World of Mysteries - On the Trail of Bigfoot

  • Published on: 30 July 2014
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    Is there an unknown beast lurking in the forests of the American Northwest? Thousands of people say they've seen it. It is part ape, part man, almost nine feet tall, covered head to foot in thick dark hair, and it walks on two legs. It's sometimes called Sasquatch, a Native American word, one of more than eighty names they have for such a creature. More commonly it's known as Bigfoot. Could this beast be the fabled missing link that proves we humans are descended from apes? A link that if proved, would be explosive!

    It challenges our thinking about everything we know about science, about culture, about mythology, this is a creature that shouldn't be, yet is.

    It is a mystery to be solved, all the evidence is not in, and we haven't yet one way or the other conclusively proved that it exists, or that it does not exist.

    We have footprints supposedly left by this creature, and countless eyewitness stories, yet we still do not have any corpses, blood samples, or even bones. So does this creature exist, or is this simply the biggest hoax in human history.

    "On the Trail of Bigfoot", is a documentary, from the "World of Mysteries" series.
  • Runtime : 50:32
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  • ian richardson
    ian richardson   5 days ago

    So, you toddle off into the wilderness, hunting rifle in hand.Suddenly this huge hairy powerful beastie appears.You shoot it. Dead.You decide to hack off a few body parts just for proof you shot a Squatch.So far so good..And now you know for certain they are there.Now you have to get yourself out of the woods.And while you're doing that, what are Mr Squatch's mates doing?Your chances of making it out of there alive are..?Probably next to zero.

  • Candy Penwell
    Candy Penwell   1 weeks ago

    I believe in Bigfoot. I have seen him twice once in Virginia and one in the state of New York

  • Emma Webb
    Emma Webb   1 weeks ago

    Whether BIG FOOT exist, it should be left alone & if in fact it has existed for YEARS it hasn't bothered nobody. The WILDERNESS is its home. Let it be‼️✌

  • Cheryl Singh
    Cheryl Singh   2 weeks ago

    I get so sick of pompous people acting like others comments are stupid to hell with those who try to play a smart card etc..... Why come on this channel if you have NO BELIEFS

  • Coyote J
    Coyote J   3 weeks ago

    I grew up in the Commercial Fishing industry of S.E. Alaska, the youngest of five in a Native Family from that area. As a kid it was fun to Imagine them to be real, to listen to the old tribal stories passed down about them. However, I think I always sort of had more then a little skepticism. One year late in the summer we had gone hunting between fishing trips. Me a cousin and three of my Uncles where deep in the back country East of Wrangle by a large lake. There we set up a camp in an area my Family had been hunting in for, as I understand it, about hundred years. It was the second night, We had bagged one buck and some fish and had begun cooking. All of us where beet from the hike and looking forward to some fire cooked venison strips and trout. The Moon had just crested from behind a large hill when from on that hill there came a number of sounds that I could not recognize. First sounds of movement of somthing big but not a Bear, that got all our attention but we kept talking while tracked the movement knowing that if it was a Bear it would naturally avoid all the loud commotion. then came deep resonant sounds I never hurd before, Like grunts fallowed by a big stick being hit against a tree four times. At that moment I looked about to be sure every one was in camp thinking we had a prankster out there. We where all there alright. Then one of my Uncles stood up and walked calmly out from the fire and took up a big stick and hit it against a tree with four loud "Thunks" and came back over to sit down by the fire like it was nothing. He then said nonchalantly, no one wander out of camp for a bit, it will check us out and move off in about twenty minutes. That night the older ones all took a spell sitting just out beyond the fire in the open but not looking at the fire with a rifle. We packed up the next morning and I was told that it was because one or more Kushtakas had come in to the area and had warned us off. My older uncle said it was very rare that we had any bad interactions with them but hunting in the are would be next to impossible for a while and it was just good sense not to hang about and risk startling one of them. He then grinned and said, "Think Momma Grizzly crossed with a freight train, Only able to chuck rocks as big as you". I was happy we left, but I learnt that even they have there place in nature. While Kushtakas, (What you call Bigfoot) are used as the boogeyman in stories for kids, we respect them for there place in nature and know them as caretakers of the wiled.

  • Sewerpipe Casso
    Sewerpipe Casso   3 weeks ago

    The government says Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Therefore it must be 100 percent real

  • HypatiaNation
    HypatiaNation   1 months ago

    How come forestry workers don’t have stories?

  • Pablito Panes
    Pablito Panes   1 months ago

    In our place they are known as mystical creatures. They live in different dimension. It usually crosses our dimension to prey and hunt local animals. You cannot catch. You can only see it. They cannot stay long in our dimension and get sucked back to their world. They can kill humans. Very strong. Heavy and leave footprints including broken branches to print their trail when they return. That is why there is no skeleton or skull found elsewhere. But they can be killed. There remains get suck back. Only their blood and hairs could remain. We call them MAN-TYO.

  • milky Bar
    milky Bar   1 months ago

    Just stories, no footage from cameras or drones, no hair samples, no dead ones! Just seems far fetched to me, evidence would have surfaced by now.

