Did We Just Detect a New "Wow" Signal from Proxima Centauri?

  • Published on: 21 December 2020
  • News has leaked of the discovery of a radio transmission from our nearest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri. Did we just detect alien communications?! Join us for this special video with Professor Kipping explaining what we know and why some skepticism is warranted.

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    ::Clips used::
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  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • Cool Worlds
    Cool Worlds   3 months ago

    Update: Breakthrough team conclude its just interference https://youtu.be/qpewt9qEYXw

  • Optical Beast
    Optical Beast   18 hours ago

    Since it wasn't out until early 2021, I am really glad I just found this video 02/08/2021

  • Hank Pikuni
    Hank Pikuni   1 days ago

    Why spend money on these things if we dont get concrete answers?

  • Todd Brady
    Todd Brady   2 days ago

    Is there life out there?Absolutely, 👍should we communicate? YESshould we meet? NO.Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should,What right do we have to colonise other planets when we have fucked up the one we live on, it will happen again🤔

  • Pijush Misra
    Pijush Misra   2 days ago

    As per As the perfect ' integer ' doubt, I presume any where in the universe হলে any intelligent community evolve and made transmitters using crystal the pattern of frequency will be same As earth, As ,if big bang theory is true the elements evolve in this universe will have to be same in nature and so do It's inherent frequency, so its possible in this case signal received is produced at source by crystalsAnother issue I suppose team involved had considered the reasons "anamolus propagation" and chances of reflection from any other object with in earth, these two reasons have confuse many DOA of a signal before

  • Anastasija Jelic
    Anastasija Jelic   2 days ago

    Signal my ass...that is just a swamp gas and Venus in combination with meteors....nothing more....

  • Natural Abundance
    Natural Abundance   4 days ago

    Some really good and interesting queries and observations from you guys over this potential 2nd wow signal from Alpha Centauri! We all know what the late Albert Einstein once said about time regarding relativity! That nothing can travel beyond the speed of time, however since the late Albert Einstein's death the fields of physics has opened up many ground breaking revelations once thought to be impossible within many of the classical theoryms at the time inparticularly quantum physics! Cosmology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics essentially has turned the impossible into the possible without those respective fundamental laws from being violated within the technical sense! So what has this got to do with this wow signal you might be curious to wonder?? Well not too far long ago the early levels of academia were already teaching many of us kids at the time that the shortest point between point A to point B was a straight line! Although as we all know now ofcoarse that this wasn't exactly the case, indeed it's a fold thru the fabric of space known as a Einstein-Rosen bridge! Figuratively speaking however time itself is a man made construct in order to measure moments within our own localised cosmic environment! However we have hardly scratched the surface regarding cosmological temporal mechanics let alone being able to fully exploit the manipulation of gravity itself! Why??... Simply because of the hidden hands that already control and govern those primary fundamental laws of quantum mechanics itself that don't wish for us to know more than is necessary as a developing society incase it derails our evolutionary advancements that are far too technologically incompatible with that of our own spiritual and intellectual progressment as a continuingly developed civilisation thus far! This opens a whole can of worms or should we say Pandora's box in respect to string theory, the multi world's interpretation, the ferma paradox not to mention the number of blackhole's that must be out there! Some even suggest the very advanced civilisations are so advanced enough that they possess the capabilities of creating dyson spheres that are so powerful that they can bend light and are that powerful to send radio signals backwards thru time itself!? If that hypothesis was to be adopted and realised just for a moment in respect to the continuation of the ferma paradox as that of our distant descendants of the human race trying to send us back a message from a different region of space ie Alpha Centauri aswell as the far reaches of time ahead then only imagine what could be contained within that message which would explain why they have now colonised Alpha Centauri?! Would it be a warning perhaps for us as a civilisation to change our ways in relation to planet earth or we will face the inescapable realisation that we will be marooned forever sitting on a cosmological, economical and ecological timebomb with knowhere to go?? Or do we do as the late Prof Stephen Hawkins suggested and not reply back incase it's a sinister alien message or will it trigger off some temporal cosmological paradox if we do respond back?? These are ofcoarse highly theoretical hypothetical questions and scenario's within cosmology and indeed that of quantum mechanics but they do highlight the do's and don'ts on why we should be deeply cautious incase they are exobiological entities that turn out to be highly menovolent and hostile from an extremely advanced civilisation looking to conquer, devour and colonise earth at the expense of our own entire species thus terra forming our environment completely?! We me never know what's out there for that is the question that keeps the whole thing a mystery! Some things ofcoarse deserve to remain that way for our own sakes in which case the late Professor Stephen Hawkins was indeed correct afterall! What we do with a possible alien radio signal of unknown origin is upto us all whether we should learn from it after throughly being investigated upon reasonably, take it with a large pinch of salt or do we ignore it completely instead of replying back to it!?

