NFL Divisional Round Mic'd Up! "They will put a Jordan face on you" | Game Day All Access 2020

  • Published on: 20 January 2021
  • 0:00 - Start
    0:52 - Rams vs. Packers
    8:38 - Ravens vs. Bills
    15:10 - Browns vs. Chiefs
    22:22 - Buccaneers vs. Saints

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  • Runtime : 30:24
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  • J. M.
    J. M.   2 hours ago

    That kids like 8 years old and he just caught a touchdown pass from Brady lol. Some people are just born lucky.

  • J. M.
    J. M.   2 hours ago

    Drew Brees deserves all the credit in the world for grinding season after season to stay playing at this insanely high level. The man is a machine, to come back in only a few short weeks after breaking 11 ribs is incredible. He gives all smaller QB's like I was the hope that if you work hard and just keep believing you can accomplish anything.

  • Andrew Sundberg
    Andrew Sundberg   3 hours ago

    As a Chiefs fan..... I feel so bad for Lamar Jackson, they need to get that man some help. He throws his first red zone INT of his career and it costs them the season? His team needs to have his back more than that! Load him up with weapons, go after Godwin and A Rob, draft receivers, get another TE to pair with Andrews.... you guys are wasting some incredible years of this kids career..... and again, this is coming from a Chiefs fan, so its not in my best interest for the Ravens to do this, but I just hate seeing talent like LJ wasted

  • Judith Broman
    Judith Broman   1 days ago

    23:36 we don’t got nothin to proveAnd that’s where you’re wrong😅

  • K M
    K M   5 days ago

    18:34 the hit

  • Bazar Gamer
    Bazar Gamer   1 weeks ago

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  • GregoGT500 Shelby
    GregoGT500 Shelby   1 weeks ago

    Brady and Brees the top 2 all time! Brady #1 of course but Rodgers and MaHolmes awesome SB champs! And The Bills and ravens QBs are already awesome and browns QB too! Not to mention the Titans and Steelers QBs! I think this seasons Playoffs has the Strongest QB collectively Ever in a playoff run!

  • Victor Valencia
    Victor Valencia   1 weeks ago

    #1 defense in the game. #1 offense in the gameThen you have Tom "The Dynasty" Brady

  • Roman McMillan
    Roman McMillan   1 weeks ago

    As a Saints fan, I hated when Brees took one last look back at the Superdome. Gon miss him a ton ♥️

  • salvador
    salvador   2 weeks ago

    NFL is has been rigged since 2001 commish goodell made crybaby brady a WWE champ not an NFL champ . Montana will FOREVER be a real champion.... no cheating no rigged games and no cheating referee's and brady he screams like a girl

  • Ercihan Ateş
    Ercihan Ateş   2 weeks ago

    23:40 oh isn't this guy the man on the deandre hopkins's ''i know'' micdup lmao

  • UselessNutt
    UselessNutt   2 weeks ago

    Devin white definitely gonna be a great player for years

  • Elaine Ng
    Elaine Ng   2 weeks ago

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  • iTrahp
    iTrahp   2 weeks ago

    Devin Whites energy is unmatchable and it’s only his 2nd year dudes gonna be a problem for offenses 😬💯

  • Mauri Nicolas
    Mauri Nicolas   2 weeks ago

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  • Future Gohan
    Future Gohan   2 weeks ago

    1:47 Jalen Ramsey: What Did I Just Tell You Shouldn't Run On Her If You Were Smart You'd Go Long Tom Brady: Implying That Jonathan Can Make Megatron Catches On The Left Slot Jonathan: Imma Shut Your Ass Up You've Been Talking Too Much Trash Tom Brady: HIKE!!! Jonathan Runs An Zigzag Straight Forward Route At Supersonic Speeds Towards The End Zone Principal Celestia: You're Not Gonna Get An Touchdown Here Heehee Covers Jonathan At The Endzone Tom Brady: Throws The Football Deep Towards The End Zone Jonathan: Leaps Over Principal Celestia And Catches The Ball With Style Announcer: Touchdown!!! Tampa Bay Jonathan: Spiked The Ball Yeah Take That Does The Buccaneer Shuffle Principal Celestia: AAAAARGH Dammit I Let Him Score Aaron Rodgers: Bruh Jonathan's Athleticism Is Godly

  • Marteze Epting
    Marteze Epting   2 weeks ago

    POV you here because you wanted the chiefs to when the super bowl

  • ExoticHurtz
    ExoticHurtz   2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait to hear what Tom said when they put out the super bowl micd up

  • Jay Chou
    Jay Chou   2 weeks ago

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  • Clayton CASEY
    Clayton CASEY   2 weeks ago

    Yeah number 27 for New Orleans you got talk caught talking you-know-what and improved you didn't run your face all season long bro you said it not us

  • Ailey Azzarella
    Ailey Azzarella   2 weeks ago

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  • Michael Zheng
    Michael Zheng   2 weeks ago

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  • Adam Bomb
    Adam Bomb   2 weeks ago

    Jenkins really said we beat them twice even if we lose 😂😂

  • Jake Feeney
    Jake Feeney   3 weeks ago

    Imagine the chiefs had Kareem hunt still

  • atasia galloway
    atasia galloway   3 weeks ago

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  • Jennifer Hua
    Jennifer Hua   3 weeks ago

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  • Claude Dexter
    Claude Dexter   3 weeks ago

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  • Cody Li
    Cody Li   3 weeks ago

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  • DMB2K12
    DMB2K12   3 weeks ago

    Drew Brees is one of the best things to ever happen to the NFL. I could say much more, but you know I don't need to. Best of luck man, hope I get to watch you in 2021! #PhinsUp

  • Matthew Lominy
    Matthew Lominy   3 weeks ago

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  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes   3 weeks ago

    Tyrann Mathieu: Aye, 77 put me on my ass lol I love Honey Badger lol

  • william angel
    william angel   3 weeks ago

    I cant remember what happened to Mathieu at LSU, but i vaguely remember he was supposed to go 1st round and some off the field stuff happened and he got in trouble or something and slid way down in tye draft, but i cant remember what... He seems like a decent guy, and a good teammate and player to have on your team ended up being a steal in the draft