• Published on: 24 October 2019
  • Revealing your Halloween Secrets and WOW they are scary...

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    FTC: no spo yo

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  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • DxnnyxCruz
    DxnnyxCruz   1 weeks ago

    For Halloween of 2020 I’m gonna dress up as a male stripperLol, just kidding

  • The Noisy Spectator
    The Noisy Spectator   1 months ago

    One more PSA; Don't have sex with people it you don't know who they are, let alone can't see.

  • Ligita Bliu
    Ligita Bliu   1 months ago

    My head after watching this:Problems, problems specifically you've got em, got em. But lif fr her voice is amazing

  • Mostly MacKenzie
    Mostly MacKenzie   1 months ago

    Sometimes her singing can be a lil annoying but in this video it was literally MAGIC TO MY EARS!!! I love her voice 💗✨

  • Tiah The Unicorn
    Tiah The Unicorn   1 months ago

    Bro, it’s been 9 months since Jojo and Trump hooked up...... where the baby pics at.

  • Kaisergun
    Kaisergun   2 months ago

    20 to 30 kids... yeah, that's believable...

  • Hewo hearts
    Hewo hearts   2 months ago

    So one day we’ll it was Halloween 🎃 and my brother saw a clown so he wanted to go very close to it and touch e clown but instead it chased him down the whole street he was only 5

  • Jade Isla
    Jade Isla   2 months ago

    Hii, I'm bored in quarintine, talk to me! Lmaoo

  • Ryo Asuka
    Ryo Asuka   2 months ago

    I’m kinda disturbed by all the things people do on my birthday... (my birthday is Halloween)

  • La’Niya Productions
    La’Niya Productions   2 months ago

    Every time Im about to comment about something something else crazy happens and I'm like 🙄 time to delete my 19900 character comment and write a new one

  • Lynx Lee
    Lynx Lee   2 months ago

    I'm just waiting till you make a song out of no where.

  • Skylar Stroner
    Skylar Stroner   3 months ago

    Ok but y was ur singing actually really good in the beginning

  • Hottie Jay
    Hottie Jay   3 months ago

    How tf do u hold 20-30 children in a house without no one knowing😂😂

  • Dancer - tøp
    Dancer - tøp   3 months ago

    7:25 how'd the dad not recognize his own daughter

  • Emily Burton
    Emily Burton   3 months ago

    @8:55 This legit sounds like an "Actually Happened" video.

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi   3 months ago

    has nothing to do with this but I play this game where I spread awareness about"🏳️‍🌈all lives matter🏳️‍🌈" and I got TONS of friends ;w;

  • Ash Cozza
    Ash Cozza   3 months ago

    It’s annoying how fake some of these are

  • Abcde Maree
    Abcde Maree   4 months ago

    God you sound amazing when you singgg!! I’m not even kidding ❤️❤️

  • Leigh Riverol
    Leigh Riverol   4 months ago

    How do you even collect that many small humans??

  • Emma Is my name
    Emma Is my name   4 months ago

    Hey Alyx, I love your fucking halloween costume! 👻

  • Gigi Macdonald
    Gigi Macdonald   4 months ago

    Once I dresses up as tango, I am so fucking proud

  • Stella Dostal
    Stella Dostal   5 months ago

    my heart was broken on Halloween so I can’t watch this :(

  • Lilli Pantier
    Lilli Pantier   5 months ago

    No one:Literally no one:Not a single soulAlyxs eyebrows:⬆️↙️➡️⬆️↘️➡️⬆️↙️↘️➡️↖️↙️

  • nikolas charlie
    nikolas charlie   5 months ago

    wait if they were wearing a bathing suit how did the toe get up there

  • Lauren Rowe
    Lauren Rowe   5 months ago

    Please dear god stop singing, I turn off ur videos everytime. It’s sooo irritating and so bad