Devin White Mic'd Up vs. New Orleans | Bucs vs. Saints Divisional Round Game

  • Published on: 19 January 2021
  • LB Devin White was mic'd up against the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round Game.
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  • Runtime : 2:33
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bucs Buccaneers NFL


  • nick
    nick   1 weeks ago

    He's a bonafide star, quiet off the field, but a vocal leader who backs it up on the field.

  • HAVEN Garza
    HAVEN Garza   4 weeks ago

    I’m from this guys high school and his film just surprises me. Not only was he a good linebacker but he was a monster back. I literally watched this man stiff arm someone his size 7 feet back on film.

  • RONINassassin
    RONINassassin   1 months ago

    As great as the Chiefs offense is....if these Bucs defense shows up to play and bully the Chiefs, they gonna win. I think they are gonna destroy the Chiefs offense bc they are pumped and swagger now.

  • Joshua Beamon
    Joshua Beamon   1 months ago

    The Music That's Playing Is Fire Instrumental 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • J Hunny
    J Hunny   1 months ago

    0:23 he injured Harrison that play💀💀 took him out the game after all those returns he had

  • Mila Para
    Mila Para   1 months ago

    Bucs are great right now seeing a Brady mahomes Super Bowl would be great good luck in the nfc championship from a chiefs fan

  • Elton Grigley
    Elton Grigley   1 months ago

    "Everything gone come thru for us at the right time" My boy hit it dead on the nail 😂😂

  • Sparky
    Sparky   1 months ago

    Tom Brady didnt beat Bree's Bree's beat Bree's

  • RowdyRogan
    RowdyRogan   1 months ago

    Absolutely the "SCARIEST MAN IN THE NFL" 💯🦈

  • Jr Santoyo
    Jr Santoyo   1 months ago

    Devin a hog but my boy. As much as I love him. 54 is the heart and is the main dude on defense. People just don’t know

  • Abner
    Abner   1 months ago

    I wanna hear the real version of this,I know he talks a lot more smack on the field I wanna see the whole version.

  • Bryan
    Bryan   1 months ago

    Shoved that dagger in.

  • william swartz
    william swartz   1 months ago

    I know what happened last time we got doubted in the cold😎😅

  • Exceptional American
    Exceptional American   1 months ago

    That guy right there is a beast! Called his shot.....or dagger & did it!! GO BUCS!!!

  • Italo Lima
    Italo Lima   1 months ago

    Green Bay is waiting for you 💛💚

  • Leon Allan Davis
    Leon Allan Davis   1 months ago

    Reminds me of the hyper-enthusiastic players on the Patriots teams. Of course all that hyper-enthusiasm of the Patriots wasn't sparked by the dour and humorless Bill Belichick.Nope.That hyper-enthusiasm is caused by one man: Tom Brady. He's the leader and it all flows down from him. "Psycho Tom", the players call him. He's quite capable of beserker behavior. Belichick couldn't wait to get rid of TB12. Now where is he? Where's he gonna find another spark plug like Tom?

  • Sean Amstutz
    Sean Amstutz   1 months ago

    Don’t forget this D White won NFL rookie of the month last November and December. He played his best ball late last year and doing the same this year! Reminds me a lot of D Brooks with the way he plays.

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner   1 months ago

    This 2 min clip sums everything about why I’ve loved this guy since last year. He gets heat for being brash or cocky but it’s what fuels his intensity and play. Above all else and my favorite attribute is INTIMIDATION!! . Lavonte David is good n makes plays. He doesn’t scare people physically. Devin White is 6’0 a jacked 245 runs 4.4 and THUMPS guys!!! I mean hits the living dog sh*t out of them. Or does things like one arm power bomb an Alvin Kamara by his jersey when it looks like he’s got the hole to break through. Idk of another LB who can do those types of things. Hasnt been one in the NFL in a long time. Once he can maybe study film over n over n help cheat on his positioning on pass coverage , he could be an all time great. Right now he can stay with RBs out of backfield ( Kamara/ McCaffery) the top 2 at doing it in the South no less. Already has owned them since getting here. The zone coverages with slot guys/ TEs is what I’m referring too.Would love a huge game this week. He seems to live for being “ the guy” . Let’s hope he can deliver in Green Bay.

  • Joe Art X
    Joe Art X   1 months ago

    The guy can stiff arm like Derrick Henry does

  • alex_de_tampa
    alex_de_tampa   1 months ago

    If he keeps playing at this level, it’s over for whoever we playing.

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams   1 months ago

    Wow, Devin White called his shot! He said: "I'm gonna put the dagger in 'em" and it was his INT that setup the last Td! That is so cool! Bring that same energy this week and you may donit again!

  • Mr X
    Mr X   1 months ago

    Brooks is proud about him. LETS GO WHITE!