutosh Tiwari   1 weeks ago

    But Tony Stark built this in a cave, with a box of scraps.

  • Pleb Plays
    Pleb Plays   1 weeks ago

    What happens when the H(1p2n)2ODecayWill tritium turn into He +1

  • yenaurapourtoulmonde
    yenaurapourtoulmonde   1 weeks ago

    Fusion material, if spread into the atmosphere would release neutrons (except hydrogen-boron fusion) and Alpha particles (which are prone to trigger cancer in the digestive and respiratory epithelia). Therefore Tokamak are dangerous machines as they work with plasmas that have instabilities, which cannot be controlled. If these reach the inner side of the Tokamak, it will melt... You can imagine what will happen!