NEW! Shocking Pentagon UFO revelations, Lue Elizondo & AATIP | The Basement Office

  • Published on: 23 June 2021
  • While everyone on Planet Earth anxiously awaits to see what the Pentagon says about aliens in their highly-anticipated UFO report this month, their previous official comments on the subject are quite confusing and contradictory.

    And documents obtained by the Post show that it led to a complaint filed with the Department of Defense (DOD) Inspector General accusing the Pentagon of hiding the truth from the American public.

    Since 2017, seemingly every media outlet has reported the bombshell news that the Pentagon had a secret UFO program for many years. This program was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

    Whistleblower Lue Elizondo claims he was the director of this shadowy program during his time at the DOD. But what the Pentagon has officially said about all this has never been widely reported. Buckle up. Because it’s quite the roller coaster.

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  • Carlos Campos
    Carlos Campos   7 months ago

    Excellent reporting, you continue to remain true to real journalism. Never change🙏🏻👍🏻

  • Shane cabilovski
    Shane cabilovski   6 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE this series, always so well put together and straight to the point! Steven and Nick do an amazing job in putting these series together!

  • Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper   1 weeks ago

    I hate to bring up this, I really do but PLEASE CUT THAT HAIR! It's ridiculous!

  • Jojo ward
    Jojo ward   1 weeks ago

    Oh my word what happened to you dude? You look really creepy now!

  • Hazel moore
    Hazel moore   1 weeks ago

    Who do I contact about a sighting of a figure that resembles a grey? Not only that me and my 2 kids lost time, we ended up lost and the next day in the news there was several sights of a UFO very close to where we had been. We didn't see any UFO but did see a figure staring at us when we stopped so I could get put and have a cigarette. Whatever it was moved at speeds towards us that I can't explain.

  • anonymous
    anonymous   1 weeks ago

    He said the Pentagon made statements the Pentagon is a building are you saying that this is a talking building

  • Kansai Japan Walker
    Kansai Japan Walker   1 weeks ago

    Where did The Basement Office go? I haven't seen anything new from them. Has it been canceled?

  • Erik S
    Erik S   2 weeks ago

    I'm behind Lou he's a hero..

  • King of Pennsylvania
    King of Pennsylvania   2 weeks ago

    Bro your hair truly ruins this for me sorry not trying to be a Karen but what was wrong with your slicked back hair? Now you look like a ufo wacko. Was spider man 3 the look you told your barber

  • Jestoni
    Jestoni   2 weeks ago

    When is the next episode? Already 6 months passed.

  • Virtual Moyda
    Virtual Moyda   2 weeks ago

    Ufo's or known secret tech will be used to usher in a 1 World global system/government. Global unification under the guise of a global threat which is in reality a false flag operation being orchestrated by the global central banking cabal.

  • Virtual Moyda
    Virtual Moyda   2 weeks ago

    Hmm one of the world's shadiest entities acting shady.....nahh makes no sense.

    NUFO NUFO   2 weeks ago

    Can we have some follow ups as this situation is progressing again. Maybe some one off special features.Thank you

  • ISPY4ever
    ISPY4ever   3 weeks ago

    And now Luis Elizondo speaks openly about what he can and not violate his NDA.His last few interviews made that very obvious, which clearly tells us two things:1. Luis Elizondo is honest2. Susan Gough and Christopher Sherwood lied about AATIPWe're getting closer and closer to the disclosure guys :)Support Luis Elizondo, this guy really want this to get to all of us. He said it will be a journey of course, but we have came quite far in the past three years.

  • John Michaelson
    John Michaelson   3 weeks ago

    Will the people at the Pentagon ever tire of embarrassing themselves?

  • ns fishing
    ns fishing   1 months ago

    ignorant demon children of ialdabaoth i am a abductee

  • G-Man
    G-Man   1 months ago

    Can we have some follow up please.

  • Harry Falkiewicz
    Harry Falkiewicz   1 months ago

    There are four choices here: Extraterrestrial, Interdimensional, Temporal, or a species that is intrinsic to our planet that has not yet been officially detected or officially acknowledged. Feel free to attempt to give me your "other" explanations, because I do not think there are any other possible explanations. Ask Lue and if you are lucky, he may tell you the same thing.

  • LangleyStrangley
    LangleyStrangley   1 months ago

    really missing this show, i keep rewatching episodes lol

  • full stack
    full stack   1 months ago

    That's pretty dumb for the five sided polygon.

  • FLEX316
    FLEX316   1 months ago

    No 1 can trust your FAKE NEWS you guys have lost all respect done!.media did it to your self's!.

  • Designed Audio
    Designed Audio   1 months ago

    I believe that we have recovered craft that utilizes Element 115 or some unnatural source, and is the reason the hadron collider was built. I think there is massive, hidden effort, disguised as science programs, to make this material because more is needed than what’s on those ships. Supply is extremely limited and flight time of these recovered craft is dwindling.

