"They Are Here. That Was A Sasquatch!" | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 30 January 2021
  • The team has divided to find out which state is more sasquatch-y: Oregon or Washington. Cliff and Bobo might be really close to finding a bigfoot.

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  • Runtime : 8:48
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  • Alfred Birkhahn
    Alfred Birkhahn   1 hours ago

    The planet earth is an experiment planet by extraterrestrials and the result are unknown creatures.

  • Doug Ferguson
    Doug Ferguson   1 days ago

    Where do the die? Lol thousands spotted world wide but none have EVER found dead. Am I the only one who finds that strange.

  • Bobby Bingle
    Bobby Bingle   1 days ago

    This show is a big reason why a lot of us laugh at the idea of Bigfoot being real.I still laugh when I remember the episode where the guy is saying "20 metres! 15 metres! Multiple signals! 12 metres! 10 metres! 8 metres! 7 metres!" Screaming starts. Straight out of the movie Aliens.🤣🤣🤣

  • Pravin Shingadia
    Pravin Shingadia   3 days ago

    Only ever watched part of one episode that was on whilst I was working. In that one segment I watched they came across a empty shelter with a campfire outside which obviously a camper had made to sleep for the night and they were trying to decide if Bigfoot had made it.Never watched it again.

  • Paris Branker
    Paris Branker   4 days ago

    It would be great if you did some research on hypertrichosis and what was done to children throughout the civilized world that was born with “werewolf syndrome “ and how possibly “the big foot” is noted to be seen all over the world. Now that would be interesting.

  • Amber Roberts
    Amber Roberts   5 days ago

    I think it is odd if they are real and they do get that close. They don't show up on the thermal imager. But either does polar bears. Other than the face. Which could be why if they're hairy enough maybe. Some may but not all. Maybe if they have mud on them or something it doesn't show the heat. Does that make since.

  • john
    john   6 days ago

    Lots of Sasquatch in Oregon.. They are our liberal, tree hugging , razor avoiding, perfume hating, petruli oil loving, dope smoking females

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson   1 weeks ago

    These people couldn't find a dog. It's all about ratings..

  • benledolmen
    benledolmen   1 weeks ago

    superstitious and ignorant people wasting air.

  • Simon
    Simon   1 weeks ago

    I'm Bigfoot....you won't catch me😅

  • GreatEagle USA
    GreatEagle USA   1 weeks ago

    I dare renae to camp by any caves then there cause i really believe now they come out of caves now they hate light of sun is why mostly you dont see them cause most of them in caves and i also believe there families of bigfoot be in caves too you know why too there Bobo !!

  • GreatEagle USA
    GreatEagle USA   1 weeks ago

    and one information if bigfoots eats lot of meats there is your protein right there so they would be much bigger and faster as well so they get stronger by climbing up steep hills and valleys all the time to catch preys of deers and other animals then facts now

  • GreatEagle USA
    GreatEagle USA   1 weeks ago

    I have a great idea here now really all here !!! if you or anyone puts cameras at day times by open mountain caves that you should find them in those caves then would prove the existence of bigfoots then in caves cause they really hate lights of the sun in there eyes if caves is mostly dark during the day times so when bigfoots comes out at night times they are use to being in the dark already in the caves then so yes put cameras by lot of caves there guys !!! This makes total common sense now too so am I the only one here Bobo on these facts now then or what ??

  • Austin
    Austin   1 weeks ago

    I used to watch this all the time as a teenager but stopped due to them never finding any proof.... Still interesting tho

  • Michael Ayling
    Michael Ayling   1 weeks ago

    The only way to prove the existence of a bigfoot is to shoot one .

  • Chuck Kline
    Chuck Kline   1 weeks ago

    That one guy sounds like a little girl when he makes a bigfoot call. Bigfoot is probably laughing his ass off.

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    Man's living in the woods of the great NW with Wolves, Grizzlis, Black Bears, Cougars and Wolverines says oh I now see a Squatch so now I feel unsafe.

  • H K
    H K   2 weeks ago

    For years and years this show has yielded practically zero evidence of a Sasquatch. They have turned me from believer to non believer.

  • owlman
    owlman   2 weeks ago

    Bigfeet don't exist .The yanks love looking for imaginary monsters.🤣

  • owlman
    owlman   2 weeks ago

    Mat Moneyfaker.🤣

  • Carol Rainey
    Carol Rainey   2 weeks ago

    Ok guys, I have been going into the woods all my life hunting with my family and I am telling you that when an animal hears humans around , they go the other way ! Unless it's a hungry Cougar !! So the more NOISE you make, the less likely you are to see a big foot !! They can hear us when we whisper let alone talking !. And do you really believe that Bigfoot doesn't know the difference between a human hollering and one of them ? But I enjoy the tv show, it's amusing.

  • Kale Freilinger
    Kale Freilinger   3 weeks ago

    The closest thing to a bigfoot in the woods is Bobo.

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor   3 weeks ago

    Come on Guys. I want to believe but when is somebody going to get a clear HD video from fairly close up instead of a blurry out of focus shot from hundreds of yards away ??

  • Uncle Voodoo
    Uncle Voodoo   3 weeks ago

    The title is wrong. They weren’t here. That wasn’t a squatch.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    6:43 bottom right corner looks like two legs a head and an arm

  • Johnny Bickle
    Johnny Bickle   3 weeks ago

    Every episode, same results ..Zero. Have you given up yet ?

  • Coffee’s channel
    Coffee’s channel   4 weeks ago

    Till now I do not know what is the difference of gorillas and Sasquatches

  • Daniel Wagner
    Daniel Wagner   4 weeks ago

    If they actually found Bigfoot, this show would be over. They do everything wrong in the woods to try and find a creature. They deliberately sabotage there mission everytime.

  • Ty Traulich
    Ty Traulich   4 weeks ago

    You can’t walk 2 miles in one direction in Minnesota without seeing a person or a man made thing. This goes straight over to the Montana line.I doubt there’s enough untouched wilderness UNLESS Bigfoot is inter dimensional

  • nico lunn
    nico lunn   1 months ago

    Any full documentary’s, can only find 8 min long max

  • Tom Ortale
    Tom Ortale   1 months ago

    she's a big gal woo// mite be a big farts mistress

  • Richard Waugh
    Richard Waugh   1 months ago

    I've never gotten any sas when I squatch down

  • Fede B
    Fede B   1 months ago

    How can they make a show on a something we never even found a bone of yet we have bones of dinosaurs lol

  • jim crow
    jim crow   1 months ago

    Wow, it's better than 'Autumn Watch' on UK tv.

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard   1 months ago

    This is ridiculous. He had a sophisticated camera and when he saw a movement in the distance, he couldn't focus the camera on it and couldn't recognize the shape of the body. Although they seem to know how a sasquatch behaves, they never met one. What is this, some joke?