  • Black Ops 2
    Black Ops 2   1 weeks ago

    The message: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance

  • jeff t
    jeff t   1 weeks ago

    Oddly that tribe in the amazon I believe told the first explorers They were from a planet in same solar system. Yet we didn't believe they had a clue because we. Hadn't discovered the planet's yet. Well we've now found 2 of them but not the one they describe. Matter of time huh

  • William Wilkins
    William Wilkins   1 weeks ago

    Are these scientists just trying to keep us intrigued?

  • Gary Gardener
    Gary Gardener   1 weeks ago

    “As far as we understand” that my friend is we’re we go wrong 🧐

  • Charles Wilson
    Charles Wilson   1 weeks ago

    I wonder how many signals they have discovered but keep secret.

  • John Saunders
    John Saunders   2 weeks ago

    What if it's a beam to control drones that are already on the planet.

  • Roger Kreil
    Roger Kreil   2 weeks ago

    Interesting…. So what do you think about CE 5 groups?

  • Campbell MacKinnon
    Campbell MacKinnon   2 weeks ago

    Definitely not aliens. The chance of alien life existing elsewhere in our galaxy is practically zero, depending on how you tweak your Drake equation variables. So the chance of alien life existing right next to us out of the trillions of stars is laughable.

  • Kayla Amt
    Kayla Amt   2 weeks ago

    The singal: we have been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty

  • Polyxena Lobkovice
    Polyxena Lobkovice   2 weeks ago

    Phoxima Centauri Has One Dead Planet * Life In Alpha Centauri A ,B About 9 Planet All Them People Can live On : 3 Planet Has Human On It Seed From The Earth :Signal You Talk About It Came From Space Station They Build

  • William Parham
    William Parham   2 weeks ago

    So question why don't we just send a radio message back to them

  • Geoff Mower
    Geoff Mower   2 weeks ago

    If it was sent from Proxima It was sent 4 .5 years ago!

  • James R Cole II
    James R Cole II   2 weeks ago

    This has always been a funny subject for me. First off on the signal. I would think that any other lifeforms out there with FTL or Warp speed would be more advance and are using a stronger signal than what we use. They would use a signal that is more powerful in a higher band, or some find of signal that would use a laser or something like that. Not all life out there will use the same signals than us. I mean come on, they would be more advance than us. We can not stop fighting each other long enough to look up. Second, to know if life out there exist simply look in a mirror. We are here, it would just be stupid to think we are the only ones out here. If we are here, there is someone or something out there too. Use common sense.

  • Allen Martin Martin
    Allen Martin Martin   3 weeks ago

    We may be used as . food for aliens sending signel to find out if their life out side .

  • albert ansah
    albert ansah   3 weeks ago

    Proxima century is a possible of life or 👽 alien signal from this star body way beyond ours period.????

  • jackson foster
    jackson foster   3 weeks ago

    0:40 dude... theres something walking around in the woods behind you.

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson   3 weeks ago

    Probably telesales. 'have you thought of upgrading your warpdrive?'


    Why don’t the scientist try sending signals to the direction it came from and see if the aliens 👽 send signals back?

  • LF1971
    LF1971   3 weeks ago

    This is the in-planet revenue service. A warrant has been placed on your planet. You will all be arrested unless you pay the balance of $£100,000,000,000,000 within 4 working years.

  • Bristol UK
    Bristol UK   3 weeks ago

    The signal is??Asking Elon Musk can you send me the spare wheel for the car you send out in space

  • TxCo
    TxCo   3 weeks ago

    The message was: "do you know obamas last name?"

  • Oliver Drow
    Oliver Drow   3 weeks ago

    I find the argument about the exact hertz value not compelling at all - we don't know how they calculate frequency and it CAN have similarities with our own - or be calculated from an element's electron shift, like Hidrogen, or any of multiple explanations, really. That one doesnt point neither for or against.

  • Oliver Drow
    Oliver Drow   3 weeks ago

    You are forgetting the planet's orbit, which is 11 days and much higher than earth.

  • AM
    AM   4 weeks ago

    980.002 is a high frequency noise cancel..

  • Dune
    Dune   1 months ago

    It leaked ..if they did find somerhing the government's would be sure to keep it under raps

  • ScoundrelRed
    ScoundrelRed   1 months ago

    “Stop transmitting. They can hear you.”

  • Snoopies622
    Snoopies622   1 months ago

    Time will tell, but this seems less WOW to me.