Talking To Fans Undercover!!

  • Published on: 08 August 2017
  • We make fake fan accounts and talk to real fan accounts as undercover fake fan accounts when its really just us and the accounts are fake instead of real


    Last Week's Video -

    Ethan’s Stuff

    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan

    Grayson’s Things

    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan
  • Runtime : 12:14
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  • Kandeese Xx
    Kandeese Xx   2 weeks ago

    Dolan twins:we have the best fandom everKSI:my fans BULLY me

  • iinxdiaa
    iinxdiaa   1 months ago

    i need more nolan im in his lane like this to petition for more NOLAN

  • Isabelle Hofer
    Isabelle Hofer   1 months ago

    I’m a gray fan, but e is awesome to and I’d love to meet either one in person

  • A B
    A B   1 months ago

    Pause at 5:06, the 3rd one, the OGs will know 😎

  • Evie Hunter
    Evie Hunter   1 months ago

    10:53 Grayson - “ Can you come to my lane!” Me - “I’m already in your lane..”

  • Ava McMillin
    Ava McMillin   1 months ago

    Grayson is better periodt jk i love both but Ethan was getting all the hype and it kinda made me sad GRAYSON, your awesome and ngl your the better twin ;)

  • Rosethorn_Gacha
    Rosethorn_Gacha   1 months ago

    Greyson : "why is this fandom so nice".Boy, because you inspire us to be the best that we can be AND because there are nice duh

  • Lina Jordahl
    Lina Jordahl   1 months ago

    Dolan fans are the sweetest fan base out there❤️😌

  • Kk Queen
    Kk Queen   1 months ago

    I’m in graysons lane always

  • Joyce McDonald
    Joyce McDonald   2 months ago

    Tbh graysons my celeb crush TEAM GRAYSON ———)

  • Nia Kana
    Nia Kana   2 months ago

    Because of them I have a Snapchat group of Dolan twins fans ❤️

  • Miley
    Miley   2 months ago

    10:53 I’m already on your lane Grayson 😼

  • isaac fiedler
    isaac fiedler   2 months ago

    G: Imagine if we use that.E: That would be disgusting!uses it anyways

  • Asmita Nepal
    Asmita Nepal   2 months ago

    Umm hellooooo please give some respect to Grayson! I like gray more ( anyone agree )👇

  • Lillie Xo
    Lillie Xo   2 months ago

    To those special ppl who got to undercover speak to the Dolan twins are so lucky

  • Super Stars
    Super Stars   2 months ago

    When Ethan put ‘PLZZZZ’ I died of laughter 1:43 😂

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn   2 months ago

    over here in 2020 vibing

  • Marissa Purvis
    Marissa Purvis   2 months ago

    7:36 his little giggle🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭the screammmmm

  • imadude 7
    imadude 7   2 months ago

    I noticed you mustache 😋

  • Arianys Seda
    Arianys Seda   2 months ago

    Literally when I'm feeling down or I'm upset they make me laugh so much!!❤😂

  • Lil roses
    Lil roses   2 months ago

    As an editing accounting or fan account I know that message is just copyed and pasted and they just want clout, bc they would know you have no pictures don't fall for accounts like that

  • Milli Pearce
    Milli Pearce   3 months ago

    anyone else notice ethans little mustache at the start

  • Milli Pearce
    Milli Pearce   3 months ago

    ive made so many friends in your fandom, ive even met one of my bestfriends who i made in the fandom

  • Milli Pearce
    Milli Pearce   3 months ago

    i get those sweet dm's when i follow new ppl and it honestly makes my day

  • sop111 gaming
    sop111 gaming   3 months ago

    WERE BAAAAaaAaAaAaAAK lol 😭❤️ I burst out laughing 😂 lol

  • blxecloudsx
    blxecloudsx   3 months ago

    1:34“plzzzzz grayson”“please grayson what?”“i don’t even know.”“alright, i’m going to follow myself, and then i’m going to tweet... plzzzzzz”“please what?!” IM DEADDD

  • Lillian Alvarez
    Lillian Alvarez   3 months ago

    did anyone notice that ethan had a mustache at the beginning of the intro then shaved it off?? 0:05edit: just watched the whole vid i am one of those 2 people

  • Kaden Coman
    Kaden Coman   3 months ago

    i like grayson better at least he dont got a bicicle seat chin