Budget Gear Winter Storm - Overnight Adventure

  • Published on: 14 December 2018
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    It's Friday and I have another winter adventure to share with you all! It starts pleasant enough with a camp on the cliffs and ends with a snowy adventure through the backroads of the Pisgah National Forest!

    This Adventure features Budget Backpacking Gear,
    The Backcountry,
    and the Backroads and more!


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  • Runtime : 46:30
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview   3 years ago

    One snowy adventure posted, another to come! :D I hope you all enjoy this trip out.- Luke Also, have an awesome weekend!

  • Brian Puffenbarger
    Brian Puffenbarger   1 months ago

    I live in wv and most of the people around here can't drive on dry pavement

  • Patrick Dickey
    Patrick Dickey   1 months ago

    How about a "Walmart" budget gear adventure? Since a lot of people will be starting out with that for emergency and camping until they decide if it's something they want to invest in.

    THE FRY FAMILY   2 months ago

    Luke I think Bigfoot before in Washington State at Mountain Rainier we were camping in a log cabin and my whole family didn't believe in it and I was the only one so I went out and I did a Bigfoot yell and later that night my aunt woke me up telling me to come here every night went to their bedroom there was a seven and a half foot hairy creature looking in and I told him when I got out there I seen Big O seven and a half foot footprint in the snow I'll always remember that day from that day on my whole family believe Bigfoot now

  • Darrell Roush
    Darrell Roush   5 months ago

    Funky Folgers will not make you go blind, maybe just nearsighted, LOL 😂

  • 4 Mile Auto
    4 Mile Auto   5 months ago

    Needle ice, hoarfrost. Both are formed when water vapor in the air freezes

  • tenhirankei
    tenhirankei   6 months ago

    @20:25 If it's this bad for you at almost 40, I hate to think what will happen to you in 20 years! LOL

  • tenhirankei
    tenhirankei   6 months ago

    @9:00 I've had an encounter with Bigfoot myself a few times - at the shoe store where I used to work. LOL

  • Roger Eberlin
    Roger Eberlin   6 months ago

    I think I would have stayed and camped another night personally. Or left to get some more food if need be, play it by ear and possibly camp elsewhere. All in all, an awesome trip. I love camping in the snow.

  • Ronnie Isaacs
    Ronnie Isaacs   8 months ago

    An older video but new to me. The sign thats missing said, "Little Lost Cove Cliffs" from the Pineola Rd and Wilson Creek area. Gorgeous place. Been years since I was their. Appreciate memory lane.

  • Fiona G
    Fiona G   8 months ago

    Hahahaha, the realm of my abilities is my back yard in the winter

  • Dar
    Dar   9 months ago

    Whitebreasted nuthatch nature boy.

  • Dotty McCarren
    Dotty McCarren   9 months ago

    Love the fact you drive Toyota as do I thanks for vids

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun   10 months ago

    Tasters nasty puts hair on your face etc. Or as AvE would say, "Puts hair on your chest and if you got hair on your chest it puts it on your shoulders and back."

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun   10 months ago

    I scrolled a bit to make sure I wasn't being officious I know I'm really late to the party but for any new viewers (like me) ((and I saw not too many people answered recently)) The stuff on the ground he finds earlier in the video is needle ice and forms when the ground is warmer than the air. water expands out of the ground and freezes in the air. the same thing can happen in your freezer if you've ever seen little nips in your ice cube trays.

  • Fey Weye
    Fey Weye   10 months ago

    Did you run that stop sign? 😜

  • Laura Fumando
    Laura Fumando   10 months ago

    I thank you Luke for your videos, I enjoy everyone of them. I can go camping with you without leaving my house. Love it.

  • andrew munz
    andrew munz   11 months ago

    i know you know what your doing but be carful out there.eh?

  • john cummings
    john cummings   11 months ago

    Sorry you did not like the preditor better stick to cinderella or film yourself looking in the mirror

    JCHEN   11 months ago

    Luke, you couldn't fight your way out of wet paper bag!!!!

  • Steven Delano
    Steven Delano   11 months ago

    Murphy's law of camp fires. The wind will always blow the smoke toward people.

  • Mark G
    Mark G   11 months ago

    Great thing about late cold fall and winter camping is the snakes are underground

  • Paul V
    Paul V   1 years ago

    I’ve seen 3 different beings out there. I heard lots of weird things like people walking in pitch black, clearly bipedal steps, heard cows mooing when there aren’t any cow farms for at least 10 miles, mostly everyone around here has horses but this is on a pipeline trail that’s county or company owned I believe. The night I saw this 10ft tall thing was when the power went out for 8 hrs and it was 3am I go out to smoke and shined my light bc it was pitch black and saw a pair of huge greenish blue eye shine 40 yards across the road in a clearing. The lowest branch on this tree is 25ft off the ground. Then 8 months later at thanksgiving I went outside at 8pm to smoke and heard a ruckus in the woods so I was curious and there was the same color eyeshine and two different things, one was crouched down like a person would grabbing maybe a rabbit or some other small game, the other went immediately started walking away and kept turning to look at me as it walked deeper into the woods. Right as I was shining my light a car pulled up to turn onto the road and his headlights were right where my light was so I know they saw it as well. I turned my light off to be considerate of passing cars and they say there for a few minutes just looking into the Forrest and finally just drove off. I used to live in the woods as a kid and have never seen anything like that before or since but I do still hear things every so often and that’s in SouthEast TN, not even out in the middle of nowhere there’s a lot of houses around but not on the pipeline. I haven’t been in the woods since but that has more to do with being broke and not being able to afford any gear though.

  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin   1 years ago

    How is it you go to these remote places and you always seem to have cell servcie.

  • Dottie Rogers
    Dottie Rogers   1 years ago

    Luke, you are so funny, you love ❤️ coffee , food and a good snow storm! What else is there?

  • Ryan-Gregory Smith
    Ryan-Gregory Smith   1 years ago

    Thanks I finished the movie in full took two times. Great mini movie

  • Ryan-Gregory Smith
    Ryan-Gregory Smith   1 years ago

    Mr. Luke hey if that's the Predator that arrives in the forest, I liked it. I did.

  • He is Coming
    He is Coming   1 years ago

    I know this video is old, but we have Sasquatch here close to our house in the Adirondacks. Strange sounds at night, tree knocks, Erie creepy quietness at night.

  • AntwonDaBusiness
    AntwonDaBusiness   1 years ago

    For that price and weight...that tent is not budget or good haha