  • Gaynor Tension
    Gaynor Tension   1 months ago

    I’ve been interested in UFOs since I was very young but never saw anything my whole life until this past summer. What looked like a ‘boomerang’ type but only the right side was visible, flew directly over me at about 01:00am while I was on a beach in Spain. Very, very low, not a sound, flying from the land out over to the sea. The COVID curfew was in effect and I’d messed up my hotel bookings so had to spend a night on the beach. I was basically bumming around the Costa Blanca in hostels and hotels and shouldn’t really have been out at all. I’d just started some music on my iPad (Pink Floyd if you’re interested) and lay back on a beach lounger to see this thing fly right above me. Had I not lay back at that point I doubt i’d have seen it. Every instinct told me this was not natural to our planet and it really shook me up because the crafts shape and the angle it was flying at coupled with the total silence was so strange to see. I was up and off that beach in seconds!I was wondering if anyone else has seen partial crafts, that’s to say a section of something that’s already an established shape? Maybe it was uncloaking or about to cloak or maybe what I saw was the whole craft?I’ve not reported this sighting officially and have only told a few people about my experience….Any thoughts anyone?

  • Colin Hollett
    Colin Hollett   1 months ago

    Hey. Wondering when you’re going to be doing more of these. I love them. They’re great. Thanks for the great work. Cheers.

  • Oblivious Maximus
    Oblivious Maximus   1 months ago

    I picture them running around their offices like rats trying to find the correct lie for any given moment.

  • Mark Rich
    Mark Rich   2 months ago

    @New York Post . How do those statements contradict each other? Me and you have assignments at work . He worked there but didnt have a specific assignment he may have had all of them. Common you cant be that dense to not understand what they were saying . None of those statements contradict each other.

  • Bruce
    Bruce   2 months ago

    Hopefully something will abduct that haircut.

    JRL CHARTS   2 months ago

    1. Earth was home to what we would call a Type 2 Civilization in our ancient past.2. So much so that it managed to be a part of the Solar System's Type 2 Community. However a catastrophic event took place and bounced the civilizations of this planet back to the stone age.3. Ganymede, Titan, Callisto, Venus and Europa to name a few have extraterrestrial humans. Just with all of the anomalies spotted by great posters such as Mars Anomalies and Beyond..(Had to plug Chris) and Art Alien TV. They at least give you a clear analysis with real NASA low grade images.4. If the planets mentioned above aren't populated, then why aren't the citizens of Earth given RAW UNEDITED HD images of these planets and moons? Why are we only given computer generated images? Or heavily distorted images? Or videos with speed disruption that no one will sit and watch.5. If one takes the oceans of earth that separate landmass and substitute it for space and planets, you will see it is not that inconceivable. If Life were found to be of a different skeletal structure or appearance, that would be reported. But to admit that there are other humanoids that look just like us? Some much larger and some much smaller than us? Now that is a shock the entire planet would experience as we were all brainwashed to believe that we are the center of the universe since birth.6. Example: A: Historic NASA Tether Incident that displayed thousands of spacecraft near the tether. That is what we would call on Earth, TRAFFIC. Now traffic will only occur in a heavily occupied area so if we have that much traffic only 400 miles away from our little ROCK, doesn't it make since that their civilizations are close by? Do you think we would have that much traffic 24/7 only 400 miles from our planet from visitors from other solar systems?7. Example B: As with any intelligent civilization, they will monitor civilizations that they feel could be a threat either in the near future or present. Don't we do the exact same thing to nations of concern? Do we not do surveillance flights and satellite snooping on other nations?8. Rest assured that the permanent members of the UN Security Council are aware of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and if they felt that extraterrestrial humanoid civilizations were a threat, they wouldn't be constantly playing the old "East vs West" Military fear campaigns over and over again. 9 To sum up.. it will be a shock to this planet when they learn that humans are all around our solar system. While the Greys are well known, its the extraterrestrial humans that is the real shock threat that governments fear the most.10. But look at the positive aspect of disclosure could create. Once interstellar travel in our solar system is commercially available, trade can begin.. and trading on a planetary scale could only produce jobs for every single person on this planet. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!

  • d papa
    d papa   2 months ago

    Elizondo should step up to the plate here and provide his side of the story backed up with pay slips, and other HR stuff?

  • Junna Soringa
    Junna Soringa   2 months ago

    Means US government officials are all liars

  • blue_jm
    blue_jm   2 months ago

    Please do more of this series, this is the best.

  • Marc Matic
    Marc Matic   2 months ago

    They are here.I recorded many UFOs and even a grey alien!They are so advance, they don't need to threaten us....their presence is frightful enough.