  • Audrey
    Audrey   1 months ago

    It is real and the indians have them on their totem poles .

  • janet gilmore
    janet gilmore   1 months ago

    The government has bones , hell they have complete corpses, the government dose not want anything interfering with the logging industry..?

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner   1 months ago

    Oh by the way.They say a Dead big foot is the only proof to satisfy the skeptics.Well that will never happen,and not because Bigfoot does not exist, but before it got anywhere the government would step in and hide it.Its already happened many times.. That is a big factor in why this creature has not been proven to all the skeptics and the world.

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner   1 months ago

    You can tell the skeptics when they talk, the way they talk about Big foot , they have a narrow minded way about them mixed with anger, brought on about Because of fear that one probably does exist,( and They don't want to have to except it).Its a type of attitude I've seen in people before.

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner   1 months ago

    I think I will puke if I hear again ,Is this a man in a gorilla suit? You can tell it's a real creature.A hoax by a cowboy A hoax like that is not possible.And what about the vacations back in the seventies that have been prooven by science no human being could do.This was a communication type vocalization.

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner   1 months ago

    Well there's your proof Mr science man! The lines in the feet, just like lines in a hand.Proof ! A primate that is different than any known is hard evidene to the eye that knows what he's talking about.

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner   1 months ago

    The United States government will make certain that proving Sasquatch existence will probably be not proven before many years,if that.Infact I believe Big foot would have already been proven if the United States government would not have hiden it.When you hear science say ," prove It,ware is the bones." Well the higher government hides Big foot from scientist as well.

  • Mrs Targaryen
    Mrs Targaryen   2 months ago

    They have tried multiple times to disprove the Patterson Film and failed so maybe time to believe alittle.

  • SimonCrowne
    SimonCrowne   2 months ago

    If the guys from Hunger Games set that forest up with their 10 thousand cameras they would film it and track it to some underground cave system. Then they could capture one alive. Otherwise Joe six pack will just have to blow its head off with his 7.62_54 bushmaster, throw it in the back of his dually and haul it down to the nearest university or police station. The hunters first words better be, it was attacking me and it was in fear for my life.

  • Robert Bryant
    Robert Bryant   2 months ago

    Hey. Before viewing this video till the end , There is " Classified " proof, evidence of Bigfoot. Where , in the Devastated surrounds , of Mt St Helens eruption. Bodies were taken away. FACT.

  • Brittney Streeter
    Brittney Streeter   2 months ago

    They’ve probably figured out that humans suck and not to get near us.

  • Kevin Tolbert
    Kevin Tolbert   2 months ago

    That is right. You can't kill a deer laying in the bed boy. You do have a better chance of seeing things if you stay out in the woods. I have seen some amazing things from animals, especially bears. However, I live foothills of nc. I just don't think it could stay hidden. Too many hunters, hikers fishermen..etc. There is a lot of uninhabited areas, but nothing like where yall are. I hope it's real.

  • Dougie Roberts
    Dougie Roberts   2 months ago

    I think we all like to believe that there's bigfoot, megladon, loch ness monster, ghosts and I think it's inherrent in our species, we have imaginations, we like to question what we are told etc, its only natural. We like to vent our imaginations. The reality is that there is no tangible proof, there's no science to back it up. Nevertheless, I am open minded, I wish everybody was as open minded as I consider myself. Lets hope at some point there is some proof, in an age of drones, mobile phone cameras, social media if there is anything beyond what we know exists it will at some point be uncovered.

  • AC2237
    AC2237   2 months ago

    Why don't a bunch of hillbillies go out there with a bunch of shotguns and kill these SOB'S?

  • Craven Moorhead
    Craven Moorhead   3 months ago

    We were camping and canoeing at Current River deep in Mo. Some of my friends in a different area had Rocks thrown into their camp at nite. Weird shizzzz. 🍗🍖🦴🦧🦍

    COSMIC SECRETS 101   3 months ago

    here is how to prove they exist. put out a bait pile with a trail cam near by and wait for the creature to show up at the food pile. it will find it and you will have your proof. maybe put sleeping drugs in the food pile so that the creature will be unable to run off . have a camp nearby where people can quickly return to the site in the morning to collect the creature and cage it for study.

  • Paul Deatherage
    Paul Deatherage   3 months ago

    So now there gona kill it if they find one gona kill it for science. I hope they find a big foot and he puts his big foot rite up there ass

  • Paul Deatherage
    Paul Deatherage   3 months ago

    How the hell are they bigfoot experts when they never have seen one

  • Paul Deatherage
    Paul Deatherage   3 months ago

    Its funny to me that all these people see it but never have a good picture, people have more luck with ghost bs

  • Sherry L
    Sherry L   3 months ago

    I wish the people faking the footprints would do a bit more research on how prints look when, standing, walking, or running. I mean at least ATTEMPT to make it believable. It cracks me up everytime to see the perfectly rounded tootsies. 😂